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Procurement Awards

Date Executed Contract # Contract Title Contractor Award Value
05/02/2423-615Print Production and Distribution of NJ TRANSIT’s Public Timetables and Other Schedule Products and NJ TRANSIT’s Employee Timetables, Operating Rules and Other InstructionsJDS Graphics, Inc.$ 11,076,601.73
04/30/2423-309The Supply and Delivery of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)PPC Lubricants, LLC$ 2,846,295.00
04/24/2424-305Orange Garage Bus Washer RetrofitWestmatic Corporation$ 793,197.38
04/24/2423-307Bus Operators UniformsAction Uniform Co., LLC$ 1,688,240.00
04/22/240000025-02Track MaterialL.B. Foster Company$ 155,925.00
04/22/240000025-03Track MaterialPandrol USA LP$ 299,808.80
04/22/240000025-01Track MaterialA & K Railroad Materials, Inc.$ 338,944.16
04/15/2422-063Design, Engineering, Bid Phase and Construction Assistance Services for the Hoboken Terminal Structural Repairs ProjectMcLaren Technical Services, Inc.$ 615,763.16
04/08/240000029NJ TRANSIT Facility Inspections FY24-FY26Gannett Fleming, Inc.$ 6,505,580.92
04/03/240000020-04Task Order Contract - Bridge & Railway EngineeringModjeski & Masters, Inc.$ 0.00
04/03/240000018-03Task Order Contract - Resiliency Management Services - Discipline 3HNTB Corporation$ 0.00
04/01/240000020-03Task Order Contract - Bridge & Railway EngineeringHNTB Corporation$ 0.00
04/01/240000018-01Task Order Contract - Resiliency Management Services - Discipline 1Arcadis U.S. Inc.$ 0.00
04/01/240000019-052023 TOC for Environmental Consulting ServicesArcadis U.S. Inc.$ 0.00
04/01/240000020-01Task Order Contract - Bridge & Railway EngineeringHardesty & Hanover LLC$ 0.00
04/01/240000018-02Task Order Contract - Resiliency Management Services - Discipline 2Arcadis U.S. Inc.$ 0.00
04/01/240000019-052023 TOC for Environmental Consulting ServicesArcadis U.S. Inc.$ 0.00
04/01/240000020-02Task Order Contract - Bridge & Railway EngineeringHDR Engineering, Inc.$ 0.00
03/29/2422-051Purchase of Five Hundred Fifty (550), Forty Foot (40’) Clean Diesel Transit BusesNew Flyer of America Inc.$ 142,402,750.00
03/25/240000019-042023 TOC for Environmental Consulting ServicesLangan Engineering & Environmental Services, Inc.$ 0.00
03/25/240000019-032023 TOC for Environmental Consulting ServicesRoux Associates Inc.$ 0.00
03/25/240000019-012023 TOC for Environmental Consulting ServicesBEM Systems, Inc.$ 0.00
03/15/2420-008Purchase of Seventy-Five (75) Mobility Access Vehicles (MAVs)Rohrer Bus Sales$ 2,749,818.00
03/11/2424-306Procurement of Systems Furniture – Including Delivery & InstallationHaworth$ 8,427,433.84
03/08/240000042Allwood Road Park & Ride Lot RepairGrade Construction$ 475,325.10
03/04/2424-007NJ TRANSIT’s Point of Sale & Fare Collection System - Maintenance, Support and Key UpgradesConduent Transport Solutions$ 10,491,840.50
02/27/240000013-02Purchase of Heavy Duty Vehicles (Groups B & E)Gabrielli Kenworth of New Jersey LLC$ 1,601,997.00
02/27/240000024Information Technology Service Management ServicesSHI International Corp.$ 7,700,242.48
02/22/240000013-01Purchase of Heavy Duty Vehicles (Groups A & F)Frank's Truck Center, Inc.$ 2,297,350.00
02/22/2424-004CCTV Camera Upgrades- Trenton Transit CenterAltura Communications LLC$ 357,381.68
02/22/2424-005CCTV Camera Upgrades - Metropark , Plainfield, and Woodbridge Train StationsHuel Technology, LLC$ 379,112.85
02/16/2423-047CCTV Camera Upgrades NJ TRANSIT Newark Light Rail LocationsDynamic Security LLC$ 345,706.66
02/05/2421-067Bicycle SheltersModular Streetscape Systems, Inc. dba Oonee$ 535,999.99
02/01/240000034NJ TRANSIT Supply Chain Strategy DevelopmentDeloitte Consulting LLP$ 2,339,050.00
02/01/2423-306Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel FuelMansfield Oil Company of Gainesville, Inc.$ 954,564,677.05
02/01/2423-628Weed Spraying Services for NJ TRANSIT Rail OperationsDeAngelo Contracting Services, LLC$ 2,273,621.00
02/01/2424-603Remote Downloading of Event RecordersBach-Simpson, Division of Wabtec Canada Inc.$ 491,700.00
01/23/2424-016Purchase of Advance Monitoring and Resolution System to Monitor Oracle ProductsDLT Solutions LLC$ 395,000.00
01/19/2423-046Furnishing and Installing CCTV Cameras at Various NJ TRANSIT LocationsCare Security Systems Inc.$ 402,167.73
01/18/240000014Mahwah Station Roof RepairsDMR Construction Services Inc.$ 2,464,464.93
01/17/240000007Consultant Services for Bus Network Redesign- Hudson CountySam Schwartz Consulting LLC$ 1,100,753.00
12/29/2324-302Vehicle Lift Service and RepairsStertil-Koni USA, Inc.$ 532,233.38
12/22/2323-011National Auto Fleet Master Vehicle PurchaseNational Auto Fleet Group$ 757,512.84
12/22/2323-011National Auto Fleet Master Vehicle PurchaseNational Auto Fleet Group$ 820,350.92
12/14/2322-036Design Services Rehabilitation and Accessibility Enhancement at Bloomfield StationStantec Consulting Services, Inc.$ 4,737,874.02
12/13/2323-608RAnnual Blanket Agreement for Seat Checks (Various Locations)Sandy Alexander$ 829,687.50
12/13/2324-013Purchase of Qognify Video RecordersSafeware Inc.$ 400,147.72
11/17/2323-010Merchants Fleet Management Master Vehicle PurchaseTitling Trust Principle Merchants Leasing LT dba Merchants Fleet$ 532,944.16
11/17/2323-010Merchants Fleet Management Master Vehicle PurchaseTitling Trust Principle Merchants Leasing LT dba Merchants Fleet$ 500,229.36
10/30/230000002Agency Wide All-Hazard Risk Assessment and Cost-Benefit AnalysisBinera, Inc.$ 1,250,143.08
10/30/230000009Meadowlands Garage Bus Storage for the North Bergen Park & Ride, West Side Avenue Lot, Parking Extension PlanHutton Construction LLC$ 1,253,319.00
10/25/2324-001Dell – Microsoft Enterprise Agreement 11/1/2023 – 10/31/2026Dell Marketing LP$ 14,013,878.17
10/19/2323-617Bridge TimbersStella-Jones Corp.$ 623,108.07
10/17/2324-608Elevator Maintenance and Repairs at Newark HeadquartersTK Elevator Corporation$ 288,340.00
10/10/230000026Purchase and Installation of 55 Bus SheltersHandi-Hut, Inc.$ 981,360.00
10/02/2323-043Consultant Support Services for LCOR Hoboken Connect RedevelopmentSTV Inc.$ 1,631,718.84
09/29/2323-049Master Vehicle Purchase for Gabrielli Truck SalesNational Auto Fleet Group$ 411,511.63
09/22/2323-052The Purchase of Qognify Video RecordersSafeware, Inc.$ 438,011.40
09/22/2323-050Qognify Professional ServicesSafware, Inc.$ 372,504.00
09/22/2323-623(1) Forklift- HOIST Model F300 or EquivalentBarclay Brand Corp. dba Barclay Brand Ferdon$ 294,000.00
09/13/2324-006SHI - Hubspot Renewal 9/13/23-9/12/24SHI International Corporation$ 227,487.16
09/06/2323-010Merchants Fleet Management Master Vehicle PurchaseTitling Trust Principle Merchants Leasing LT dba Merchants Fleet$ 775,081.78
08/31/2323-023Auto Mall Master Vehicle PurchaseRoute 23 Auto Mall, LLC.$ 608,586.00
08/16/2323-022Mall Chevrolet Master Vehicle PurchaseMall Chevrolet, Inc.$ 195,471.70
08/11/2323-034CCTV Commuter Rail Broad St., Orange, and PatersonAltura Communication Solutions LLC$ 518,745.28
