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How to Ride - Bus


How to Plan Your Trip

Our buses cover the entire State of New Jersey, and some even serve New York City and Philadelphia. Wherever you are, there’s a good chance one of our bus stops is within walking distance of you. You can use the Service Near You tab to find your closest bus stops. You can also use any of the other tabs immediately below to assist you in planning your trip!

Service Near You   Trip Planner   Bus Schedules   

After you find your bus stop, grab a timetable brochure to see the scheduled time for your bus. We carry schedule brochures at most major bus terminals and on our website HERE. You can also find schedules (and purchase bus tickets) in the NJ TRANSIT App.

Know your origin/destination, and the date and time of your travel. If you are traveling the day before or on the day of a major holiday, be sure to double-check the schedule for varied times and instructions.  

IMPORTANT: Our bus schedules only show Key Stops along the bus route. There are bus stops not listed on our schedules in between Key Stops. Use our Service Near You page to find your closest stop. 

In addition to our Trip Planner, there are other helpful third-party trip planning apps such as Google Maps (iOS, Android), Apple Maps, and Transit App (iOS, Android).  

How to Buy Your Ticket 

The next step is to buy your bus ticket which can be done with any of the following methods: 

Mobile App 

Tap & Ride

Ticket Vending Machine (TVM) 

Ticket Office 

Commissioned Ticket Agent (CTA) 

Download the free NJ TRANSIT App to purchase tickets and receive real-time service updates. Simply tap your payment card or phone on the payment scanner and let the driver know how many zones you plan to travel. Video tutorial coming soon! TVMs are available at most bus terminals and some rail and light rail stations which connect with bus routes. Cash, credit cards, and debit cards from all major service providers are accepted. Ticket offices can be found at most major bus terminals and rail stations. Click HERE to check ticket office hours and availability.   Some private retail businesses sell our bus tickets and passes on our agency’s behalf. To locate a CTA near you, please click HERE

We want you to save as much money as you can so be sure to check out our discounts that may apply to you or someone in your travel party. We offer many options such as Children’s Tickets (ages 5-11), Family SuperSaver, and Senior/Disabled/Military Tickets. Click HERE for a complete list of ticket options and discounts. 

IMPORTANT: The cost of your bus ticket depends on a couple of factors: the number of travel zones and whether you are transferring. Before purchasing your ticket, be sure to know the number of zones you will need to travel. You must have a ticket to board the bus or pay the exact fare on the bus. Customers boarding at the Port Authority Bus Terminal and the George Washington Bridge Terminal must purchase a ticket before boarding.  

