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Procurement Awards Archive

Date Executed Contract # Contract Title Contractor Award Value
12/20/1818-042XNew Brunswick Rail Station Elevator Upgrades ProjectHall Building Corporation$ 2,979,700.00
12/18/18MDR AP009933Salt Spreaders and PlowsMDR AP009933$ 2,011.51
12/06/1818-016RPurchase of Twenty (20) Portable Electric JacksSLEC, Inc.$ 417,000.00
12/06/1816-035XROC Unit SubstationNortheast Remsco Construction$ 9,825,162.00
12/06/1818-617Rail Fire Resistant Clothing and Supply Management ProgramTyndale Enterprises, Inc.$ 668,025.00
12/05/1818-620Ballast RegulatorsProgress Rail Services$ 742,652.00
12/04/1818-621Wood ChippersModern Group Ltd.$ 440,603.00
12/04/1815-029RNewark Light Rail State of Good Repair, Phase II, 100% Engineering & DesignAECOM Technical Services$ 589,572.56
11/29/1819-025XMetropark Emergency Stair RepairAnselmi & DeCicco$ 250,000.00
11/27/1819-023Positive Train Control Alternative Schedule Preparation, Submission, and Testing Support ServicesHatch Associates Consultants$ 498,000.00
11/27/1817-043Actuarial ServicesThe SEGAL Company$ 1,367,505.00
11/21/1817-033Advertising Revenue Contractor for Out-of-Home Advertising on NJ TRANSIT...Intersection Media, LLC$ 0.00
10/31/1818-029Computer Hardware MaintenanceNPA Computers, Inc.$ 157,384.80
10/19/1817-007Construction Management Services for Hoboken Depot & Henderson Street SubstationsNaik Consulting Group, PC$ 5,780,005.50
10/18/1816-049XHoboken Depot Substation at Hoboken TerminalDMR Construction Services, Inc.$ 19,899,144.00
10/16/1818-014Outdoor Advertising Management ServicesAll Vision, LLC$ 18,847,432.00
10/12/1818-033XHoboken Ferry Terminal and Boiler System ReplacementDMR Construction Services, Inc.$ 4,830,953.00
10/12/1817-053XHenderson Street SubstationJohn O'Hara$ 18,060,638.00
10/02/18MDR #AP011411Lot of 134 Used Scrap RadiatorsMchael Miller$ 11,000.00
09/28/1817-031Banking ServicesBank of America, N.A.$ 382,114.19
09/26/1816-015XFinal Design & Construction for Platform Replacement & Station Facilities at Elizabeth Train StationAnselmi & DeCicco$ 49,273,000.00
09/26/1816-052RConstruction Mgmt. Svcs. for Platform Replacement & Station Facilities at Elizabeth Train StationWSP USA, Inc.$ 4,730,660.50
09/19/1818-024Facility Inspection and Condition Assessment Services Light RailGannet Fleming, Inc.$ 265,062.34
09/19/1818-025Facility Inspection and Condition Assessment Services Bus GaragesGannet Fleming, Inc.$ 295,806.84
09/19/1818-026Facility Inspection and Condition Assessment Services Rail StationsGannet Fleming, Inc.$ 499,717.62
09/05/1816-012Design Services for the Replacement and Construction of Undergrade Bridge 7.48 Newark DrawbridgeHNTB Corporation$ 1,106,595.25
08/31/1817-002Hudson County Area Local Bus ServiceHudson County Local Bus Service$ 44,791,960.00
08/29/1818-004RPurchase of 17 Three-Man Utility VehiclesChas S. Winner, Inc. dba Winner Ford, Inc.$ 904,494.00
08/29/1818-022Rail Maintenance Optimization & Compliance ReviewLTK Consulting Services, Inc. dba LTK Engineering Services$ 2,167,563.50
08/27/1818-037PTC Professional Support ServicesHatch Associates Consultants, Inc.$ 487,884.66
08/23/1818-009Risk Management and Insurance Broker ServicesMarsh USA, Inc.$ 1,335,000.00
08/14/1818-030Positive Train Control Training ServicesTransportation Technology Center, Inc.$ 163,481.69
08/13/1817-018XPainting of Underground Bridge 11.43 (BCL)Allied Painting, Inc.$ 237,350.00
08/02/1816-022DTOC-Station, Access, Parking & Site PlanningHNTB Corporation$ 0.00
07/24/1819-001Executive Search ServicesHarris Rand Lusk$ 225,000.00
07/03/1816-019ATOC-Environmental Consulting ServicesDewberry Engineers, Inc.$ 0.00
06/26/1816-019CTOC-Environmental Consulting ServicesBEM Systems, Inc.$ 0.00
06/26/1816-019BTOC-Environmental Consulting ServicesAKRF Inc.$ 0.00
06/25/1816-038CTask Order Contract-Bridge and Railway EngineeringHDR Engineering, Inc.$ 0.00
06/21/1816-039BTask Order Contract-Travel Demand ForecastingAECOM Technical Services, Inc.$ 0.00