08/11/2322-059XNewark Penn Station Chiller ReplacementJohn O’Hara Company Inc.$ 4,620,756.32
07/28/2324-601Cyber Security Consulting Services 7/1/23 – 6/30/24Secure Technology Integration Group, LTD$ 935,181.90
07/19/2323-051"Purchase of One (1) Replacement Light Rescue/Mini Pumper Vehicle"Fire & Safety Services, Ltd.$ 456,732.30
07/14/2323-026Egg Harbor Roof ReplacementJP Patti Tecta America LLC$ 4,137,800.00
07/13/2323-001Purchase and Installation of CCTV Camera Upgrade at Secaucus Junction StationDynamic Security LLC$ 786,443.95
07/12/2323-616Purchase of Three CAT 420EIT Backhoes to Replace Outlived EquipmentFoley Inc.$ 491,752.00
07/11/2323-613Multi-Level Phase III Camera ProjectRailhead Corporation$ 5,500,691.90
07/05/2322-068Improving Safety and Security via Video Analytics in the Age of COVID19 & BeyondZensors Inc.$ 324,980.00
06/29/2322-064Unarmed Security Guard ServicesGateway Security, Inc.$ 49,356,831.97
06/28/2323-305Vehicle Lift Service and RepairsStertil-Koni USA, Inc.$ 259,259.53
06/20/2322-635ALP45 DP Locomotive Main Engine OverhaulFoley-Caterpillar, Inc.$ 34,707,589.98
06/20/2323-302Audio Visual Event Recording (AVER) SystemsSamsara, Inc.$ 2,996,400.00
06/15/230000006Commerical Insurance Broker Consultant ServicesMarsh USA, Inc.$ 1,149,663.43
06/01/2322-049Electronic Medical Records SystemCority Software Inc.$ 489,411.49
06/01/2323-627Emergency Generator for Howell GarageFoley Inc.$ 530,591.00
05/15/2323-029Contracting Out Union Mini-bus Service – PBE – Interim Limited PeriodSuburban Trails, Inc.$ 1,334,498.58
05/08/2322-053Third-Party Internal Auditing ServicesExperis US LLC$ 0.00
04/28/2323-033Purchase of Tenable SoftwareSHI International Corp.$ 649,249.54
04/25/2323-028BriefCam Video Analytics SoftwareSafeware Inc.$ 708,164.70
04/17/2323-022Mall Chevrolet Master Vehicle PurchaseMall Chevrolet, Inc.$ 216,728.50
04/05/2323-022Mall Chevrolet Master Vehicle PurchaseMall Chevrolet, Inc.$ 393,536.29
03/29/2322-010R Group ACable, Conduit and Pull Boxes (Group A)The Okonite Company, Inc.$ 849,561.00
03/27/2322-303Removal and Recycling of Used FiltersClean Harbors Environmental Services$ 265,125.00
03/20/2322-022Two (2) 16-Foot body and Hi-Rail Gear Knuckle Crane TruckAutomotive Rentals$ 652,634.00
03/08/2322-043Warren Mini-Bus ServiceDelaware River Coach Lines, Inc.$ 1,833,445.21
03/06/2321-063ADA Paratransit Services - Region 5 (Essex, Union, Somerset, Morris, and parts of Hudson Counties)Easton Coach Company$ 110,958,918.00
02/28/2321-044RZero Emissions Bus System Design and Investment Planning StudyZEBGO NJ (Joint Venture made up of WSP/STV)$ 9,495,541.06
02/24/2322-010R-BPurchase of Cable, Conduit & Pull Boxes - Group BTurtle & Hughes, Inc.$ 1,121,850.00
02/23/2322-010R-CPurchase of Cable, Conduit & Pull Boxes - Group CTurtle & Hughes, Inc.$ 270,790.40
02/23/2323-009HBLR Bayonne Branch Security CCTV Camera UpgradesSafeguards Technology LLC$ 427,777.00
02/09/2323-014Software and Operational Support for PTC for Norfolk Southern's I-ETMS SystemPrinceton Consultants, Inc.$ 429,000.00
01/27/2322-067XHoboken Terminal Substructure RepairsDMR Construction Services, Inc.$ 4,811,941.00
01/23/2322-037Rehabilitation of Roseville Tunnel and Associated Trackbed WorkKS Engineers, P.C.$ 4,369,056.40
01/03/2323-607Mainframe Code Migration to Insight Public SectorInsight Public Sector Incorporation$ 3,024,270.73
12/22/2221-059Newark Penn Station Distributed Generation (DG)WSP USA, Inc.$ 1,636,813.17
12/06/2222-634AMiscellaneous Track MaterialA & K Railroad Materials Inc.$ 2,785,049.67
12/05/2222-021Final Design, Engineering and Other Technical Services for the Maplewood Bus Operator's Facility and Parking ProjectSystra Consulting Inc.$ 1,340,891.24
12/05/2223-618Data Analytic Services FY22-F23ASB Resources, LLC$ 247,624.00
11/18/2221-065BHuman Resources Task Order Contract - General Professional ServicesUS Tech Solutions, Inc.$ 0.00
11/18/2221-064CHuman Resources Task Order Contract - General Professional ServicesGuidehouse Inc.$ 0.00
11/18/2223-011National Auto Fleet Master Vehicle PurchaseNational Auto Fleet Group$ 980,657.18
11/16/2222-011Access Link Brokerage Platform Assessment and Planning StudyKFH Group Inc.$ 984,115.44
11/15/2222-070Purchase of Sixty-Two (62) Chargepoint, or Equal, Charging StationsTimothy P Bryan Electric Co Inc.$ 284,109.00
10/28/2221-062AHuman Resources Task Order Contract – Recruitment ServicesAltech Services Inc.$ 0.00
10/28/2221-064AHuman Resources Task Order Contract - General Professional ServicesSage Group Technologies Inc.$ 0.00
10/27/2221-062CHuman Resources Task Order Contract – Recruitment ServicesChristlie G. Consulting LLC$ 0.00
10/27/2220-0675 YEAR LEASE OF Thirty-two (32) Prius Prime 5 Door FWD HatchbackPrinciple Merchants Leasing, Ltd$ 361,837.84
10/27/2221-064BHuman Resources Task Order Contract - General Professional ServicesChristlie G. Consulting LLC$ 0.00
10/27/2221-065CHuman Resources Task Order Contract - Professional Employer Organization ServicesChristlie G. Consulting LLC$ 0.00
10/26/2221-062BHuman Resources Task Order Contract – Recruitment ServicesMicro-Data Systems Inc.$ 0.00
10/25/2222-024Purchase of Eighty-five (85) Portable Column Lift SystemsStertil-Koni USA$ 5,959,074.89
10/24/2222-050Purchase of Aerial Platform Trucks for Rail OperationsElliott Equipment Company$ 999,548.00
10/21/2222-06016 Passenger Ford E-450 Cutaway Mini-BusShepard Bros., Inc.$ 459,948.00
10/21/2223-610Oracle Advanced Monitoring and Resolution BundleDLT SOLUTIONS, LLC$ 386,834.30
10/18/2220-0665 YEAR LEASE OF TWENTY-FIVE (25) F-350 XL 4x4 Super Cab (3-Man)Principle Merchants Leasing, Ltd.$ 603,411.29
10/13/2223-602Purchase and Installation of New Transformer at the East End of the Locomotive ShopAmerican Electrical Testing Inc.$ 241,907.00
10/04/2222-004Purchase of Concrete CrosstiesRocla Concrete Ties, Inc.$ 1,421,000.00
09/30/2222-008Fixed Asset Inventory ServicesHCA Asset Management LLC$ 499,120.00
09/21/2222-057Procurement Consulting ServicesCalyptus Consulting Group Inc.$ 237,792.00
09/16/2222-016FConsulting Services for Undergrade Bridge Inspections -Fixed BridgesTranSystems Corporation$ 1,000,257.22
09/16/2222-016BConsulting Services for Undergrade Bridge Inspections -Fixed BridgesMichael Baker International Inc.$ 1,131,256.07
09/16/2222-016DConsulting Services for Undergrade Bridge Inspections -Fixed BridgesHDR Engineering, Inc.$ 1,160,261.07
09/16/2222-016EConsulting Services for Undergrade Bridge Inspections -Fixed BridgesHardesty & Hanover LLC$ 1,070,117.66
09/16/2222-016AConsulting Services for Undergrade Bridge Inspections -Fixed BridgesKS Engineers P.C.$ 1,077,343.43
09/15/2223-006Purchase of Ford Explorer and Ford Escape PHEV VehiclesGentilini Ford, Inc.$ 931,034.85
09/01/2223-301Emergency Roof Repairs for NJ Transit Bus OperationJP Patti Tecta America LLC$ 150,000.00
08/29/2222-324Rubrik Cyber Security Product & Services Project – Phase IISHI International Corporation$ 1,819,695.21
08/24/2222-041AT Northern New Jersey LLC/Mid-Atlantic TruckPurchase of Line Welder Trucks$ 877,809.00
