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When circumstances beyond our control affect our service, NJ TRANSIT keeps people moving through cross-honoring.

What is cross-honoring?

Cross-honoring is an arrangement in which either one transit agency allows riders from another agency to ride its system, or NJ TRANSIT riders of one mode, such as bus or train, can use their tickets to travel on a different mode.

The goal is to move people and ease delays, using an arrangement that's been worked out in advance. These agreements typically work both ways, meaning that, for example, one service would help NJ TRANSIT and NJ TRANSIT would return the favor if that service had a problem.

How does it work?

When activated, NJ TRANSIT will announce that cross-honoring is in effect and which services are available. Not all services are necessarily made available during every cross-honoring event.

Depending on the available services, customers may either simply show their valid NJ TRANSIT ticket for one mode, such as bus or train, on another NJ TRANSIT mode, or they may present their valid NJ TRANSIT ticket to another transit agency, such as PATHPATCO or private bus carriers.

At stations with faregates, such as Newark Penn Station, agents are stationed near the gates, and NJ TRANSIT customers simply show their NJ TRANSIT ticket or monthly pass to the agent and walk through an opened gate.

If an agent is not readily available, customers can pick up a passenger assistance phone and will be passed through a fare gate remotely. 

Can I use cross-honoring to travel all the way to my final destination?

Except in extreme cases, when system-wide cross-honoring has been announced, cross-honoring does not provide unlimited travel. However, it will provide for travel to the station or stop closest to your original destination.

Whenever cross-honoring is announced to enable rail customers to take NJ TRANSIT buses that parallel the impacted service, it always applies to private carrier buses as well.

Does it cost extra?

No. You do not need to purchase an additional ticket to travel on a service that NJ TRANSIT is cross-honoring with. However, if you intend to travel beyond your original destination, you will be charged for the additional service.

How does NJ TRANSIT decide to activate it?

NJ TRANSIT considers multiple factors in deciding whether to activate cross-honoring, including weather forecasts, how long it will take to restore service, the ability of partner services to effectively and safely transport customers, and other additional considerations. Just because there’s a severe storm does not necessarily mean NJ TRANSIT will activate cross-honoring.

Cross-honoring is not in effect until NJ TRANSIT announces it.

How do I find out if NJ TRANSIT has activated cross-honoring?

NJ TRANSIT will typically announce cross-honoring on the homepage of, on loudspeakers and display screens in major stations and terminals, and you should also check for alerts in the NJ TRANSIT Mobile App® or by following your individual line account on Twitter.

Announcements will also be made on various broadcast media, such as TV and radio.

Download the mobile app and sign up for customized push alerts today!

What should I do if the bus operator or conductor doesn’t allow cross-honoring?

Because cross-honoring is typically activated during times of major service disruption, it is possible the cross-honoring announcement may not have reached every bus operator or train conductor. In the event you encounter this, please share the alert or announcement with the operator or conductor. To keep you moving, if necessary, please pay the additional fare, keep your receipt, and contact NJ TRANSIT Customer Service for assistance.

How long does cross-honoring last?

Once activated, cross-honoring on NJ TRANSIT bus, rail and light rail, as well as private bus carriers, will remain in place for the entire affected service day.

For partner services, cross-honoring can last for different periods of time, and customers should monitor alerts & updates for the latest information.

NJ TRANSIT will announce when cross-honoring will expire using the methods mentioned above.