06/12/1816-019DTask Order Contract-Environmental Consulting ServicesArcadis US Inc.$ 0.00
06/06/1816-038ATask Order Contract-Bridge and Railway EngineeringHardesty & Hanover, LLC$ 0.00
05/31/1818-021Purchase of 146 Mini-BusesCoach & Equipment, Inc.$ 10,535,644.00
05/23/1816-022ATOC-Station, Access, Parking & Site PlanningStantec Consulting Services, Inc.$ 0.00
05/23/1816-022CTOC-Station, Access, Parking & Site PlanningSam Schwartz Consulting LLC$ 0.00
05/10/1816-038DTask Order Contract-Bridge and Railway EngineeringModjeski & Masters, Inc.$ 0.00
04/26/1816-019ETOC-Environmental Consulting ServicesRoux Associates, Inc.$ 0.00
04/05/1816-020BTOC-Qualitative and Quantitative ResearchWidener-Burrows & Associates, Inc. dba WB&A Market Research$ 0.00
04/05/1816-020ATOC-Qualitative and Quantitative ResearchABT Associates, Inc. (formerly ABT SRBI, Inc.)$ 0.00
03/06/1816-020cTOC-Qualitative and Quantitative ResearchClarion Research, Inc.$ 0.00
03/05/1816-021ATOC-Rail Operations & Infrastructure PlanningHNTB Corporation$ 4,000,000.00
02/28/1817-006XMeadows Maintenance Complex (MMC) and Rail Operations Center Building Flood Control ProjectDMR Construction Services, Inc.$ 18,340,280.00
02/27/1816-046XRPainting Of Undergrade Bridges M.P.19.43 In Little Falls & M.P.19.50 in Wayne-Montclair-Boonton LineANKA Painting Company, Inc.$ 800,000.00
02/16/1816-021CTOC-Rail Operations & Infrastructure PlanningLTK Consulting Services, Inc. dba LTK Engineering Services$ 4,000,000.00
02/16/1816-021BTOC-Rail Operations & Infrastructure PlanningWSP USA, Inc.$ 4,000,000.00
02/13/1818-013Maintenance, Support & Prof. Svcs. Including Upgrades for NJT's Point of Sale Fare Collection SystemConduent Transportation Solutions, Inc.$ 114,130,656.00
02/12/1817-023Bergen County Local Bus ServiceSaddle River Trails, Inc.$ 19,916,278.00
12/26/1716-042XObserver Highway Switching House-Hoboken TerminalDMR Construction Services, Inc.$ 2,780,741.25
12/21/1716-006Track & Station Eng. & Construction Assist. Svcs. for Long Slip Fill & Rail Enhancement ProjectAECOM Technical Services, Inc.$ 8,424,520.00
12/08/1716-018CTOC-Corridor PlanningVanasse Hanger Brustlin, Inc.$ 0.00
12/08/1716-018ATOC-Corridor PlanningFitzgerald & Halliday, Inc.$ 0.00
12/08/1716-018BTOC-Corridor PlanningAECOM Technical Services, Inc.$ 0.00
12/08/1716-018DTOC-Corridor PlanningWSP USA, Inc.$ 0.00
11/13/1717-014XEmergency Demolition and Repairs at NJ TRANSIT's Hoboken TerminalHall Construction Company, Inc.$ 1,500,000.00
11/02/1717-303Annual Blanket Agreement for Seat ChecksSandy Alexander, Inc.$ 208,650.00
09/29/1717-022XHoboken Ferry Terminal and Boiler System ReplacementDMR Construction Services, Inc.$ 10,354,455.00
09/26/1714-016NJ Transit Print ProductionJDS Graphics, Inc.$ 6,509,046.50
09/25/1716-032BInternal Audit Information Technology Audit ServicesExperis US, Inc.$ 0.00
09/20/1716-032AInternal Audit Information Technology Audit ServicesControl Solutions International, Inc.$ 0.00
09/19/1714-056XProcurement of Design/Build Construction Services for the Howell Bus Garage (HVAC Unit Replacement)Epic Mechanical, Inc.$ 2,628,875.00
09/19/1714-058XProcurement of Design/Build Construction Svcs. for the Washington Bus Garage (HVAC Unit Replacement)Epic Mechanical, Inc.$ 2,406,196.50
09/19/1714-055XProcurement of Design/Build Construction Services for the Hilton Bus Garage (HVAC Unit Replacement)Epic Mechanical, Inc.$ 2,538,650.00
09/19/1717-304Bus Driver Training SimulatorDoron Precision Systems, Inc.$ 1,360,292.00
09/19/1714-057XProcurement of Design/Build Construction Services for the Orange Bus Garage (HVAC Unit Replacement)Epic Mechanical, Inc.$ 2,406,196.50
08/11/1716-031Purchase of Materials for The Gladstone Catenary Pole Replacement ProjectTurtle & Hughes, Inc.$ 261,074.00
07/27/1715-044Design, Engineering & Construction Asst. Services for the Replacement of Raritan River DrawbridgeHardesty & Hanover/Gannett Fleming (Joint Venture)$ 9,380,041.00
06/23/1716-024Efficient Lighting at Meadows Maintenance Complex (MMC)Facility Solutions Group, Inc.$ 669,124.06
