Procurement Calendar Scrap Awards Archive

Date of Award Sales Order # Title Sold To Value
12/25/14MDR AP005498Lot of Timken BearingsBrad Kries-Bick, NJ$ 225.00
12/02/14AP0045962 Scrap TrailersDossy Tausa Auction-Bloomfield, NJ$ 730.00
11/14/14MDR#004698Lot Of Starter MotorsPowerRail Distribution Inc-Duryea, PA$ 12,030.00
09/27/14MDR AP004826-14Steel GirdersAuto Salvage Corp-Lodi, NJ$ 1,300.00
07/02/14AP004427-14Hunter 4Wheel Alignment SystemMurali Sharavan$ 305.00
07/02/14AP004658-14Electric SubstationA Contract Electrical Co$ 115,000.00
06/05/14AP004613-14Various Pantograph B Parts Arrow IIIBrick Recycling$ 470.00
05/30/14AP004739-14Dover Annual Scrap Bid Ferrous MetalsF. Rover & Son$ 2,857.00
05/13/14AP004571-14Guide WireKovalchick Corporation$ 980.00
04/24/14Auction #1083696Scrap Condenser CoilsSulivans$ 37,300.00
04/12/14AP003756Sale Of Timken Roller Bearing Cores for Comets, Arrows, Multilevel (4000 ea)Fortune Metal Recycling$ 107,360.00
03/20/14Auction #1072929Sale Of Rail RotorsMetalbiz$ 14,901.00
03/06/14Auction #1072203Sale of Discharge A/C Compressor HosesLumina$ 22.55
03/06/14AP004475-13Sale Of Obsolete Replacement Parts for Heavy Work Equipment, Forestry Equipment and Rail EquipmentPower Systems International$ 271.00
02/28/14AP004251-13Sale of Arrow III Rail CarsFortune Metal Recycling$ 187,440.00
02/25/14AP004479-14Sale of Ballast AssembliesFortune Metal Recycling$ 150.00
02/11/14AP004515-14No. 2 Heavy Copper Scrap Trolley WireSulluvan's Scrap Metal$ 173,600.00
02/05/14SOP AP004446-14Scrap MetalSouthard Salvage$ 190,469.00
01/23/14AP 13-003Sale of 25 Retired CNG BusesA&A Truck Parts, Inc$ 130,525.00
01/14/14Auction Number 1030981Various Bus PartsRyan Gee$ 12,222.00
01/11/14AP-004018/Auction #1024325Fleet Guard FiltersAndrzej Zajac$ 3,650.00
12/18/13AP004538-13Scrap MetalCinelli Iron & Metal co$ 4,553.57
12/06/13AP3485-13-002Morrisville Scrap Wheel Chips & TurningsR. Fanelle's Sons-Camden, NJ $ 65,000.00
12/05/13Auction #1016712Wheelchair Lifts Parts for Nova BusesStephen A. Kertis$ 152.50
11/27/13AP003863-13Sale of Retired LocomotivesC&K Scrap Metal-Newark, NJ $ 264,600.00
11/20/13AP004480-13Various Snow Plow EquipmentFortune Metal Recycling-Rahway, NJ $ 50.00
11/13/1313-002-3027Hoboken Scrap Wheel Chips & TurningsColantuono-Klurman Assoc Inc$ 6,360.00
10/17/1313-001-AP004452Doremus ScrapCinelli Iron & Metal$ 242,628.50
08/21/13AP004271-13Sale of Auxiliary Transformer & Filter BoxFortune Metal Recycling-Rahway, NJ$ 80,500.00
05/31/13AP004018D-13Sale of Nova-A Understructure PartsFortune Metal Recycling-Rahway, NJ$ 8,050.00
05/03/13AP 13-002Scrap VehiclesColantuono-Klurman Assoc, Inc Winning Bid $0.1150$ 0.12
05/01/13AP004172-13Scrap PS-1 Service ValvesFortune Metal Recycling$ 24.75
04/23/13AP004141-13Comet CouplersC&K Scrap$ 22,540.00
04/23/13AP004141-13Comet CouplersF. Rover & Son$ 23,817.00
04/23/13AP004141-13Comet CouplersKlein Recycling$ 21,840.00
04/23/13AP004141-13Comet CouplersSims Metal Managment$ 21,770.00
04/16/13AP004012-13Scrap Aluminum Light PolesC&K Scrap-Newark, NJ$ 1,906.50
