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Community Resource Center

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Welcome to NJ TRANSIT’s Community Resource Center.

If you need information about NJ TRANSIT services, ticketing, lost and found, or would like to make a comment or complaint, please click on the Customer Services tab to be redirected to the appropriate department. 

Working With You

NJ TRANSIT’s Community Resource Center (CRC) is a centralized source of information for your connection to the Government and Community Relations Team. The CRC provides information and resources to resolve common community-related NJ TRANSIT issues, as well as direct access to NJ TRANSIT Government & Community Relations representatives, who can provide personal assistance and prompt answers to your questions and concerns.


The Community Resource Center’s mission is to assist local public and community stakeholders in advancing and enhancing NJ TRANSIT’s relationships with our host communities. The Government & Community Relations team seeks to collaborate with federal, state, county, municipal and community representatives to enhance our customers' ridership experience and positively engage our neighbors and key stakeholders. This commitment strives to create a reliable, resilient, and robust public transportation system where we work, live, and play to improve the quality of life for New Jersey’s residents and the traveling public.

Contact us:

Our team of experts is ready to help with any questions you may have. You can reach us in the following ways:

Phone (973) 491-7104

Email: [email protected]

Progress by the Numbers


The Future of Transit

We're proud to share our 10-year strategic plan and 5-year capital plan.

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Come join an agency on Forbes’ renowned America’s Best-in-State Employers 2022 list!
From bus operators and communications experts to mechanics and analysts, we're always looking for skilled, innovative people to join our team. 


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Community Resources

Important Updates

Hudson Tunnel Project - Notice of Public Information Session, Acquisition of Several Subsurface Easements (Weehawken Property Owners).

Hudson Tunnel Project - Notice of Public Information Session, Acquisition of Several Subsurface Easements (North Bergen Property Owners).


The NJ TRANSIT Adopt-A-Station Program is a way for members of a community–individuals, businesses, students, and local groups–to make an importance difference. Volunteers can participate in the following ways:

  • Removing litter at least four times a year
  • Providing light landscaping and maintenance 
  • Planting/caring for flowers, small trees, and shrubs 

What NJ TRANSIT can do:

  • Provide you with safety vests 
  • Provide you with trash bags and dispose of all trash collected 
  • Provide you with directional support as needed
  • Encourage you to suggest any additional ideas for improvement 

If you are interested in adopting a station, please email us.

Access Permits

Buses – Private Carriers

As the nation’s largest state-wide public transportation agency, NJ TRANSIT partners with private motor coach carriers to reach commuters outside of our service area. Information regarding this service my found by visiting the private carriers individual websites..


Coach USA

Lakeland Bus

Raritan Valley Bus Service

Buses – Shelters & Stops

For information on bus shelters, bus stops, and other helpful resources regarding our bus service, please click HERE

Additionally, to learn about route and schedule changes, please click HERE.

Career Opportunities

If your constituents are interested in job opportunities at NJ TRANSIT, please refer them to our Careers page.

Construction Notices 

Unauthorized activities on or near NJ TRANSIT rail, light rail and bus facilities and bus stops present a serious safety threat to workers and the public. These actions could result in property damage, personal injury or the interruption of vital transportation services. 

Notify NJ TRANSIT if a public, private or non-profit entity plans work or detours on or near any NJ TRANSIT property, tracks, facility, bus stop or along bus routes. Working with NJ TRANSIT in advance will help avoid costly repairs and project delays and insure a safe work zone. Email NJ TRANSIT if you are planning any projects such as:

  • Station, terminal and facility improvements (including parking areas)
  • Construction (including buildings, roadways, fencing, walls, utilities, pipelines, trenching, crane lifts) 
  • Beautification, landscaping and litter/debris collection
  • Maintenance 
  • Vegetation control
  • Roadway repairs
  • Road closures
  • Staging and/or storage areas

Customer Service

Customer experience is of the utmost experience. To better serve our riders when issues arise, is it essential they contact Customer Service with as much information as possible such as location, date, time, bus or train number, and employee identification if possible. 

Federal Noise Regulations

Transit-Oriented Development 

NJ TRANSIT supports Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) throughout the State of New Jersey. TOD projects foster smart growth at transit facilities and realize economic benefits from NJ TRANSIT’s real estate assets. TOD also benefits local communities by reducing carbon emissions by helping move people away from personal commuter vehicles and onto public transportation. 

Transit-Friendly Planning

NJ TRANSIT’s Transit Friendly Planning Program strives to promote equitable, economically resilient, and environmentally sustainable development that improves the quality of life for all New Jerseyans. The Program provides local technical assistance and helps develop partnerships at all levels to better coordinate planning between NJ TRANSIT and New Jersey communities.


Are you ready to ride NJ TRANSIT and need schedule or fare information? Please click HERE for information.

How to Ride 

For information on how to ride Rail, Bus, Light Rail, and Access Link, please click HERE


Your Government and Community Relations Representatives

As key stakeholders in the State of New Jersey, you have a personal Government and Community Relations representative at NJ TRANSIT. 

For further assistance or to contact please contact [email protected]. A representative will respond as quickly as possible. 

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