06/08/1714-004Health and Welfare Plans General Consulting ServicesHay Group, Inc.$ 150,000.00
05/31/1716-028XGeneral Office Building (GOB) Roof Replacement at Maplewood-Phase 2Jottan, Inc.$ 3,028,991.00
05/31/1717-019XInstallation of High Strength Perimeter Fencing and Lighting with Intrusion Detection-Morrisville YdJohn O'Hara Company, Inc.$ 1,258,360.50
05/26/1716-033XNew Brunswick Station Building Improvements ProjectJohn O'Hara Company, Inc.$ 780,515.62
04/27/1715-048Parking Enforcement Svcs. of Commuter Parking Facilities at Allwood Rd. (Clifton), Route 23 (Wayne)Park America, Inc.$ 134,217.00
04/14/1714-053Artwork for Cranford StationBenjamin Volta$ 36,000.00
04/13/1715-020Trustee / Administrative Services for NJ TRANSIT 401(k) 401(a) and 457 PlansGreat West Retirement Services (Empower)$ 0.00
04/01/1716-009Planning and Environmental Svcs. Related to the Repair & Replacement of Amtrak's Hudson River TunnelAKRF, Inc.$ 6,897,416.00
01/30/1716-026Open Source and Social Medial Threat Monitoring and CollectionMichael Stapleton Associates$ 321,000.00
01/30/1716-010XFairview Bus Garage Water Infiltration RepairsDMR Construction Services, Inc.$ 485,902.78
01/25/1715-034Management, Operation, and Maintenance of Rail Station Commuter Parking Facility at Metropark Train Nexus Parking Systems, LLC$ 1,648,099.00
01/17/1716-043Purchase of Nineteen (19) Mobility Access VehiclesWolfington Body Company, Inc.$ 757,448.50
12/22/1616-0502015 Overflight Aerial Photography Imagery DatasetsIntergraph Corporation$ 25,220.58
12/08/16AP004512-16EMD F-40PH-2 Locomotive Road Number 4126EDI, Inc-Davie, Florida$ 50,050.00
11/30/1616-017XWesmont Station Parking Lot's ProjectNew Prince Concrete Construction Company, Inc.$ 2,974,748.50
11/22/1616-004XRutherford Station Plaza ImprovementsSparwick Contracting, Inc.$ 997,668.00
11/14/1615-613RAtlantic City Rail Line Snow Removal Service at Cherry Hill, Atco, Absecon, Hammonton, Egg Harbor CiEvergreen Consolidated, LLC$ 50,000.00
11/11/1615-031Preliminary Design, Engineering, Bid Assistance and Other Technical Services for The NJ TRANSITGRIDJACOBS Engineering Group, Inc.$ 17,196,982.00
10/25/1616-023Post Employee Benefits Actuary ServicesKorn Ferry Hay Group$ 134,049.00
09/02/1617-010Intergraph Maintenance Contract for GIS SoftwareIntergraph Corporation$ 66,456.00
08/03/1616-604RSlip Switch PackagesVoestalpine Nortrak, Inc.$ 318,132.00
07/27/1614-305RSafety Shoe ProgramSaf-Gard Safety Shoe Company$ 278,375.00
06/16/1614-039TMAC II UpgradeARINC, Inc.$ 859,959.38
03/31/1615-045FTA Substance Abuse Management Oversight AgreementCompliance Oversight Solutions Ideal, LLC$ 655,375.00
03/25/1615-010SSRRP, Hoboken Terminal & Yard Coastal Storm Surge Emergency Warning SystemStevens Institute of Technology$ 694,557.00
03/01/1615-614Maintenance, Operations and Management Services-East End Concourse (EEC) Penn Station New YorkGeorge S. Hall, Inc.$ 4,746,562.50
02/12/16B13-01.2Auction of 6 MCI-CNG BusesTransit Systems Unlimited Inc-Sun Valley, CA$ 35,050.00
02/05/1615-046XPier Repairs-Undergrade Bridge 0.39 River DrawSparwick Contracting, Inc.$ 3,091,000.00
01/28/1615-028XMorristown Station Parking Lot ImprovementsJohn O'Hara Company, Inc.$ 775,597.75
01/28/1615-054XEmergency Operations Center (EOC)Alna Construction Corporation$ 8,682,000.00
01/27/1616-602Hydraulic Circuit Power UnitModern Track Machinery, Inc.$ 175,184.00
01/27/1616-001 AP0072832 year Contract for Removal of ScrapCinelli Iron & Metal Co-Secaucus, NJ$ 124,377.50
01/20/1615-615Police UniformsAction Uniform Company, LLC$ 458,730.00
01/19/1616-301NABI Fuel Economy Upgrade, Board Item #1509-31NABI Parts, LLC$ 4,366,239.00
01/04/1614-023Measurement of Rail Clearances and Track Center Line Distances Along NJ Transit Rail LinesBET Engineering Consultants, Inc.$ 539,000.00
01/04/1614-051EConsulting Services for Undergrade Bridge InspectionsDewberry Engineers, Inc.$ 781,221.81
01/04/1614-051FConsulting Services for Undergrade Bridge InspectionsHardesty & Hanover$ 935,641.00
