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Procurement Calendar Scrap Awards

Date of Award Sales Order # Title Sold To Value
04/30/204302020Used RadiatorsGreggory Taste$ 9,562.50
02/29/20AP013516160 scrap used bus diesel radiatorsMatthew Nadeau$ 12,003.75
02/28/20AP012732One Set of (4) Lift Ports and Two (2) Brake Lathes beyond economic repairKevin McCarty$ 2,471.62
02/28/20B18-03Scrap Bus, One Neoplan Bus (Without Tires)Mary Osman $ 1,361.25
02/28/20B19-02Scrap Buses, One Neoplan & two Nabi Buses (Without Tires)Russell A Osman LLC$ 2,666.25
02/26/20AP013636One (1) Forklift (EQ20-07), Two (2) Sweeper ScrubbersLeonard Tutt JR$ 2,225.00
01/29/20AP0136281 LOT OF METAL SCRAP- 2 TWO Steel GIRDERSClyde Cameron$ 5,664.37
12/28/19AP013275MTL STAIRWAY PARTITIONTimothy Grove$ 50.00
12/20/19AP01355252 Used bus (not rebuilt) Rear DifferentialsLeonard Tutt JR$ 2,092.50
12/18/19AP013391/AP01352839 Used bus alternatorsMario Lucas$ 686.25
12/18/19AP013336One 1 Golf Cart Kenneth Sondermann$ 196.87
12/18/19AP013215One 1 Automotive LiftRobert Robinette$ 1,173.37
12/10/19AP013377 two-2 Stand up Fork Trucks & one-1 Electronic Pallet JackMario's Concrete and Paving$ 703.12
12/10/19AP013383One 1 Scrap Raymond Forklift Electric StandeeTutt Specialized Hauling$ 140.62
12/04/19AP013266Fifty-three (53) rolls of Premier TrimRobert Gardyn$ 389.25
11/16/19AP013310Used Bus PartsMohd Auto and Parts$ 855.00
11/08/19AP012519Scrap Golf Cart, Scrubbers and ForkliftsMario Lucas$ 4,025.00
07/23/19AP12708SOP APO12708C & K Scrap Metals$ 3.00
07/10/19AP012723Scrap RailBrick Recycling Company Inc$ 4,699.52

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