08/12/2221-650Rail Vehicle Wash/Cleaning On-Site MMC KearnyFleetwash Inc.$ 2,193,620.00
08/11/2223-600Aisera SI Service Desk Renewal 8/1/2022-7/31/2023SHI International Corporation$ 241,500.00
08/10/2222-642Oracle Software Maintenance Renewal 6/21/2022-6/20/2025Mythics, Inc.$ 6,842,742.60
07/28/2222-074Purchase and Installation of CCTV Equipment at Newton Ave and Washington Bus GaragesAltura Communication Solutions LLC$ 183,413.00
07/28/2222-073Camera Installation at Hamilton Rail Station and Bus GarageAltura Communication Solutions LLC$ 222,704.00
07/28/2220-0975 Year Lease Fourteen (14) F-350 XL 4x4 Super Cab (3-Man)Principle Merchants Leasing, Ltd$ 164,555.22
07/27/2222-001Emergency Incident Communications & Support ServicesAviem International, Inc.$ 1,305,500.00
07/21/2222-009XDelco Lead Storage and Inspection Facility and County Yard Improvements - GC.01Union Paving and Construction Co. Inc.$ 6,080,015.00
07/18/2222-643Meadows Maintenance Complex Diesel Exhaust Fluid Tank InstallationBlue 1 Energy Equipment$ 249,786.00
07/14/2222-640Data Center Maintenance 2/20/2022-2/20/2025NPA Computers, Inc.$ 268,200.00
07/07/2222-030Purchase of Two (2) New, Ready for Service, Railroad Tie Grapple Crane TrucksMid-Atlantic Truck$ 749,948.00
07/07/2220-611RJanitorial Services (ROC)AAA Facility Solutions LLC$ 991,373.04
07/06/2220-664AComet V and Multi Level HVAC Overhauled UnitsWestcode Corporation$ 6,407,240.40
07/01/2217-030R-DAdministration of Vision BenefitsEyeMed Vision Care LLC$ 261,190.00
06/24/2222-641Purchase of Ten (10) Air Compressors for Several NJ TRANSIT GroupsHoffman International, Inc. $ 602,154.08
06/24/2221-048AHudson County and North Hudson County Local Bus ServiceOrange Newark Elizabeth Bus Company, Inc. (ONE Bus Company), a Coach USA company$ 37,463,060.55
06/24/2221-048AHudson County Local Bus ServiceOrange Newark Elizabeth Bus Company, Inc. (ONE Bus Company), a Coach USA Company$ 37,463,060.55
06/21/2220-089XFinal Design, Construction Services, and Commissioning for the Rehabilitation of the Roseville Tunnel and Associated Track Bed WorkSchiavone Construction Co. LLC$ 32,410,490.00
06/21/2220-0289XFinal Design, Construction and Commissioning of the Roseville Tunnel Rehabilitation and Associated Track Bed WorkSchiavone Construction Co. LLC$ 32,410,490.00
06/15/2221-058Construction Management Services for NJ TRANSITGRID DGBurns Engineering, Inc.$ 4,285,978.08
06/14/2222-065Purchase and Installation of CCTV Equipment for Bayhead Rail YardCitadel Information Services, Inc.$ 166,375.00
06/14/2220-0965 Year Lease Five (5) F-150 XL 4X4 Super Cab 8ft., One (1) RAV4 Hybrid LE 4D AWD and three (3) F-350 XL 4x4 Crew Cab (6-Man)Principle Merchants Leasing, Ltd.$ 85,236.63
06/10/2221-032GP40 Diesel Loco Engine (Tier 0) UpgradeHigher Power Industries$ 1,463,316.00
06/07/2221-334Replace Fire Alarm at Washington Twp. GarageJohnson Controls Fire Protection, LP$ 1,218,380.00
06/01/2222-647Virtual Storage Annual Maintenance - 6/9/2022-6/8/2023Mainline Information Systems, Inc.$ 71,121.86
05/25/2222-045Executive Leadership Management Consultant ServicesMcKinsey & Company, Inc.$ 480,000.00
05/24/2221-030Middlesex County Local Bus ServiceSuburban Trails Inc.- a Coach USA Company$ 31,346,263.54
05/09/2222-044Purchase of Sixteen (16) Chevrolet Patrol VehiclesMall Chevrolet, Inc.$ 654,979.16
05/05/2221-016Conceptual, Preliminary and Final Design for the Bus Garage Modernization ProgramAECOM Technical Services, Inc.$ 4,330,348.50
04/29/2221-629Ticket Stock Annual Blanket AgreementNagels-North America LLC$ 5,722,588.39
04/28/2222-608Production Spiker/MOW Equipment ReplacementNordco Inc.$ 651,554.00
04/26/2222-323Smart Lighting Materials and Installation for Meadowlands Bus GarageFacility Solutions Group$ 239,500.00
04/18/2222-308Bus Washing SystemsRJP Contracting dba RJP Hotsy LLC$ 254,660.00
04/08/2219-033XRNJTRANSITGRID Distributed Generation Program Final Design, Construction and CommissioningDynamic US, Inc.$ 39,084,778.10
04/04/2222-055Tenable Vulnerability Management SoftwareSHI International Corporation$ 217,407.23
04/04/2222-628New Doublewide Office Trailer with Restrooms, Lockers w/ShowersWilliams Scotsman, Inc.$ 225,667.04
03/30/2222-636Janitorial Products and Supplies for GOBStaples Contract and Government LLC$ 77,619.58
03/24/2222-025Capital Programs Management Professional Services ContractAnthony D'Amico LLC DBA ANTHONY D'AMICO LLC$ 750,000.00
03/14/2221-057FTA Substance Abuse Management Oversight ProgramM Bonner Consulting LLC$ 962,700.00
03/10/2221-060Master Planning, Conceptual, Preliminary and Final Design, and Construction Assistance Services, for the Newark Penn Station Modernization Project- Phase 1Parsons Transportation Group Inc.$ 9,205,693.82
03/07/2221-018Capital Program Delivery Technical ExpertHKA Global, Inc.$ 860,510.06
02/28/2221-638(1) Caterpillar Model 420ST Backhoe LoaderFoley Inc.$ 456,749.60
02/24/2221-031Purchase of Two Hundred and Fifty-Eight (258) Ford Cutaway Buses for Access LinkCoach & Equipment Bus Sales Inc.$ 22,207,980.00
02/24/2221-061Design Services for Canopy, Platform and Accessibility Work at Trenton StationAECOM Technical Service, Inc.$ 1,908,594.04
02/18/2222-028XFerry Street Building 1 Roof ReplacementJ.P. Patti Tecta America LLC$ 612,600.00
02/16/2222-321One (1) Hyundai Model 30D-9 with CabModern Group, Ltd.$ 45,719.90
02/11/2222-000Pre-Employment/Current Employee Background Checks and Other Related ServicesInquiries Acquisition LLC dba Inquiries Screening$ 3,363,250.00
02/10/2222-026Aboveground Storage Tank Installation & Underground Storage Tank ClosurePureGreen Equipment Services, LLC$ 426,752.00
02/10/2221-004XHoboken Signal and Yard Power Repairs ProjectsDMR Construction Services, Inc.$ 39,970,158.63
02/07/2221-065AHuman Resources Task Order Contract - Professional Employer Organization ServicesSage Group Technologies Inc.$ 0.00
02/02/2222-632Purchase of Maintenance and Repair Services for Three (3) Caterpillar 1000 KW Generators located at NJ TRANSIT’s Marin SubstationFoley Inc.$ 97,319.70
02/01/2220-05840-Foot Battery-Electric Powered Transit BusesNew Flyer of America Inc.$ 9,429,946.59
01/28/2221-039XPerth Amboy Accessibility Improvements ConstructionHall Construction Company, Inc.$ 45,545,000.00
01/27/2220-084ADA Paratransit Service - Region 4First Transit, Inc.$ 45,930,576.00
01/24/2219-048Construction Management Services for Hoboken Signal and Yard Power RepairsAECOM$ 4,172,187.53
01/18/2221-049XHoboken Electrical RepairsDMR Construction Services, Inc.$ 3,451,962.00
01/12/2222-318Two (2) Hyundai Model 30D-9 6,000lb Diesel Ride on ForkliftModern Group, Ltd.$ 81,537.60
01/06/2221-622Scrap Tie Removal Ray's Transportation, Inc.$ 1,530,000.00
12/30/2122-626"Bucket of hours" work order for e-builderE-builder, Inc.$ 58,323.20
12/23/2120-083XPortal North Bridge ProjectSkanska Traylor PNB JV$ 1,559,993,000.00
12/09/2121-348Bentech Barrier Systems and NABI Bus Driver Protection DoorsThe Philadelphia Pipe Bending Company dba Bentech Inc.$ 1,103,952.00