01/04/1615-005Real Estate Administration and Management Services: Leases, Licenses, Use and Occupancy Permits and Greystone & Company, Inc. dba Greystone Management Solutions$ 1,997,850.00
11/12/1515-616Inward & Outward Facing Cameras for Locomotive and Cab CarsApollo Video Technology$ 5,733,563.00
11/05/1515-023NJ TRANSIT ADA Access Link Program, Region 5 (Essex, Union, Somerset & Morris CountiesFirst Transit$ 74,833,000.00
10/30/1515-007Purchase of 772 Forty-Five Foot Cruiser BusesMotor Coach Industries, Inc.$ 385,221,472.00
10/30/1515-609Composite TiesAXION International, Inc.$ 3,263,500.00
10/27/1514-051DConsulting Services for Undergrade Bridge InspectionsWSP USA$ 958,814.94
10/23/15SOP B13-01.1Six (6) 1999 MCI Model: 102-DWA3 CNG Buses (w/o Tires)Milton Blankinship-Canton, GA$ 20,100.00
10/20/15AP006050-09Cummins Parts RC/UCArneson Enterprises-Oak Ridge, MO$ 5,005.00
10/19/1512-602BPaint and Body Repair for Medium and Heavy Duty VehiclesElizabeth Truck Center$ 60,000.00
10/15/15AP006050-07Transmission CoolersLeonard Tutt-Newark, NJ$ 145.00
10/15/15AP006050-08rebuilt A/C CompressorsLeonard Tutt-Newark, NJ$ 328.62
10/13/15AP006915Spray Paint Gun Cleaning MachinesRon McGuigan-Croydon, PA$ 164.00
10/08/15AP006634-15Comet IV Seat Backs and Seat CushionsBrick Recycling Company$ 3,847.23
09/15/15B13-01(7) 1999 MCI Roadworthy BusesMaurice Vanegas-Sun Valley CA$ 73,600.00
09/11/1515-016X175 Bus Shelters ProgramHandi-Hut, Inc.$ 1,627,358.00
09/11/1515-008UPS Battery Replacment for Penn Plaza HQ FacilitySystem Engineering International, LLC dba Critical Power USA$ 142,390.91
09/11/1515-027Computer Hardware MaintenanceMaintech, Incorporated$ 189,837.55
09/01/15AP005966-ESolari Board FlapsJennifer Roth-Warwick, RI$ 150.00
08/25/1515-015XOrange Annex Roof ReplacementIntegrity Roofing, Inc.$ 1,464,500.00
08/18/1514-600Ticket StockDigital Printing Systems, Inc.$ 5,525,595.00
08/14/1515-018Unarmed Guard ServicesGateway Security, Inc.$ 28,966,300.00
08/13/1515-021Fuel TrucksMid-Atlantic Truck Centre, Inc.$ 510,076.00
08/13/1514-308Facility Maintenance, Operation and Management Services Contract (Secaucus Rail Station)Meridian Property Services$ 3,095,932.00
08/06/1513-070Linear Route ProfilePassenger Transportation Specialists dba PTS1 Transportation$ 176,531.00
07/31/15AP006050-06Used Rear DifferentialsGreg Deimler-Ferdinand, ID$ 605.00
07/30/15AP005600-151996 Kershaw Tie Injector (TX-601)A&T Towing-Newark, NJ$ 1,161.00
07/30/15AP005966C-15Solari Borad Flaps, Newark, NJJoseph Gross-Lakeland, FL$ 425.00
07/28/1514-307'Facility Maintenance and Management Services Contract (Newark Penn Station Newark Light Rail MezzanCrown Energy Services, Inc. dba Able Engineering Services$ 3,699,784.75
07/28/15AP005600-15195 Harsco Tie HandlerA&T Towing-Newark, NJ $ 1,320.00
07/28/15AP006050-04Used EnginesGreg Deimler-Ferdinand, ID$ 9,910.00
07/28/15AP006050-05Used TransmissionsMilan Zavodny-Western Springs, IL$ 8,041.00
07/23/1514-043Financial Reporting Subscription ServicesDun and Bradstreet (D&B)$ 8,908.00
07/16/1515-002XGOB Roof Replacement-Phase 1John O'Hara Company, Inc.$ 1,086,138.00
07/15/1512-053ERailroad Bridge InspectionsWSP USA Corporation$ 626,433.44
07/14/15AP006365-151 Lot of Three (3) Locomotive Condender CoilsA&T Towing-Newark, NJ$ 675.00
07/14/15AP006363-15Transformers and InductorsFortune Riverside Metal Recycling-Rahway, NJ $ 8,875.00
07/14/15AP006367-15One (1) lot containing Six (6) Scrap Locomotive RadiatorsA&T Towing-Newark, NJ $ 1,030.00
07/13/1514-034XMMC Locomotive Shop Fall ProtectionSparwick Contracting, Inc.$ 1,154,768.00
07/10/1514-616Heavy Duty Forklifts for Meadows Maintenance Complex in Kearny, NJLiftec, Inc.$ 1,324,159.00
07/09/1515-006RNewark City Subway/Light Rail Line Drainage System CleaningFred A. Cook Jr., Inc.$ 74,900.00
07/08/1512-053FConsulting Services for Railroad Bridge InspectionsKS Engineers$ 666,597.00
07/07/15AP006050-2Used Diesel Furl TanksLeonard Tutt-Newark, NJ$ 981.00
07/07/15AP006060-01Used Thermo-King A/C CompressorsAshley Sheddon-Gillett, PA$ 2,110.00