Know Before You Go
  • Park & Rides: Some bus terminals and Park & Rides have on-site parking. Allow yourself extra time to park prior to your bus’s arrival. Please visit Station Information for up-to-date information on parking availability and restrictions. 
  • Alerts and Information: Visit our NJ TRANSIT Travel Alerts and Advisories page, download the NJ TRANSIT App, sign up for email alerts, or follow our North and South Jersey bus accounts on X for up-to-date alerts, in case your trip is impacted. 
  • MyBus: This is a GPS-based tool that provides real-time information for buses arriving at your selected stop. To learn more about this feature, please click HERE
  • Boarding the Bus: To find your bus, first check the route number and departure time on MyBus and if you are at a terminal, look at the monitor or schedule poster for more information. 
    • If you are taking a bus, look for a designated NJ TRANSIT bus stop sign. Check the sign for your bus route number. Almost every bus stop has a 5-digit stop ID number to identify the exact bus location. 
    • While waiting, you can find out when the next bus is coming by texting this 5-digit stop ID number to MyBus (69287).  
    • Bus stops can serve multiple routes and destinations. Be sure your desired bus route number matches the bus route number on the bus before you board. 
    • When the bus arrives, look at the top left corner of the information displayed to see the bus route number and destination. 
    • Be at the bus stop a few minutes before its scheduled to arrive. Have your ticket ready in hand and stand on the sidewalk, at the bus stop, away from the curb. 
    • To hail a bus, simply signal by waving to the bus operator as the bus approaches the stop. 
    • Never walk into a traffic lane to catch your bus and never run after the bus. 
    • Allow people to leave the bus before boarding and let customers who have a mobility device or stroller board first. 
    • Bike racks are found on the front of most buses within the NJ TRANSIT bus fleet. Follow the steps HERE for how to load and unload your bike. Bikes can also be stored in the under-floor luggage compartment found on cruiser buses, like the one pictured above.
  • Accessibility: All NJ TRANSIT buses are equipped with a “kneeling” feature and are accessible with bus lifts and ramps. The “kneeling” feature lowers the first step of the bus closer to the ground to make it easier for riders to step onto the bus. Ask the bus operator if you need help to lower the bus or use the ramp for larger mobility devices, such as wheelchairs.  
    • Follow the bus operator’s instructions. The operator cannot pick you up or help you with carrying your personal items.  
    • There are designated seating areas for customers with mobility devices and these devices must be secured to the bus. The operator will assist you with this. 
    • If you are traveling in and out of the Port Authority Bus Terminal or George Washington Bridge Bus Terminal, call (973) 275-5555 before your trip. The representative can give you the location of an accessible boarding gate. 
Onboard Your Ride
  • Before boarding the bus, listen for the bus route destination and announcement. If you are unsure, ask the bus operator. 
  • On most buses, there are ticket validators to scan your barcoded paper ticket and passes. Customers should scan all tickets and passes since our bus operators will not handle or validate printed or electronic tickets.  

[Photo of Ticket Validator Coming Soon]

  • If you are paying your fare with a purchased ticket on the NJ TRANSIT Mobile App, first make sure the ticket is activated. If your bus does not have a ticket validator, you can simply show your electronic ticket to the bus operator.  
  • If you are paying a cash fare, deposit the exact amount into the farebox. 
  • If you need to catch a bus but don't have cash or the NJ TRANSIT App downloaded, we also offer Tap & Ride, which allows customers to tap their payment card or mobile wallet on the ticket validator. Simply tell the bus operator how many zones you need to travel and then grab a seat. It's that easy!
  • If you can’t find an empty seat, move toward the back of the bus and hold onto the handrail to keep your balance.  
  • Do not distract the bus operator while the bus is moving.  
  • If you have any small bags, make sure to hold them on your person to be mindful of space for other patrons. 
  • Some buses are equipped with under-floor luggage compartments for larger items. If you have a larger item with you, ask the bus operator for assistance with unlocking the storage compartment.  

[Photo of Under-Floor Luggage Compartment Coming Soon] 

  • Do not play loud music while on board.  
  • Smoking and vaping are strictly prohibited on all NJ TRANSIT vehicles, terminals, and bus lanes.  
  • Eating and drinking, of any kind, is prohibited on board NJ TRANSIT buses. 
  • Be sure to listen for stop announcements on the bus. To request a stop, press the signal strip above your seat or the nearest “stop” button. 
  • If there’s an emergency while riding the bus, follow the bus operator’s instructions. It is important that you listen and do as they say.  
  • Safety is everybody’s responsibility. Report anything suspicious by sending a text message to the number 65873 or calling NJ TRANSIT Police at 888-847-7658 to speak with someone.  
What’s Next?
  • Wait for the bus to come to a full stop before leaving your seat to exit. 
  • Before you leave your seat, please check for any items left behind, and if you happen to leave something behind, fill out our Lost & Found inquiry form HERE
  • Do not leave trash on the bus.  
  • Step down onto the sidewalk and move away from the bus. Do not walk between the bus and the curb, and never walk in front of the bus even if it’s stopped unless you’re at a pedestrian crosswalk.  
  • Local taxi and rideshare services are available at some of our bus terminals and park & rides.  
  • Congratulations, you successfully completed your journey! Check the wayfinding signs if making connections with other NJ TRANSIT rail, bus, and light rail services or connecting to other transit systems. 

We ask that our customers remain respectful and understanding to each other and our staff at all times. Please remember to “Ride Kind”!