12/08/2120-099XNorth Jersey Coastline Signage Restoration ProjectBergen Sign Company$ 230,104.98
12/08/2121-026NJ Transit Sustainability PlanHDR Engineering, Inc.$ 620,884.21
11/23/2122-304Rubrik Cyber Security Product & ServicesSHI International Corporation$ 985,712.00
11/17/2122-624E-Builder License Renewale-Builder Inc.$ 160,801.38
11/04/2122-015Purchase & Installing of CCTV Equipment at 21 RL StationsAltura Communications Solution$ 246,450.50
11/04/2120-622Secaucus Rail Station: Facility Maintenance, Operations and Management Services ContractMeridian Property Services, Inc.$ 24,405,373.00
10/28/2121-046Super Boom Trucks for NJ Transit Rail OperationsMid Atlantic Truck Centre Inc.$ 969,054.00
10/22/2122-618Conference Room Upgrade Phase 4SHI International Corporation$ 242,507.00
10/08/2122-309Lift-Koni 4 Post for Washington Bus GarageStertil Koni$ 51,316.99
10/06/2122-305Lift-Koni 4 Post for Hilton Bus GarageStertil Koni$ 51,316.99
10/06/2122-621Oracle EBS ConsultingDLT Solutions LLC$ 69,939.30
10/06/2122-300(2) Koni 6 Post Lift with WarrantyStertil Koni$ 135,762.56
09/24/2122-619Mainframe Hardware ReplacementMainline Information Systems, Inc.$ 406,721.71
09/16/2121-047XDemolition of Old Boiler HouseTwo Brothers Contracting, Inc.$ 687,349.00
09/16/2120-044Construction Management Services for the Perth Amboy Station Accessibility Improvements ProjectKS Engineers$ 4,233,966.21
09/13/2122-600Virtual Maintenance and SupportVion Corporation$ 247,000.00
09/10/2121-636Purchase of the Genie Z30/20N RJ for the Newark Light RailFoley Inc.$ 65,665.00
09/10/2121-027Signals and Communications Resilience Program - Bin-Type Retaining Wall SystemsContech Engineered Solutions$ 352,160.00
09/09/2122-604Elevator Maintenance and Repairs at Newark HQTK Elevator Corporation$ 186,000.00
09/02/2120-639FPurchase of Miscellaneous Track MaterialRocla Concrete Tie Inc.$ 720,000.00
09/02/2120-639CPurchase of Miscellaneous Track MaterialEvertrak LLC$ 4,232,392.00
09/02/2122-610E-Bidder Additional Licensese-Builder Inc.$ 95,580.05
09/02/2120-320Bottled Spring WaterFederal Equipment And Manufacturing$ 1,604,820.00
09/01/2120-334Painting and Body Repair Service of Automobiles and Light Duty VehiclesLusamer Auto Body$ 1,557,620.00
09/01/2120-639DPurchase of Miscellaneous Track MaterialOmega Industries$ 2,211,300.00
08/30/2121-322Software Solutions to Manage Daily Bid Operations & Timekeeping for Bus OperationsGiro Inc.$ 3,906,745.00
08/18/2121-608Rail CWR 240,000 FeetLB Foster Company$ 5,994,600.12
08/13/2121-652Purchase of Three (3) Volvo L110H Long Boom Wheel Loaders for Rail OperationsHoffman International, Inc.$ 851,955.00
08/12/2121-320MSSP Services 9/15/2020- 10/31/2021Secure Technology Integration Group$ 450,000.00
08/04/2121-621Lead Monitoring & Technical ServicesMcCabe Environmental Services LLC$ 318,600.00
08/03/2122-602WHATSUP Gold Software RenewalSHI International Corp.$ 73,535.58
08/03/2121-351(1) Diesel 8,000 lb. ride on forkliftModern Group, Ltd.$ 55,047.89
08/02/2120-602Facility Maintenance and Management Services Contract Newark Broad Street Station & Plaza AreaCore Facility Services LLC$ 382,508.00
07/23/2120-623Facility Maintenance, Operations and Management Services for Trenton Transit CenterMeridian Property Services Inc.$ 8,678,868.00
07/23/2121-052Information Security Equipment For State of Good RepairSHI International Corp.$ 1,719,842.94
07/12/2121-656Annual Maintenance For Virtual Storage 6/9/2021 - 6/8/2022Mainline Information Systems Inc.$ 70,770.78
07/02/2121-302RDiesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)PPC Lubricants$ 1,518,300.00
07/01/2121-349Server Upgrades at EOC and Camden Bus OperationsActivu Corporation$ 65,884.78
06/30/2121-660Installation of Software and Hardware at the Bloomfield Train Station (NLR Wi-Fi))Raj Technologies Inc.$ 252,136.50
06/29/2121-036Plasma Cutting System for Central Maintenance FacilityKiffer Ind. Inc. D.B.A. AKS Cutting Systems$ 358,220.00
06/29/2121-347One (1) 6 Column Koni LiftStertil Koni$ 72,381.28
06/24/2119-043RConcept Development Through Final Engineering Design and Construction Support Services for South SummitGannett Fleming, Inc.$ 1,594,337.14
06/23/2120-004Purchase of Thirty-Five (35) Low Floor Extended Cutaway Minibuses with LiftAlliance Bus Group$ 2,297,595.00
06/22/2121-010Purchase of Eleven (11) New 2021 or Newer SUV or Crossover VehiclesBrian Hoskins Ford$ 514,195.00
06/14/2120-631XAGeneral Contractor Services for NJ TRANSIT Facilities - General Contracting ServicesFederal Equipment & Manufacturing Co. Inc. (FEMCO)$ 345,244.00
06/14/2121-034NJ Transit Police Department Replacement Vehicles72 Hour LLC dba National Auto Fleet Group$ 80,557.08
06/10/2121-613Rail Car MoverRailquip, Inc.$ 179,518.00
06/10/2120-639EPurchase of Miscellaneous Track MaterialProgress Rail Services$ 630,000.00
06/10/2120-639HPurchase of Miscellaneous Track Materialvoestalpine Railway Systems Nortrak LLC. (Nortrak)$ 293,000.00
05/28/2121-635LED Lighting Upgrades for Stations along the Atlantic City LineFacility Solutions Group$ 262,035.89
05/28/2120-330Generator Preventative Maintenance, Service and MonitoringG.M.H Associates Of America Inc.$ 123,740.00
05/26/2115-032 Artwork for Market Street Bus Garage, Paterson, NJ - Lobby WallsKatherine Hack- Artist$ 95,675.00
05/26/2121-335Koni Lift with Extended WarrantyStertil-Koni$ 48,034.96
05/26/2115-032AArtwork for Market Street Bus Garage, Paterson, NJ - Exterior Wall Tim Gaydos - Artist$ 100,000.00
05/26/2115-032EArtwork for Market Street Bus Garage, Paterson, NJ - Lobby FloorAnne Oshman Mosaics - Artist$ 58,950.00
05/20/2120-063Facility Inspections and Condition Assessment Services for Fiscal Years 2021 through 2023Gannett Fleming, Inc.$ 4,925,333.81
05/13/2121-033Heavy Rescue Vehicles Replacement ProjectFire & Safety Services, Ltd.$ 2,114,610.63
05/12/2121-342Phase 3 Conference Room UpgradeSHI International Corporation$ 249,776.00
05/07/2120-050Conceptual, Preliminary and Final Design, Engineering and Construction Assistance Services for the Northern Maintenance of Way (MOW) Facility ProjectSTV Incorporated$ 2,743,953.26
04/30/2121-642Integration Partnership Corp. - Network Resiliency ProjectIntegration Partners Corporation$ 77,746.50
04/29/2120-091X150 Bus Shelters InstallationHandi-Hut, Inc.$ 1,751,932.00
04/27/2121-043Purchase of one (1) Ford F350 Extended Crew Cab Diesel Pickup Truck w/Snowplow72 Hour LLC dba National Auto Fleet Group$ 55,438.00
04/27/2121-029Purchase of Seventeen (17) Chevrolet Patrol VehiclesMall Chevrolet, Inc.$ 619,018.93
04/13/2120-665NJ Transit Light Rail Stations Elevator Preventive Maintenance And Repair AgreementEagle Elevator Company, Inc.$ 493,272.00
04/07/2120-018Monmouth County Area Local Bus ServiceTransdev Services Inc.$ 21,335,860.57
04/02/2118-034Revenue Processing and Armored Car ServicingWells Fargo Bank N.A.$ 14,043,448.56
03/22/2121-012Purchase of three (3) Heavy Duty Truck, 50T Wrecker Tow Truck for BusGabrielli Truck Sales LTD$ 909,349.00
03/19/2121-019Ferry Street Building 3 RoofingJ.P. Patti Tecta America LLC$ 746,976.00