06/30/1512-053DConsulting Services for Railroad Bridge InspectionsIH Engineers$ 666,186.00
06/29/1515-011Homeland Security TV CommercialsProactive Communications, LLC$ 84,850.00
06/29/15AP005776-15Various Parts-Scrap MetalDave hecht$ 645.00
06/29/15AP005730-15Refrigerant & A/C Recovery SystemsNoel Mclnerney$ 310.00
06/22/15AP003726P40 Locomotives and Associated PartsConnecticut DOT$ 3,850,000.00
06/15/15AP005618Differential Kit with Ring and PinionAny Foot Wear LLC-Jersey City, NJ$ 52.00
06/11/1515-009XMorris Ave Bridge over Morristown Line-Widening, Grading, Paving, Drainage and StructuresIEW Construction Group (IEWCG)$ 6,872,225.00
06/05/15AP006276 (EQ15-08)Yale SS030 Electric Scaffold/Man-Lift Robert Gardyn-Staten Island, NY$ 505.00
05/28/1515-606RFlat Car and or Tank CarsEbenezer Rail Car Services, Inc.$ 136,680.00
05/20/1515-610Emergency Management Contractor for Meadows Maintenance Complex (MMC) and Rail Operations Center (ROTomco Construction, Inc.$ 228,800.00
05/19/15AP004494-15Arrow III Rail CarsSouthern Salvage$ 457,800.00
05/15/15AP005653Lot of Various PartsAny Footwear, LLC-Jersey City, NJ $ 60.00
04/28/15AP005966ASolari Flap Sign-DestinationsSusan Matthes$ 355.00
04/28/15AP005966BSolari Flap Sign-StatusBullseye Calibration$ 63.00
04/24/15AP 005600-15Kershaw Tie Handler (TH-401)Greg Worley$ 4,350.00
04/24/15AP005600-151987 Eager Beaver Trailer (EN-312)Raymond Stackhouse$ 1,850.00
04/24/15AP005600-15Vermeer Trencher (EN202)Mario Lucas$ 1,075.00
04/24/15V15-091988 Chevy Pick-up R-30 with PlowDominick Targia$ 761.00
04/24/15V15-091999 Ford ContourHanlet Jaquez$ 250.00
04/24/15AP005600-151995 Chipper Trailer (WC-303)David Korman$ 3,972.00
04/24/15AP005600-151986 Kershaw Ballast Regulator (BR-204)Shane Pentoney$ 3,050.00
04/24/15AP005600-151996 Ford 555D Backhoe Loader (EF-705)Benjamin Berko$ 2,550.00
04/24/15AP005600-15Vermeer Trencher (EN202)Raymond Stackhouse$ 1,250.00
04/24/15AP004566-15Scrap Mixed Metal Lot Mario Lucas$ 35,900.00
04/24/15V15-091997 Mercury Sable WagonRoni Makel$ 361.00
04/24/15AP005600-151995 Custom Trailer (TED-015)Misael Heredia$ 1,550.00
04/24/15AP005600-151995 Ford 555D Backhoe Loader (EF-701)Burton Edwards$ 2,050.00
04/24/15AP005600-151992 Harsco SpikerEdwin Bellairs$ 2,800.00
04/24/15AP005600-151995 Sullair Air Compressor Trailer (PH-603)Mary Osman$ 850.00
04/24/15AP005600-15Kershaw Tie Injector (TX-601)Greg Worley$ 2,329.00
04/24/15AP005600-151995 Ford 555D Backhoe Loader (EF 704)Benjamin Berko$ 2,627.77
04/24/15AP005600-15Vermeer Trencher (EN201)Mario Lucas$ 950.00
04/24/15AP005600-151976 Sulliar Model 750 Air Compressor (AT750)Raymond Stackhouse$ 500.00
04/24/15V15-092000 Ford Taurus WagonGidion Charlot$ 401.00
04/24/15AP005600-151996 Little Crane (CH-301)Edwin Crandell$ 5,051.00
04/24/15AP005600-15Nord B Spike PullerEdwin Bellairs$ 579.00
04/24/15AP005600-151997 Case 580L Backhoe Loader (EF-552)Bill Dunn$ 10,050.00
04/24/15AP005600-152000Portaco Air Compressor TrailerJohn Maguire$ 500.00
04/21/15AP005039-15Uno-Lift Teva Environmental Consultants, LLC-Miami Beach, FL$ 1,560.00
04/14/15SOP AP005683-15Scrap Wire Sale A1 Industrial Metals-Bensenville, IL$ 31,301.99
04/10/1513-086Defined Contribution Plan Investment Advisor ServicesGlading Group, LLC$ 50,000.00
04/02/1514-051CConsulting Services for Undergrade Bridge InspectionsTranSystems$ 813,124.25
03/26/15SOP AP004646Scrap-Yale Manlift ForkliftAllied Recycling-Mount Holly, NJ$ 260.00
03/10/1514-006Design, Engineering and Construction Assistance Services for the Electrical, Mechanical and StructurHDR Engineering, Inc.$ 1,134,877.00
03/02/1514-052XRutherford Station Interior Restoration Phase IIIntegrated Construction Enterprises, Inc.$ 364,458.00
02/24/15AP005856Assorted Grade 5 HardwareMario Lucas$ 3,650.00
02/10/1514-051AConsulting Services for Undergrade Bridge InspectionsHNTB$ 753,780.56
02/10/1514-051BConsulting Services for Undergrade Bridge InspectionsKS Engineers, P.C.$ 764,188.19
02/09/1514-060Boom-Dump TrucksMid-Atlantic Truck Centre, Inc.$ 926,721.00