03/29/13AP004018C-13ZF Trans & PartsFortune Metal Recycling$ 3,828.00
03/16/13SOP AP004018B-13Rebuilt Cummins C8.3L EnginesColantuono & Klurman Associates, Inc-Newark, NJ$ 22,694.00
02/01/13AP004058-13Scrap MaterialJohn Rover-Harrison, NJ$ 1,261.19
11/16/12AP004018-12Cummins Engine Parts-VariousCummins Power Systems-Newark, NJ$ 16,000.00
09/20/12AP002406-12Main TransformersFortune Riverside$ 9,360.00
09/14/12AP003582Used Lead Locomotive BatteriesC & K $ 21,000.00
08/26/12AP003341Sale of Drill PressesJeff Fortsch-Bloomfield, NJ$ 150.00
08/18/1212-AP003796 Sale for 66 Heater Coil KitsRecycalytics$ 660.00
08/18/1212-AP003864Sale for 20 Codenser CoresC & K Scrap$ 5,402.00
04/04/1212-AP003589Purchase of Used Arrow III Main Inductors in Kearny, NJKovalichick Corp.-Indiana, PA$ 515,000.00
03/16/1212-AP003665Scrap Bridge MaterialC & K Scrap$ 10,483.80
03/15/1212-AP003607Metro-D Bus PartsFortune Riverside Auto Parts, Inc-Rahway, NJ$ 10,000.00
12/21/1111-AP003241RBlank Offset PaperSheila Paper-Millburn, NJ$ 31,901.00
12/01/1111-AP003501Steel-Pinion Bearing Assy's BR#57.63 ACL (Beach Thoro)All Bids Too Low$ 0.00
11/12/1111-AP003457Sale of Sensor, Volt, 1000 VDCNo Bids for this SOP$ 0.00
11/05/1111-AP003227Ballast RegulatorDelta Railroad Construction, Inc-Ashtabula, OH$ 32,000.00
10/25/1111-000512 Pieces of Equpment and 5 Autos and Light TrucksJersey One Auto Sales-Jersey City, NJ$ 4,510.00
10/19/1111-AP003420D.P.F. Filter CoresRecycalytics-Newark, NJ$ 26,200.00
10/05/1111-AP003432Insulators, Felt, Blower Motor DuctNo Bids for this SOP$ 0.00
10/04/1111-AP003454Scrap Isolation TransformerNo Bids Received for this SOP$ 0.00
09/21/1111-AP003438New Reprinted Receipt Paper for Bus Fare (NCR Corp)C&K Scrap-Newark, NJ$ 395.00
09/16/1111-AP003431Purchase of Left Over Wire at Hoboken, NJFortune Riverside Auto Parts$ 8,840.00
09/14/1111-AP003316Series 60 Turbo Charger CoreRecycalytics-Newark, NJ$ 17,971.15
05/20/1111-AP003234Strap, Metal, Air Hose SupportNo Bids Received for this SOP$ 0.00
05/13/1111-AP003241Blank Offset PaperNo Bids Received for this SOP$ 0.00
09/11/1010-AP002915Scrap Steel Bridge 0.57Southard Salvage, Inc-Andover, NJ$ 4,816.00
07/27/1010-AP002881Miscellaneous Bus Core Parts, Metro-BKirk's Automotive, Inc-Detroit, MI$ 3,000.00
07/23/1010-003-2855Annual Metal Scrap, CMFCinelli Iron & Metal Co.$ 196,584.59
07/10/1010-016-AP001811Annual Used Bridge Assy Exhaust ValveC & K Associates$ 2,500.00
07/10/1010-015-AP001033Annual Used Wick AssyC & K Associates$ 2,400.00
06/05/1010-001-2811Annual Scrap Steel Wheel Chips & TurningsC & K Associates$ 33,370.00
05/21/1010-005-2970Annual Scrap Metal, MMCK & J Scrap Metals, Inc$ 13,216.00
05/15/1010-002-2761RAnnual Metal Scrap Southern Div.R. Fanelle's Sons, Inc.$ 73,347.20
05/12/1010-004-2766Annual Metal Scrap, Hamilton GarageR. Fanelle's Sons, Inc$ 1,672.80
05/11/1010-010-2741Annual Metal Scrap, Port MorrisC & K Associates$ 124,500.00
05/01/1010-AP002566Annual Scrap Wheels, MMCKovalick Corp$ 380,418.00
04/20/1010-008-2537Annual Roller Bearing CoresC & K Associates$ 38,100.00