03/10/2121-634Annual E-Builder Subscription Fee Coverage 11/15/2020 thru 11/14/2021e-Builder Inc.$ 134,046.95
03/05/2121-633Carpet Restock of Shaw Mesh Weave Color MidnightHannon Floor Covering Corporation$ 74,148.68
03/04/2121-028Long Beach Township VehiclesCreative Bus Sales, Inc.$ 159,904.00
03/01/2121-632Supply and Deliver Copy Paper and Office Supplies to HQ and GOB, Including Delivery to each of the 10 Floors at Penn Plaza.Staples Contract & Commercial LLC$ 74,757.67
02/23/2120-631XBGeneral Contractor Services for NJ TRANSIT Facilities - Plumbing ServicesJMTK, LLC dba Rand Plumbing$ 99,753.00
02/23/2120-631XCGeneral Contractor Services for NJ TRANSIT Facilities - Electrical ServicesTimothy P. Bryan Electric Co. Inc.$ 212,500.00
02/23/2119-064ADA Paratransit Service in Region 6First Transit$ 47,065,332.00
02/16/2120-049AP3 Financial Advisory Services TOCErnst & Young Infrastructure Advisors LLC$ 0.00
02/16/2120-049BP3 Financial Advisory Services TOCPFM Financial Advisors$ 0.00
02/12/2121-003XNewark Penn Station Bus Lane Paving & Drainage ImprovementGreen Construction , Inc.$ 1,060,060.00
02/10/2120-049DP3 Financial Advisory Services TOCKPMG LLP$ 0.00
02/05/2121-330SPOK - Project Equipment Upgrade at the Police Control CentersSpok, Inc.$ 226,122.00
02/03/2120-062Program Management Office (PMO) Oversight of the NJ TRANSIT State of Good Repair Program (NJTSGRP)Urban Engineers, Inc.$ 3,783,180.00
01/26/2121-328Solarwinds Optimization ProjectRaj Technologies Inc.$ 49,500.00
01/26/2120-057Purchase Of Nine (9) F150 2021 Pick-Up TrucksCharles S. Winner Inc.$ 373,050.00
01/20/2120-052Real Estate Administration and Management Services: Leases, Licenses Use and Occupancy Permits and Parking Operating AgreementsGreystone & Co. Inc. d/b/a Greystone Management Solutions$ 2,353,178.00
01/08/2119-056Construction Management Services for the Market Street Bus Garage RehabilitationTishman Construction Corporation of New Jersey DBA AECOM Tishman$ 2,857,155.00
01/08/2119-021XMarket Street Bus Garage Rehabilitation ProjectDMR Construction Services, Inc.$ 18,319,341.23
12/30/2019-616Rail Conductor UniformsAction Uniform Co., LLC$ 4,059,933.00
12/30/2020-624Purchase of Comet Disc RotorsUTC/RAS$ 2,317,896.00
12/23/2021-318S64 T4 Bobcat Skid Steer LoaderClark Equipment Company$ 53,402.76
12/18/2019-011XTraction Power Circuit Breaker Replacement Project on the Morris & Essex LineAsplundh Construction, LLC$ 30,825,671.06
12/16/2021-616Netscout- AWS Cloud Implementation ProjectInsight Public Sector, Inc. (Insight)$ 281,388.91
12/11/2021-624SPOK – Equipment Installation for Integration of Northern and Southern Bus Control Operation CentersSpok, Inc.$ 433,397.00
12/11/2021-312One (1) John Deere 310L Backhoe Loader with enclosed cabJesco Inc.$ 119,410.40
12/11/2021-305One (1) John Deere 310L Backhoe Loader with enclosed cabJesco Inc.$ 102,442.28
12/09/2020-007Efficient Lighting at the Meadows Maintenance Complex (MMC) and the Newark Bus Complex (NBC)Facility Solutions Group, Inc. (FSG)$ 55,273.29
12/08/2021-007Access Control and AlarmsEastec Inc.$ 150,000.00
11/30/2020-038XLyndhurst Station Delafield Avenue & Court Street, Lyndhurst, New JerseyAnselmi & DeCicco, Inc$ 18,515,195.63
11/18/2020-338Maintenance and Repairs of NJ Transit Bus WashersInterClean Equipment, LLC$ 249,950.00
11/12/2020-027Construction Management Services for the Lyndhurst Train Station Replacement ProjectUrban Engineers, Inc.$ 2,832,507.02
11/12/2021-013Information Technology CCTV Equipment/Installation Atlantic City Bus TerminalAltura Communication Solutions$ 671,521.73
11/11/2021-309Purchase and Installation of Microsoft TeamsSHI International Corporation$ 246,654.00
11/11/2021-614WTI Console Servers and PDU Combo ServersSHI International Corporation$ 46,656.00
11/10/2020-060XElectric Bus Infrastructure Newton Ave Bus GarageScalfo Electric, Inc.$ 3,235,000.00
11/06/2020-068XNew Brunswick Rail Station Escalator Upgrades ProjectRML Construction$ 2,596,277.00
11/05/2020-610HVAC and Related Systems Service, Maintenance and Repair, Located at NJ TRANSIT’S Rail Operations CenterGeorge S. Hall, Inc.$ 1,330,487.08
11/05/2021-005HS-17 NYLR Virtual Tracking System HVACAltura Communication Solutions$ 45,744.84
11/05/2021-006NJT Lakewood Bus Terminal, Purchase and Installation of 30 IP CCTV CamerasMillennium Communications Group$ 120,345.00
11/05/2019-052Preliminary and Final Design, Engineering and Construction Assistance Services for the Central Concourse at New York Pennsylvania StationFX Collaborative Architects LLP$ 4,121,041.98
11/05/2021-002Purchase of 854 GPS Units Monitoring, Removal and InstallingSHI International Corp.$ 207,210.00
11/05/2021-008Purchase of Two (2) Boom Dump TrucksMid-Atlantic Truck Centre Inc.$ 677,261.00
11/05/2019-063ADA Paratransit Service in Region 3Easton Coach Company$ 14,235,059.00
11/02/2021-310Rental of Snow Removal EquipmentHerc Rentals$ 49,687.00
10/30/2021-617Purchase of Samsara GPS and Monthly Vehicle ReportsCDW-G LLC$ 245,315.00
10/16/2021-308Managed Security ServicesSecure Technology Integration Group Ltd.$ 300,000.00
10/14/2018-015Construction Management Services for the Raritan River Bridge Replacement ProjectAECOM/Mott McDonald JV$ 33,953,533.95
10/12/2020-662Purchase of Two (2) Mobile Generators for the NJT Electrical Engineering DepartmentFoley Inc.$ 742,896.00
10/01/2021-300Purchase of One (1) Tennant M20 Sweeper/Scrubber Grainger Inc.$ 70,489.39
09/22/2019-051XPreliminary and Final Design Engineering and Construction Assistance Service for the New Northern Bus Maintenance FacilityGannett Fleming$ 1,105,509.23
09/18/2020-047xNorth Bergen Park & Ride West Side Avenue Lot Soil Removal PlanKyle Conti Construction LLC$ 3,773,773.00
09/18/2021-610New Jersey Transit Phase 1 Wireless Infrastructure Upgrade Project EquipmentRaj Technologies Inc.$ 129,507.43
09/14/2020-617Blended Ice Melting PelletsEast Coast Salt Distribution$ 1,160,559.20
09/10/2021-606Oracle Support for Licenses & HardwareMythics, Inc.$ 2,016,802.33
09/08/2020-630BRail Passenger Cars and Locomotive Wheels and AxlesUTCRAS LLC$ 2,692,923.68
09/08/2020-630ARail Passenger Cars and Locomotive Wheels and AxlesAlstom Transportation Inc.$ 5,696,274.96
09/04/2020-022Consulting Services for Bus System Network RedesignTransportation Management & Design Inc. (TMD)$ 749,923.50
08/20/2020-630CRail Passenger Cars and Locomotive Wheels and AxlesORX Railway Corporation$ 123,732.00
08/20/2021-607DLT - Oracle Advanced Monitoring & Resolution (AM&R) Annual RenewalDLT Solutions LLC$ 400,834.30
08/20/2020-051Purchase of the Professional Services for Technical Innovation Advisory Under Technical InnovationAbacus Services Corporation$ 150,743.25
08/19/2019-040EConsulting Services for Undergrade Bridge InspectionsHDR Engineering, Inc.$ 1,096,281.51
08/14/2020-023XNewark Light Rail - Military Park Stair #15 Replacement ProjectSparwick Contracting, Inc.$ 150,250.00