02/05/15AP005000Scrap Condenser Coils Mario Lucus-Parlin, NJ $ 15,506.00
02/02/1514-614RBridge TimbersStella Jones Corporation$ 126,069.95
01/26/1515-602Engineering Design, Installation and Testing Service for GeneratorsAmerican Electrical Testing Company, Inc.$ 69,000.00
01/23/1515-607Rail Roadway Equipment-BackhoePenn Jersey Machinery, LLC$ 271,000.00
01/23/1515-605Signal CableThe Okonite Company$ 72,240.00
01/22/15AP004735-143 Storage Bungalows & 6 CabinetsAnthony Donio-Winslow, NJ$ 305.00
01/22/1513-091Merchant Credit/Debit Card/Processing ServicesBanc of America Merchant Services, LLC$ 9,516,438.00
01/22/1513-078Purchase of 37 Hybrid Commuter CoachesMotor Coach Industries, Inc. (MCI)$ 33,554,342.00
01/12/15MDR 15-01(2) 15 Cubic Yard Self Contained Compactor Containers for ScrapAtlantic Sales and Salvage-East Brunswick, NJ$ 2,010.00
01/06/1514-608Maintenance, Operations and Management Services-Trenton Transit CenterMeridian Property Services, Inc.$ 1,388,508.00
12/19/1415-301Blended Ice Melting PelletsReed and Perrine$ 709,850.00
12/18/1413-068Credit Card Agreement for Gasoline/Diesel Fuel and other Automotive FluidsWEX Bank dba WEX Bank, Inc. in the State of New Jersey$ 3,570,000.00
12/17/1413-054HGeographic Information System - Task Order ContractKS Engineers, P.C.$ 0.00
12/17/1413-054AGeographic Information System - Task Order ContractGeoDecisions, A Division of Gannett Fleming, Inc.$ 0.00
12/17/1413-054GGeographic Information System - Task Order ContractGreenman-Pedersen, Inc.$ 0.00
12/12/1407-316Ticket Stock Blanket AgreementDigital Printing Systems, Inc.$ 56,680.00
12/12/1414-026Vanpool Sponsorship Program with NJDOTNJDOT$ 25,200.00
12/11/1414-048XCulvert Replacement on Gladstone Line at M.P. 41.64 in the Boroughs of Peapack & Somerset CountyHutton Construction LLC$ 1,633,136.00
12/09/1414-602Comet Seat Covers and CushionsFellFab Corporation$ 2,699,474.00
12/08/1413-041County Yard Improvements: Phase I Concept and Preliminary Engineering DesignJacobs Engineering Group, Inc.$ 7,641,758.00
12/04/1414-615Continuous Welded Rail (CWR)Progress Rail Services Corporation$ 5,570,400.00
12/01/14SOP AP004596-22 Scrap Trailers: 1-36' w/Double Axle & 1-30' for ScrapDossy Tausa Auction-Bloomfield, NJ$ 730.00
12/01/14AP0045962 Scrap Trailers; 1-36' w/Double Axle & 1-30' for ScrapDossy Tausa Auction-Bloomfield, NJ$ 730.00
11/28/1414-027XOrange Garage Underground Storage Tank UpgradesAurora Environmental, Inc.$ 994,325.00
11/26/1415-603ARail Lines Snow Removal Service on the North Jersey Coast Line at Avenel, Woodbridge, Perth Amboy, SEvergreen Consolidated, LLC$ 150,000.00
11/26/1415-603CRail Lines Snow Removal Service on the Main, Bergen and Pascack Lines Group B and Group HEvergreen Consolidated, LLC$ 150,000.00
11/26/1415-603DRail Lines Snow Removal Service on the Northeast Corridor Group G and Group IPreferred Power Wash (PPW) Contracting, Inc.$ 150,000.00
11/26/1415-603ERail Lines Snow Removal Service on the Morristown Line (Group C) and Gladstone Line (Group E)Complete Maintenance Building Service$ 150,000.00
11/20/1413-301Amerex Fire Suppression System Twelve Year Service for MCI-D BusesJersey Coast Fire Equipment$ 313,176.00
11/13/14MDR# 004698Lot Of Starter MotorsPowerrail Distribution, Inc-Duryea, PA$ 12,030.00
11/11/1413-054DGeographic Information System - Task Order ContractAECOM Technical Services, Inc.$ 0.00
11/11/1413-054FGeographic Information System - Task Order ContractAECOM Technical Services, Inc.$ 0.00
11/10/1413-054BGeographic Information System - Task Order ContractIntergraph Corporation$ 0.00
11/10/1414-612ATreatment and Pest Management Service (Bus Fleet, Facilities and Terminals for Northern and Central Tri-County Termite & Pest Control$ 215,464.98
11/10/1414-612BTreatment and Pest Management Service (Bus Fleet, Facilities and Terminals for Southern DivisionTri-County Termite & Pest Control$ 43,712.73
10/23/1413-042XRAllendale Station Improvements ProjectPravco, Inc.$ 267,700.00
