My Transit: NJ TRANSIT’s Free Email Alert System

My Transit will keep you informed of:

  • Delays of 15 minutes or more (weekdays between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m.)
  • Schedule changes and other service adjustments.
  • Station advisories at your origin and destination, including elevator and escalator outages and boarding changes.
  • Other important announcements from NJ TRANSIT affecting your trip.

How It Works

When you sign up for My Transit, you can provide up to two email addresses to receive alerts and advisories. Alerts are short messages (limited to 160 characters) that can be delivered to your cell phone, mobile device, or email inbox. Advisories are longer messages that provide details about service adjustments, detours, boarding changes and more. You can have alerts and advisories delivered to the same email address or have alerts sent to one address while advisories are sent to another.

It all starts when you sign up!