08/14/2015-049Construction Management Services for Delco Lead Storage and Inspection Facility and County Yard ImprovementsUrban-Engineers – AECOM Tishman Joint Venture$ 2,108,080.00
08/14/2020-305RAmerex Bus Fire Suppression System MaintenanceJersey Coast Fire Equipment Co.$ 1,278,373.23
08/13/2021-605Purchase of Janitorial Products & Supplies for GOBStaples Contract & Commercial LLC$ 77,841.94
08/13/2020-657New Doublewide Office trailer with Restrooms, Lockers w/Showers and Removal of Existing BuildingWilliams Scotsman, Inc.$ 249,230.00
08/07/2019-040FConsulting Services for Undergrade Bridge InspectionsHardesty & Hanover, LLC$ 757,353.83
07/29/2021-600Samsara Software Phase 2CDW LLC$ 170,060.00
07/29/2020-042XBOUND BROOK TRAIN STATION ROOF REPLACEMENTPravco, Inc.$ 296,420.00
07/20/2020-090Purchase of one 2020 RAM 3500 Chassis Cab, Tradesman 4WD Crew Cab72 Hour LLC DBA National Auto Fleet Group$ 122,637.18
07/20/2020-082Purchase of Tractor with Platform Body and TrailerMid-Atlantic Truck Centre Inc.$ 139,392.00
07/20/2020-095One (1) Low boy tractor with hydraulicsMid-Atlantic Truck Centre Inc.$ 168,257.50
07/17/2020-343Purchase of one (1) Stertil Koni Model ST1085, 6 columns, Earthlift, wireless, 18,500 Lbs.Stertil Koni$ 72,051.76
07/15/2019-026XFormer Madison Avenue Garage Remedial ConstructionVollers Excavation & Construction, Inc.$ 489,610.35
07/02/2019-053Purchase of Thirty-Two (32) Medium Duty Buses w/LiftRohrer Bus Sales$ 2,186,281.00
06/30/2020-005XRaritan River Bridge Replacement Project - General Construction Contract (GC.01) Perth Amboy and South Amboy, New JerseyGeorge Harms Construction Co., Inc.$ 247,945,055.49
06/29/2019-039Consulting Services for Systemwide Undergrade Railroad Culvert Inventory and InspectionsKS Engineers$ 1,415,624.00
06/29/2020-002Health & Welfare Plans General Consultant ServicesKorn Ferry (US)$ 2,147,279.00
06/25/2018-614ACustodial Services-Atlantic City Rail Line (Northern Stations)Industrial Commercial Cleaning Group, Inc. (ICCG)$ 193,323.60
06/25/2018-614BCustodial Services-Atlantic City Rail Line NJ TRANSIT (Southern Stations)Industrial Commercial Cleaning Group, Inc. (ICCG)$ 193,323.60
06/15/2018-605Arrow III Main InductorsHitran Corporation$ 3,221,279.00
06/15/2020-341Stertil Koni lift model Skylift 78,000 Lbs. SKY 250 Surface MountedStertil Koni$ 154,985.24
06/09/2019-068Bergen County Local Bus ServiceCommunity Transportation Inc.$ 29,092,249.00
06/05/2019-050XNewark Light Rail, Newark Penn Station Storm Protection SystemSparwick Contracting, Inc$ 646,895.00
05/28/2018-613ACustodial Services-North Jersey Coast Line-Northern and Southern Stations. Group AAAA Facility Solutions LLC$ 576,000.00
05/28/2020-339Purchase of Stertil Koni Lift Model Skylift 78,000 Lbs.Stertil Koni$ 154,985.24
05/27/2020-325Purchase of 8,000 lb. Capacity Forklift for Hoboken Car ShopModern Group, Ltd.$ 48,357.38
05/22/2020-656Repair of Cooling Towers and Fluid Coolers Electrical Conduit and Disconnects Replacement at HQTroller Electric LLC$ 83,924.49
05/18/2020-021Replacement of Mason & Building 9 Substation Oversight AdvisorAmerican Electrical Testing$ 473,238.08
05/08/2020-080Purchase of the Wildwood Bus Terminal CCTV Upgrades & InstallationMillennium Communications Group$ 412,975.00
05/04/2020-653IBM Mainframe Disk ReplacementMainline Information Systems Inc.$ 250,780.32
04/30/2020-016Purchase of 3-Man Utility TrucksBrian Hoskins Ford$ 804,545.00
04/30/2020-015Nine (9), 6-Man Utility TrucksCharles S Winner Inc.$ 496,066.00
04/29/2020-019Quinquennial StudyGuidehouse LLP$ 540,849.44
04/28/2020-642Annual Maintenance for Oracle DBDLT Solutions LLC$ 318,898.21
04/27/2018-003Construction Management Services for the Hoboken Long Slip Fill & Rail Enhancement ProjectSTV, Inc.$ 16,443,810.16
04/16/2020-065Purchase of IT CCTV EquipmentWebhouse Inc.$ 609,905.00
04/16/2020-037P3 Financial Advisory Services for the NJ TRANSIT GRID ProjectPiper Sandler & Co.$ 1,600,000.00
04/09/2020-069Wildwood Bus Terminal CCTV Upgrades, Wildwood, NJMillennium Communications Group$ 54,876.99
04/08/2019-309Vehicle Lifts Inspection, Repair, and Preventative Maintenance ContractPermadur Industries, Inc. dba Sissco Material Handling$ 90,376.00
04/01/2019-058XPrinceton Junction Train Station Concrete Platform Repairs & Installation of Tactile Warning SurfaceDMR Construction Services, Inc.$ 495,534.00
03/31/2020-322Purchase of Three (3) Stertil Koni Lift Model No. ST-1085-2FRA for Wayne Garage LocationStertil Koni$ 144,105.39
03/31/2020-648Purchase of Copy Paper For NJ TRANSIT's Headquarters and the General Office BuildingStaples Contract & Commercial LLC$ 74,757.67
03/31/2020-333Purchase of One (1) Stertil Koni Lift Model No. ST-1085-2FRA for Greenville Garage LocationStertil Koni$ 48,035.13
03/31/2020-644660 Gallon Diesel Exhaust Fluid Aboveground Storage Tanks for Meadows Maintenance Complex & Hoboken YardPuregreen Equipment Services LLC dba Blue1 Energy Equipment$ 23,926.67
03/31/2020-647Purchase of Carpet Shaw Mesh Weave 54458, color Midnight 58501Hannon Floors$ 74,148.68
03/30/2020-324Investigate and Repair Roof Leaks in NJ Transit’s Bus Operation Facilities StatewideJ.P. Patti Tecta America LLC$ 70,000.00
03/16/2020-328Purchase of One (1) Stertil Koni Lift Model no. ST-1085-3FRA (6 columns) and Two (2) Stertil Koni Lift Model no. ST-1085-2FRA (4 columns) FairviewStertil Koni$ 168,122.29
03/16/2020-329Purchase of One (1) Stertil Koni Lift Model no. ST-1085-3FRA (6 columns) and Two (2) Stertil Koni Lift Model no. ST-1085-2FRA (4 columns) MMCStertil Koni$ 168,122.29
03/16/2020-327Fleet-Related Maintenance Equipment, Supplies, Service and Inventory Management SolutionsStertil Koni$ 77,828.80
03/16/2020-331Purchase of Falcon RME Asphalt Hot Patcher Dump TrailerMcGrath Municipal Equipment, LLC$ 40,687.00
03/13/2020-627Oracle Advanced Monitoring & Resolution (AMR Renewal)DLT Solutions LLC$ 422,184.93
03/13/2020-628DLT Time & Material – Oracle EBS SupportDLT Solutions LLC$ 372,230.64
03/13/2018-613BCustodial Services-North Jersey Coast Line-Northern and Southern Stations - Group BComplete Building Maintenance Services, Inc.$ 45,150.00
03/10/2019-067Newark Light Rail Tunnel Structural MappingAdvanced Infrastructure Design Inc. (AIDI) Newark Light Rail Tunnel Structural Mapping$ 160,193.75
03/10/2020-640Janitorial Products and Supplies for NJ Transit's HeadquartersStaples Contract & Commercial$ 78,148.25
03/10/2020-640Janitorial Products and Supplies for NJ Transit's HeadquartersStaples Contract & Commercial$ 78,148.25
03/06/2019-062xPainting of Undergrade Bridges 37.94 Over Mine Brook, Far Hill and 40.82 &41.99 Over Peapack River Gladstone Branch Somerset County, NJAllied Painting, Inc.$ 538,000.00
02/28/2020-629Imperva Incapsula EnterpriseEverSec Group, Inc.$ 41,492.00
02/27/2018-303CSnow Plowing and Salting Services for the NJ TRANSIT Lakewood Terminal in Lakewood, NJEvergreen Consolidated LLC$ 45,750.00
02/25/2018-303ASnow Removal & Salting Svcs No. Bergen Park & Ride, Vince Lombardi Park & Ride & Weehawken Bus LotClarke Moynihan Landcaping and Construction LLC$ 293,075.00