10/23/1414-004Health and Welfare Plans General Consulting ServicesHay Group, Inc.$ 150,000.00
10/13/1413-054CGeographic Information System - Task Order ContractMichael Baker Jr., Inc.$ 0.00
10/13/1414-036XRehabilitation of Watchung Avenue and Park Avenue Bridges Located in The City of Plainfield, Union CCornell & Company, Inc.$ 7,129,500.00
10/13/1413-054EGeographic Information System - Task Order ContractMichael Baker Jr., Inc.$ 0.00
10/07/1414-010Rotary Dump TruckFrank's Truck Center, Inc.$ 672,114.00
08/28/1414-005Conceptual Design Services for the Replacement and Construction of Movable Undergrade Bridge 36.09 BHardesty & Hanover LLC$ 490,079.31
08/28/1414-001Management, Operation and Maintenance of Rail Station Commuter Parking Facilities at Brick Church, OPacific Parking, Inc.$ 126,000.00
08/22/1413-059XRReroofing and Shelter Building Improvements, Morris Plains, NJNortheast Roof Maintenance, Inc.$ 724,449.00
08/07/1414-043Financial Reporting Subscription ServicesDun and Bradstreet (D&B)$ 8,908.00
08/06/1414-007Stainless Steel Siding & TrimPravco, Inc.$ 208,532.41
07/31/1414-024Survey Services at Metuchen Train StationBorbas Surveying and Mapping$ 49,475.00
07/15/1413-077XPainting of Undergrade Bridge M.P.26.24 over Madison Avenue, Dunellen, NJAussie Painting Corporation$ 347,500.00
07/15/1414-033CSuperstorm Sandy Recovery and Resiliency-Oversight Integrity Monitoring ServicesMcGladrey LLP$ 0.00
07/15/1414-033ASuperstorm Sandy Recovery and Resiliency-Oversight Integrity Monitoring ServicesCohn Reznick, LLP$ 0.00
07/15/1414-033DSuperstorm Sandy Recovery and Resiliency-Oversight Integrity Monitoring ServicesThacher & Associates LLC$ 0.00
07/14/1414-033BSuperstorm Sandy Recovery and Resiliency-Oversight Integrity Monitoring ServicesEisner Amper LLP$ 0.00
07/11/1413-616Janitorial Services at the ROCIndustrial Commercial Cleaning Group, Inc.$ 402,689.16
07/10/1414-009XFrank Lautenberg Intermodal Facility ExpansionAnselmi & De Cicco, Inc.$ 5,577,721.00
07/03/1414-038Heavy Duty Bus Cargo TruckMid-Atlantic Truck Centre, Inc.$ 125,286.00
07/01/14AP004427-14Hunter 4-Wheel Alignment SystemMurali Sharavan$ 305.00
07/01/14AP004658-14Electric SubstationA Contact Electrical Co$ 115,000.00
06/30/1413-619ARepair & Return of EMD Locomotive Traction Motor Wheel AssembliesRAM Industrial Services, LLC$ 2,273,703.00
06/30/1413-619BRepair & Return of EMD Locomotive Traction Motor Wheel AssembliesUTCRAS$ 2,052,882.75
06/30/1414-014Disparity StudyUniversity of Minnesota$ 490,487.00
06/12/1414-302Removal and Disposal of Drummed WastePSC Environmental Services, LLC$ 69,035.00
06/11/1414-607On Track Roadway Equipment, Aqua Car Rebuild, Flat Car With Wooden Deck and 10,200 Gallon Tanker CarCarolina Equipment & Supply Company$ 574,500.00
06/05/1413-074NJ Transit Commuter Monthly Ticket ProcessingMetavante Corporation dba FIS$ 153,720.00
06/04/14AP004613-14Various Pantograph B Parts Arrow IIIBrick Recycling Company$ 470.00
06/04/1414-303Non-Hazardous Soil Disposal River Line Soil Stockpile, Florence, NJEnterprise Network Resolutions Contracting, LLC$ 90,000.00
06/03/1413-066Design, Engineering and Construction Assistance Services-Eastbound Platform Ext. at New Brunswick RaUrban Engineers, Inc.$ 638,315.44
05/30/1413-076XPainting of Undergrade Bridge M.P. 0.22 Over New Brunswick AvenueRML Construction$ 407,750.00
05/30/1414-002XHoboken/Weehawken Demolition ProjectTwo Brothers Contracting, Inc.$ 473,188.75
05/30/1413-601Welding Safety EnclosureClean Air Company, Inc.$ 109,831.00
05/29/14AP004739-14Dover Annual Scrap Bid-Ferrous MetalsF. Rover & Son$ 2,857.00
05/20/1414-017XNLR Sandy Recovery at Newark Penn Station and MCC/FAN Restoration ProjectRay Angellini, Incorporated$ 2,549,500.00
05/16/1414-003XPainting of Undergrade Bridge 26.27 over the Passaic River, Gladstone Branch, Berkley Heights, UnionRML Construction$ 382,500.00
05/12/14AP004571-14Guide WireKovalchick Corporation$ 980.00
05/02/1413-065XHilton Bus Garage UST UpgradesT. Slack Environmental Services$ 1,069,682.00
