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TOD Project Profiles: Under Construction

TOD Project Profiles: Under Construction

Essex & Crane by Vermella, an apartment building under construction near Orange Station. Transit-Oriented Development in action.


Name: Essex & Crane by Vermella, Phase II
Station / Line: Orange Station, Morristown Line
Total Units: 201 apartment homes
Developer: D&R Orange Urban Renewal, LLC

Essex & Crane is a phased residential project, with Phase I completed in 2023 and Phase II underway. Phase II includes 201 apartment homes and a structured parking facility with 348 parking spaces. 

a photo of the Hoboken Warrington Plaza Farmers' Market, near our Transit-Oriented Development Hoboken Connect


Name: Hoboken Connect
Station / Line: Hoboken Terminal
Total Units: 386 apartment homes
Affordable Units: 20%
Developer: LCOR Incorporated

Hoboken Connect is a multi-phase, mixed-use development project, consisting of a Class A office building with rooftop terrace, residential, retail, and public open space totaling over 1MM SF of development, including improvements to public infrastructure and the surrounding streetscape, with additional pedestrian, vehicular, and bicycle improvements. Included in this project is a significant rehabilitation of the historic Ferry Terminal Building for publicly accessible commercial and exhibition space; functional, aesthetic, and environmental improvements to Warrington Plaza; construction of a new bus terminal; and, in conjunction with the City of Hoboken, transformation of Hudson Place into a pedestrian-friendly shared street, civic space, and public amenity. Commuters, residents, and visitors alike will enjoy improved access to walkways, bike lanes, buses, ferries, light rail, and trains, as well as welcoming public spaces.