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Alternate, Back-up and Contingency Plans

While NJ TRANSIT strives to deliver high quality service, disruptions can still occur. Be prepared by taking a moment to consider Alternate, Back-up & Contingency plans for your travels.

Know Your NJ TRANSIT Travel Options:

Alternate Service by Rail Line
Service Near a Location

To check what service is available near a location, visit here.

Stay in the Know about NJ TRANSIT Service:

Get Push Notifications Via the NJ TRANSIT Mobile App

In the app, you can pick your stations, the time of day you ride, and even the specific trips you usually take, and we'll send notifications right to your phone. Here’s how:

Open the app and Select Rider Tools, then My Transit Alerts Tap Add New Alerts. Then choose Rail, Bus or Light Rail.


That's it! You'll see a list of the trips you've selected. Anytime there's an update about your trip, we'll send a message right to your phone!

  • Choose your Departure Station and Arrival Station.
  • Specify your typical Departure Time, and tap Done.
  • Choose your Return Time, then tap Done.
  • Select View Trips and tap the trips you take. A checkmark on the right confirms your selection.
  • Select Return Trips in the upper right and tap the trips you take for your return trip. A checkmark on the right confirms your selection.
  • Tap Add Selected Trip(s).


Get Arrival Alerts in the NJ TRANSIT Mobile App

Have you ever missed your station stop, perhaps because you fell asleep or missed the announcement? 

If so, you might want to try the NJ TRANSIT Mobile App’s arrival alert feature. This feature allows you to set up push notifications that will alert you shortly before and when you reach your destination station. To use this feature, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the app and tap the DepartureVision tab.
  2. Select the station you plan to depart from, or if you’re already on the train, tap “My Train”.
  3. If you’re in the station, choose the line and time of your departure.
  4. If you’re on the train, tap the train that you’re on.
  5. Tap the bell icon next to your arrival station and confirm that you would like to set an alert by pressing “Yes”.

You’re all set! You will now receive notifications on your phone before and when you arrive at your destination station. Please note that if you are transferring trains, you will need to set up another notification for the next part of your journey.

Follow Twitter Feeds for Each Rail Line & Bus Area

NJ TRANSIT provides 13 automated Twitter feeds of My Transit alerts and advisories for each rail, and light rail line, as well as North and South bus areas. These feeds update automatically 24/7/365, to keep you informed about everything from elevator outages to vehicle delays.

Visit Twitter to follow the feeds for your trips by clicking the links below.

Northeast CorridorNorth Jersey Coast Line
Morris & Essex LinesMontclair-Boonton Line
Main/Bergen County LinePascack Valley Line
Raritan Valley LineAtlantic City Rail Line
Northern Bus RoutesSouthern Bus Routes
Hudson-Bergen Light RailNewark Light Rail
River LINE 
DEPARTUREVISION™ Screens in Station & the NJ TRANSIT App

NJ TRANSIT has installed DEPARTUREVISION™ monitors across our system which show the latest arrival and departure information, as well as special messaging when an incident occurs.

This information is also available on and in the NJ TRANSIT mobile app. For help locating a DEPARTUREVISION™ screen, please visit your station’s NJ TRANSIT Customer Service Office.

Sign Up for Text Messages and Emails

Go to My Transit Alerts to sign up or update your contact information and travel schedule to receive alerts via text message or email. You can pick your stations, the time of day you ride, and even the specific trips you take.

Select your User ID and Password then enter your contact information Select how you would like to receive alerts and which type of alerts you wish to receive.   You will receive a confirmation email. On the next screen, go to Register Trips and click Add a Trip.


That's it! Be sure to review your trips periodically to ensure you receive the latest alerts.

To Add Weekday Rail Trips

  1. Select your Origin station.
  2. Select your Destination station.
  3. Select your approximate departure and return times and click View Trips.
  4. On the next screen select the trains for which you wish to receive alerts and click Add Selected Trips.

To Add Weekend Rail Lines, simply select your rail line To Add Bus Trips, simply select your bus route To Add Light Rail Trip, select your line, Origin station and Destination station To Add Access Link Notification, simply select your Region.

  • On the following screen you will be able to add trips or lines.
Call or Text NJ TRANSIT for the Next Bus or Light Rail at Your Stop

Now you can find out when the next bus or light rail train is arriving at your stop. Simply call 973-275-5555 or text the 5-digit bus stop ID or light rail Station ID to 69287 and you'll receive a message with the next scheduled vehicle to arrive at your station (Message and Data Rates May Apply.)

For a list of Light Rail Station ID’s, click here.
For a list of Bus Stop ID’s, click here and visit the MyBus section on the homepage.

MyBus updates are also available via the homepage & the NJ TRANSIT mobile app.

Ask Alexa for NJ TRANSIT Updates!

NJ TRANSIT has recently released a new skill for Alexa, Amazon’s voice-based assistant, which responds to users’ requests for real-time NJ TRANSIT train information and offers trip-planning features and transit alerts. The skill is accessible 24/7 and is available wherever you find Alexa.

To enable the NJ TRANSIT skill with your voice, use either of the following commands:

“Alexa, enable NJ Transit” or “Alexa, open NJ Transit”

Then simply ask Alexa your question. Some sample questions include:

Trip Planning

“When is the next train from Metropark to New York?”
“Tell me the trains to Metropark from Trenton departing at 5 PM.”
“How do I get to Edison from Newark Airport?”

If you get stuck, you can always ask Alexa for “Help” with the skill. We welcome your feedback on the skill and how we can continue to improve it. Please send feedback to [email protected].

Last train of the day 

“When is the last train of the day from New York to Edison?”


“Tell me about the departures from Hoboken.”

Arrive By 

"How do I get to Summit from New York by 5 PM?"
“How do I go to Summit from New York to get there by 6 PM?”


Know Your Other Travel Options:

New York City Bus Terminals

Port Authority Bus Terminal

  • The Port Authority Bus Terminal is located in Midtown Manhattan and is the busiest bus terminal in the world by volume of traffic, serving about 8,000 buses and 225,000 people on an average weekday and more than 65 million people a year. Learn more about the service provided by NJ TRANSIT & other providers

George Washington Bridge Bus Station

  • The George Washington Bridge Bus Station is a commuter bus terminal at the east end of the George Washington Bridge in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Manhattan. The bus station is owned and operated by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ), and on a typical weekday, approximately 20,000 passengers on about 1,000 buses use the station. Learn more about the service provided by NJ TRANSIT & other providers.

NJ TRANSIT contracts some service to private bus carriers throughout New Jersey. In addition to NJ TRANSIT, Private Carriers offer transportation services throughout New Jersey and the region. Visit here for more details.

Private Carrier Buses

NJ TRANSIT contracts some service to private bus carriers throughout New Jersey. In addition to NJ TRANSIT, Private Carriers offer transportation services throughout New Jersey and the region. Visit here for more details

Other Transportation Providers & Resources

Connect with NJ TRANSIT Customer Service

Connect with NJ TRANSIT Customer Service in Stations and Via Telephone

Click here for more information about our Customer Service Office locations, or call us at 973-275-5555. Operators are available to provide assistance from 8:30 AM-5 PM daily, and automated information is available 24 hours a day.