02/25/2018-303DSnow Removal and Salting Services for the Wayne Transit Center and Mother's Park and RideClarke Moynihan Landscaping and Construction LLC$ 165,130.00
02/21/2020-033Total Solutions for Law EnforcementRailhead Corporation$ 4,305,650.00
02/21/2020-606Safety Shoe ProgramSaf-Gard Safety Shoe Co.$ 1,046,325.00
02/21/2020-041Purchase of One (1) 2020 Ford f450 Cab & Chassis Crew Cab 4X4Winner Ford$ 97,833.00
02/21/2020-048Purchase of The Professional Services Electrical Work HS17 Virtual Tracker ProjectAltura Communication Solutions$ 499,800.00
02/21/2019-308HVAC: Inspection, Repair, Preventative Maintenance ContractPDM Group$ 212,018.91
02/12/2020-635Greenville Garage UST Upgrade ActivitiesA & J Construction Company$ 185,485.00
02/07/2018-303BSnow Plowing & Salting Services for Howell Park & Ride and Old Bridge Park & RideBrothers Exterior LLC$ 52,650.00
01/29/2018-615Facility Maintenance Services Contract Newark Penn Station, Newark Light Rail MezzanineGeorge S. Hall Inc.$ 25,864,508.00
01/17/2018-311B-1Emergency Response: Group BPSC Industrial Holding Corporation$ 207,285.80
01/17/2018-311A-2Emergency Response: Group APSC Industrial Holding Corporation$ 207,235.80
01/17/2020-618Oracle Support for Licenses and HardwareMythics, Inc.$ 2,201,045.25
01/16/2019-040BConsulting Services for Undergrade Bridge InspectionsKS Engineers, P.C.$ 1,107,402.75
01/15/2019-612FSnow Removal Services for the Raritan Valley LineComplete Maintenance Building Services, Inc.$ 68,250.00
01/15/2019-612ISnow Removal Services Northeast Corridor (C)PPW Contracting Inc.$ 72,400.00
01/15/2019-612HSnow Removal Services Northeast Corridor (B)Evergreen Consolidated LLC$ 344,430.00
01/15/2019-303BCustodial Svcs. NJT's Bus Terminals inc. Broadway, Hackensack, Irvington & Old Bridge Park & RideMaverick Building Services Inc.$ 596,342.69
01/15/2019-612CSnow Removal Services for the Morristown LineComplete Maintenance Building Services, Inc.$ 76,350.00
01/15/2019-303ACustodial Services NJ TRANSIT's Space at the Port Authority of New York and New JerseyMaverick Building Services Inc.$ 234,083.45
01/15/2019-612JSnow Removal Services Northeast Corridor (B)Evergreen Consolidated LLC$ 110,125.00
01/15/2019-612BSnow Removal Services for Main, Bergen and Pascack Valley LinesLTI Inc.$ 186,555.00
01/15/2018-626RNJ Transit Rail Flaw Testing ServicesDPR Ultrasonic Technologies LLC$ 1,037,250.00
01/15/2019-612DSnow Removal Services for Montclair-Boonton LineLTI Inc.$ 50,629.00
01/15/2019-612ASnow Removal Services for North Jersey Coast LineEvergreen Consolidated LLC$ 222,830.00
01/15/2019-612ESnow Removal Services for the Gladstone LineComplete Maintenance Building Services, Inc.$ 14,625.00
01/14/2019-061Enterprise Asset Management Program Management Office Support ServicesWSP USA Inc.$ 8,201,815.50
01/09/2019-024XMaplewood Bus Operations Control CenterFrankoski Construction Company Inc.$ 8,133,259.50
01/08/2019-040CConsulting Services for Undergrade Bridge InspectionsTranSystems Corporation$ 994,341.00
01/08/2019-040AConsulting Services for Undergrade Bridge InspectionsHNTB Corporation$ 837,000.00
01/08/2018-035XLong Slip Fill & Rail Enhancement - CSO Extension and Phase I Canal FillWalsh Construction II, LLC$ 39,573,824.00
01/07/2020-626Removal and Replacement of Existing Turnstiles at Newark HQDynamic Security LLC$ 233,144.55
01/06/2017-030R-EAdministration of COBRA BenefitsTotal Administrative Services Corporation (TASC)$ 51,715.00
01/06/2017-030R-FAdministration of FSA BenefitsTotal Administrative Services Corporation (TASC)$ 88,750.00
12/26/1919-047XRidgewood Train Station-Historic Plaque InstallationMS Signs Inc.$ 148,585.00
12/26/1919-013Oversight Advisory Services for Mason and Building 9 SubstationsBurns Engineering, Inc.$ 2,079,318.50
12/20/1919-022XNorth Jersey Coast Line Mile Post 12.70, Culvert ReplacementWalsh Construction Company II, LLC$ 2,010,010.00
12/17/1920-316Purchase of One (1) Tennant M-M20 DIESEL RIDE ON SWEEPER SCRUBBERW.W. Grainger Inc.$ 69,187.25
12/16/1920-028Siemens ACSES II Simulation SoftwareCorys Inc.$ 132,300.00
12/16/1919-008Concept Dev Through Final Eng Design & Const Spt Svc for Rehab/Rpc of Franklin Ave Brg, DenvilleDewberry Engineers Inc.$ 1,076,842.25
12/11/1920-620Replacement of Fire Panel at Howell GarageTyco Fire and Security Management Inc. dba Johnson Controls Fire Protection LP$ 98,000.00
12/10/1920-621Rental of Doublewide Modular Trailer/ADA Compliant/ Four (4) Offices and Conference Room / RestroomWilliams Scotsman, Inc.$ 42,545.81
12/06/1920-029Bus Electrification Visioning and Concept Plan DevelopmentRocky Mountain Institute$ 109,921.00
12/06/1919-046XMMC Parking ImprovementsCrisdel Group Inc.$ 5,794,319.00
12/05/1919-038Trans-Hudson Network and Contingency Planning StrategyAECOM$ 625,000.00
11/25/1919-042XGladstone Culvert Replacement MP 30.19Montana Construction Corporation Inc.$ 1,121,111.00
11/25/1920-011Capital Program and Planning ImplementationAnthony D'Amico LLC$ 500,000.00
11/13/1919-006Desktop Faxing ServicesData Network Solutions$ 332,400.00
11/12/1919-010Purchase of two (2) 60-Foot Digger Derrick TruckTerex Utilities$ 765,652.00
11/07/19AP012519Scrap Golf Cart, Scrubbers and ForkliftsMario Lucas$ 4,025.00
11/06/1919-029Professional Services for the Final Phases of Implementation of the Positive Train Control ProjectWSP USA, Inc.$ 47,402,900.00
10/24/1920-616NiceVision Smart Video Recorder System to Replace Windows 8 ServersWebhouse, Inc. (NYS Certified SDVOB)$ 551,539.00
10/18/1920-311Purchase of Two (2) Electric 3,500 lb. ForkliftsModern Group Ltd.$ 66,807.74
10/17/1919-049Purchase Of #8 Double Slip Switch Packages for Hoboken Terminal InterlockingVoestalpine Nortrak, Inc.$ 2,560,000.00
10/09/1917-030R-AAdministration of Medical BenefitsHorizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey$ 18,282,300.00
10/09/1917-030R-BAdministration of Dental BenefitsHorizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey$ 1,465,000.00
10/01/1919-607Removal and Disposal of Drummed WasteVeolia ES Technical Solutions LLC$ 238,870.00
09/27/1919-055Implementation of Comprehensive Strategic, Financial and Operational Assessments of NJ TRANSITMcKinsey & Company, Inc.$ 3,537,538.75
09/26/1917-008Construction Management Services for Bay Head SubstationsT.Y. Lin International$ 3,059,250.50
09/26/1917-026XBay Head Substation ReplacementPKF-Mark III, Inc.$ 20,657,858.00
09/23/1920-307Purchase of One (1) Diesel Ride On Sweeper/ScrubberW. W. Grainger Inc.$ 66,408.50
09/12/1920-613Installation of Six Charge Point Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in HeadquartersTimothy P. Bryan Electric Company, Inc.$ 83,700.00
09/10/1920-614Purchase of LED Retro Fit Lighting Kits for Elberon StationFacility Solutions Group$ 60,528.66
09/09/1918-610CNortheast Corridor (NEC) Janitorial Service Contract. (Groups A, B, & C) - Southern Stationind$ 346,845.84
09/09/1918-610BNortheast Corridor (NEC) Janitorial Service Contract. (Groups A, B, & C) - Central StationTUCS Cleaning Service$ 327,673.56
