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How to Ride - Rail

How to Plan Your Trip

The first step is to find the stations that you are traveling to and from. You can use the Service Near You tab to find your closest rail stations. You can also use any of the other tabs immediately below to assist you in planning your trip!

Service Near You   Trip Planner   Train Schedules   Train System Map

After you find your desired stations, grab a timetable brochure to see the scheduled time for your trains. We carry timetable brochures at most major train stations or click HERE for printer-friendly timetables. You can also find timetables (and purchase rail tickets) in the NJ TRANSIT App.   
Here is a quick reference to help you read your schedule: 

Be sure to read the small print under the highlighted areas on the timetable. Some itineraries may require a transfer between trains and buses. The Special Conditions and different policies are also provided on each timetable brochure.  

How to Buy Your Ticket

The next step is to buy your rail ticket, which can be done with any of the following methods: 

Mobile App 
Ticket Vending Machine (TVM) 
Ticket Office 
Web Ticketing

Download the free NJ TRANSIT App to purchase tickets and receive real-time service updates. Video tutorial coming soon!

TVMs are available at every rail station. Cash, credit cards, and debit cards from all major service providers are accepted. Video tutorial coming soon!

Ticket offices can be found at most major rail stations. Click HERE to check ticket office hours and availability.

Purchase your ticket with our new online ticket portal found HERE. Video tutorial coming soon!

We want you to save as much money as you can so be sure to check out our discounts that may apply to you or someone in your travel party. We offer many options such as Children’s Tickets (ages 5-11), Family SuperSaver, and Senior/Disabled/Military Tickets. Click HERE for a complete list of ticket options and discounts. 

IMPORTANT: Failure to purchase a ticket prior to boarding the train will result in a $5 cash surcharge. 

Know Before You Go
  • Parking: Plan to arrive early for your train, as parking availability varies by station, day, and time. Some stations may not have parking or may require a permit. Please visit Station Information for parking information and rates.
  • Alerts and Information: Visit our NJ TRANSIT Travel Alerts and Advisories page, download the NJ TRANSIT App, sign up for email alerts, or follow our rail line accounts on X for up-to-date alerts, in case your trip is impacted. Listen for station announcements, check DepartureVision, or view the website for track assignments and real-time updates.
  • DepartureVision can send an alert as you approach your final destination. Click on your desired train, click on the station you are traveling to, and click “YES” to allow the app to send an alert as you approach your destination. DepartureVision can be found on the NJ TRANSIT Homepage and on the NJ TRANSIT App.  
  • Station Amenities: All major stations have bathrooms available for public use. Most stations will have bike racks; in addition, foldable personal vehicles can be taken aboard our trains at any time. 
  • Know Your ABC's: Sometimes delays happen that are outside of NJ TRANSIT's control. Please take a moment to learn your Alternatives, Backups, and Contingency plans before you travel. For a list of alternative services by rail line, click HERE.  
  • Accessibility: Even though we are striving to make our rail stations as accessible as possible, not every station has an elevator or an accessible ramp. Make sure to check out the Station Information page to see if your station is accessible. 
Onboard Your Ride
  • While waiting for your train, please stay behind the yellow line until the train comes to a complete stop. 
  • Allow people to exit the train before boarding to ensure an efficient flow. 
  • Find any available seat since they aren’t assigned. Try not to ride in the vestibules (the area between the rail cars) and do not lean on the doors. We also have accessibility priority seating available for those who need it. 
  • Store any bags you may have in the overhead luggage rack or hold them on your person. Do not put them on the adjacent seat. Keep the aisle clear and seats available for other riders. 
  • Have your ticket available for an NJ TRANSIT crew member upon request. For electronic tickets, be sure to activate your ticket a few minutes before boarding to avoid the possibility of poor cell service. 
  • Do not play loud music while on board and be mindful that you may be sitting in a Quiet Commute Car
  • Smoking and vaping are strictly prohibited on all NJ TRANSIT vehicles, stations, and platforms. 
  • Be sure to listen to all onboard announcements for your station stop and any potential delays. Stations with smaller platforms may require you to exit from a different car. If you’re unsure of your car number, the number can be found at each end of the car interior.  

(Photo of the above description coming soon) 

What’s Next?
  • Before you leave your seat, please check for any items left behind, and if you happen to leave something behind, fill out our Lost & Found inquiry form HERE.  
  • Dispose of your trash before getting off the train. Trash receptacles are found on most train cars.  
  • When leaving the train, watch the gap between the train and the platform.  
  • Local taxi and rideshare services are available at most of our train stations.
  • Congratulations, you successfully completed your journey! Check the wayfinding signs if making connections with other NJ TRANSIT rail, bus, and light rail services or connecting to other transit systems.   

We ask that our customers remain respectful and understanding to each other and our staff at all times. Please remember to “Ride Kind”!