09/09/1918-610ANortheast Corridor (NEC) Janitorial Service Contract. (Groups A, B, & C) - Northern StationIndustrial Commercial Cleaning Group Inc.$ 322,229.62
09/06/1917-044DTOC-Construction Management ServicesAECOM Technical Services, Inc.$ 0.00
09/06/1917-044FTOC-Construction Management ServicesMcKissack Group, Inc.$ 0.00
09/06/1917-044ATOC-Construction Management ServicesHill International, Inc.$ 0.00
09/06/1917-044BTOC-Construction Management ServicesUrban Engineers, Inc.$ 0.00
09/06/1917-044ETOC-Construction Management ServicesKS Engineers, P.C.$ 0.00
09/03/1920-615DLT Solutions for Professional Services to implement Oracle's eBusiness Suite (EBS) ModulesDLT Solutions, LLC$ 853,090.56
08/27/1919-059Rail Operations Assessment & Strategic Implementation PlanFrench & Associates$ 225,000.00
08/15/1917-044TOC-Construction Management ServicesJCMS, Inc.$ 0.00
08/14/1918-002Engr & Const Asstc for the Replacement of U.G. Bridge 41.29 over Mill Rd on NJT Morristown LineGreenman-Pedersen Inc. (GPI)$ 1,091,506.50
08/13/1917-049Hudson Bergen Light Rail System-Caven Point Vehicle Base Facility-Damage Assessment & Design Svcs.Systra Consulting, Inc.$ 411,220.47
08/12/1919-608Asbestos Monitoring and Technical Services for Various NJ Transit FacilitiesATC Group Services LLC$ 350,035.00
07/26/1919-302Lease and Service of Bus TiresMichelin North America, Inc.$ 27,925,098.00
07/26/1918-306Industrial Wastewater Systems Cleaning and Waste DisposalClean Harbors Environmental Services, Inc.$ 2,593,929.25
07/24/1919-002ADA Paratransit Services - Region 2 (Burlington, Camden, Cumberland, Gloucester and Salem Counties)Easton Coach Company$ 47,824,996.00
07/22/1919-613Purchase of one (1) Catenary Inspection/Maintenance VehicleGeismar North America, Inc.$ 2,959,580.00
07/22/19SOP APO12708Scrap RailC & K Scrap Metals$ 3,156.24
07/22/1915-614Maintenance, Operations and Management Services-East End Concourse (EEC) Penn Station New YorkGeorge S. Hall, Inc.$ 4,746,562.50
07/22/19SOP APO12708SOP APO12708C & K Scrap Metals$ 3.00
07/19/1918-311B-1Emergency Response: Group BMiller Environmental Group$ 189,325.27
07/18/1918-311A-1Emergency Response: Group AMiller Environmental Group$ 189,325.27
07/16/19MDR #APO12484(1)Lot of Scrap Work Equip. beyond economic repairPeter Kapala $ 67.50
07/02/1919-014XPCB Soil Remediation Project located in Hoboken, Weehawken and Union City, New JerseyEnterprise Network Resolutions Contracting, LLC (ENR)$ 368,148.00
06/28/1919-604Bridge TimbersStella-Jones Corporation$ 67,924.60
06/25/1917-046TOC-Vertical TransportationGannett Fleming Inc.$ 0.00
06/19/1919-034Police Command VehicleLDV, Inc.$ 994,841.00
06/07/1917-047TOC-Access Link Forecasting ProgramKFH Group, Inc.$ 0.00
06/05/1918-603ATreatment & Pest Mgmt. of NJ TRANSIT'S Bus Fleet, Facilities & Terminals (Group A-No. & Central Div)Corbett Exterminating, Inc.$ 166,591.50
06/05/1918-603BTreatment & Pest Mgmt. of NJ TRANSIT'S Bus Fleet, Facilities &Terminals (Group B - Southern Div.)Corbett Exterminating, Inc.$ 37,336.25
06/04/1919-019NJ TRANSIT Professional Svcs RFP Facility Inspection & Condition Assessment Svcs. for 2019 & 2020Gannet Fleming, Inc.$ 2,057,009.25
05/31/1918-629A-1Underground & Aboveground Storage Tank Maintenance Services Group A & Group BT. Slack Environmental Services, Inc.$ 1,342,570.00
05/31/1916-629A-2Underground & Aboveground Storage Tank Maintenance Services Group A & Group BC-3 Technologies LLC$ 1,404,875.00
05/29/1918-929B-2Underground & Aboveground Storage Tank Maintenance Services Group A & Group BA&J Construction Company$ 813,800.00
05/28/1918-629B-1Underground & Aboveground Storage Tank Maintenance Services Group A & Group BDeMaio's Incorporated$ 757,862.50
05/23/1918-309Breakaway Square Tube Sign Pole Systems & Aluminum Drive RivetsU.S. Municipal Supply, Inc.$ 133,040.00
05/21/1919-610Purchase of One (1) High Production One Piece Tie Remover / InserterNordco, Inc.$ 593,849.00
05/10/1919-005Website Development On-Call ConsultantGeoDecisions, A Division of Ganett Fleming$ 0.00
05/09/1919-031Purchase of Thirty (30) Hybrid SedansHudson Motors Partnership dba Hudson Toyota$ 815,528.00
04/26/1919-004Surveying and Mapping On-Call ConsultantMichael Baker International$ 0.00
04/12/1918-008Annual Audit ServicesDeloitte & Touche LLP$ 2,987,291.00
04/08/1918-028Broker Svcs to Est Owner Controlled Ins Prog for the Portal Bridge North & Other Related Con SvcsAon Risk Services, Inc.$ 2,344,824.00
04/04/1918-001XPurchase and Installation of 150 Bus SheltersHandi-Hut Inc.$ 1,440,735.00
03/28/1918-310Bus Mechanics Uniform Rental and Laundry ServiceUniFirst Corporation$ 1,602,710.00
03/27/1916-039ATask Order Contract-Travel Demand ForecastingStantec Consulting Services, Inc.$ 0.00
03/20/1919-605Purchase of Two (2) Rough Terrain ForkliftsEndless Sales, Inc. dba Octane Forklifts$ 152,240.00
03/14/1918-624Rail: System Wide UndercuttingBalfour Beatty Infrastructure, Inc.$ 2,723,495.00
03/08/1918-612Repair of Little Giant CraneNorth American Equipment Sales Company, Inc.$ 539,372.06
03/05/1917-610Purchase of Two (2) Lag RemoversNordco, Inc.$ 1,022,416.00
03/05/1918-604Rail Prescription Safety Eyewear ProgramHoya Optical Labs of America, Inc.$ 158,430.00
02/28/1918-625Rail: System Wide Weed SprayingDeAngelo Brothers LLC$ 1,271,550.00
02/28/1918-611Badger Crane Repair (Model CD4425R)Bucyrus$ 184,425.00
02/28/1918-623Rail: Tree TrimmingIndependence Constructors Corporation$ 1,262,008.75
02/26/1919-012Communication Strategy and Marketing AgreementMWW Group, LLC$ 250,000.00
02/22/1918-032Purchase of 85 Articulated BusesNew Flyer of America, Inc.$ 65,561,540.00
02/20/1918-302Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel (ULSDF)Sprague Operating Resources, LLC$ 125,007,376.00
02/15/1917-028AConsulting Services for Undergrade Bridge Inspection-Movable BridgesHNTB Corporation$ 1,072,281.88
02/15/1917-028CConsulting Services for Undergrade Bridge Inspection-Movable BridgesHDR Engineering, Inc.$ 911,971.56
02/15/1917-028BConsulting Services for Undergrade Bridge Inspection-Movable BridgesTranSystems Corporation$ 899,892.44
02/13/1918-039Purchase of Nineteen (19) 3-Man Pickup TrucksBrian Hoskins Ford$ 597,018.94
02/07/1916-040CTask Order Contract-Transit Friendly Planning, Land Use and DevelopmentGroup Melvin Design$ 0.00
02/06/1918-301Heavy Duty Precharged Diluted Engine Antifreeze Coolant BlendDavid Weber Oil Co.$ 883,008.00
02/04/1919-601Signal Power CableThe Okonite Company$ 244,250.00
01/31/1919-016Locomotive Engineers Training ConsultantRailPros, Inc.$ 412,247.22
01/30/1916-040CTask Order Contract-Transit Friendly Planning, Land Use and DevelopmentPerkins Eastman Architects DPC$ 0.00
01/17/1919-603Skid Steer LoaderHoffman Equipment Company$ 58,702.79
01/17/19MDR AP009933-02Scrap Carts and ScrubbersMDR AP009933-02$ 1,216.12
01/04/1917-012Purchase of Multi-Level III Rail Passenger CarsBombardier Transit Corporation$ 669,072,320.00
01/04/1916-038BTask Order Contract for Bridge and Railway EngineeringHNTB Corporation$ 0.00

Procurement Awards Archive