04/30/1414-601HVAC and Related Systems Service and Maintenance and Repair for Rail Operations CenterGeorge S. Hall, Inc.$ 104,729.80
04/28/1414-012Consultant Services for Title VI Analysis of Fare and Service ChangesKFH Group, Inc.$ 328,839.41
04/23/14Auction #1083696Scrap Condenser CoilsSullivans$ 37,300.00
04/23/1414-011Purchase of a Replacement of Fuel and Lube Truck ChassisMid-Atlantic Truck Centre, Inc.$ 118,000.00
04/11/14AP003756Scrap BearingsFortune Metal Recycling$ 116,365.00
04/09/1414-015Risk Management & Insurance Broker ServicesAon Risk Services, Inc. of Maryland$ 900,000.00
04/08/1414-301Aluminum Bus Stop Signs (5,000) and Vinyl Arrows (4,000)Garden State Highway Products, Inc.$ 61,280.00
03/25/1413-302Lease of Bus TiresGoodyear Tire & Rubber Company, Inc.$ 26,013,572.00
03/19/14Auction #1072929Rail RotorsMetalbiz-Cambridge, ON$ 16,391.10
03/17/1413-027Purchase of MV-1 Mobility Vehicles with Powered RampAlliance Bus Group$ 1,233,090.00
03/05/14AP004475-13Sale Of Obsolete Replacement Parts for Heavy Work Equipment, Forestry Equipment and Rail EquipmentPower Systems Int'l$ 271.00
03/05/14Auction 1072203Sale of Discharge A/C Compressor HosesLumina-Jersey City, NJ$ 22.55
03/03/1414-025Vanpool Sponsorship Program with Propst Bussing & Transportation, Inc.Propst Busing & Transportation$ 103,800.00
02/28/1413-073Revenue Processing and Armored Car ServicesWells Fargo Bank N.A.$ 14,226,318.00
02/27/14AP004251-13Arrow III Rail CarsFortune Metal Recycling $ 187,440.00
02/24/14AP004479-14Ballast AssembliesFortune Metal Recycling $ 150.00
02/21/1414-008XNewark Penn Station Platform E Communications and Finishes Renovations, Newark, NJDMR Construction Services, Inc.$ 10,599,763.00
02/10/14AP004515-14#2 Heavy Copper Scrap Trolley WireSullivan's Scrap Metal$ 173,600.00
02/06/1414-028Survey Services at Mahwah StationBorbas Surveying and Mapping LLC$ 4,000.00
02/06/1413-082XNewark City Subway Vehicle Base Facility ExtensionKyle Conti Construction, LLC$ 1,554,215.00
02/06/1414-032Survey at Morrisville Rail YardBorbas Surveying and Mapping LLC$ 2,000.00
02/04/14AP004446-14Scrap MetalSouthard Salvage$ 190,469.00
01/27/1413-626Service Contract for the Maintenance & Repair of HVAC Systems-Northern DivisionCore Mechanical, Inc.$ 98,000.00
01/22/14AP 13-00325 CNG BusesA&A Truck Parts, Inc$ 130,525.00
01/21/1413-089Purchase of 12 Flat Woods FansAmerican Fan Company$ 498,501.00
01/17/1413-6304000-lb Capacity Narrow Aisle Articulating Front End Ride-on Electric Forklift with All AccessoriesHighlander Equipment Company$ 381,235.00
01/10/14Auction 1024325Fleetguard FiltersSold to: Andrzej Zajac$ 3,650.00
12/30/1313-022Premilinary Design & Engineering or NEC Midline LoopHNTB Corporation$ 12,500,530.00
12/26/1313-625Rail Roadway Equipment (Wood Chippers & Hydraulic Packs)North American Equipment Sales$ 154,885.00
12/20/1313-631Service Conract for the Inspection, Repair and Maintenance of NJ TRANSIT Bus Operations Vehicle LiftPermadur Industries, Inc. dba Sissco$ 550,000.00
12/17/13AP004538-13Scrap MetalCinelli Iron & Metal Co$ 4,553.57
12/17/1312-053BRailroad Bridge InspectionsLS Engineering Associates Corporation$ 844,431.00
12/16/1312-053CRailroad Bridge InspectionsGreenman - Pederson, Inc.$ 887,828.00
12/16/1312-053ARailroad Bridge InspectionsTransystems Corporation$ 765,084.00
11/22/1312-325Preventive Maintenance & Eqipment repair of Compressor Station & Associates EquipmentVaritech, Inc.$ 86,762.00
11/20/1311-071Design, Engineering & Construction Assistance Services for the Replacement of U.G. Bridge 21.74 overHDR Engineering$ 488,959.00
11/07/1313-085XPort Imperial Intermodal Ferry Terminal-Dredging & Disposal ServicesCashman Dredging & Marine Contracting Company, LLC$ 3,300,000.00
11/05/1313-009ATask Order-Community TransportationRLS & Associates, Inc.$ 0.00
11/05/1313-009CTask Order-Community TransportationAudubon Architecture, Engineering, Surveying and Landscape Architecture P.C. d/b/a Wendel Companies$ 0.00
11/01/1313-009BTask Order-Community TransportationKFH Group, Inc.$ 0.00
11/01/1313-010CTask Order-Construction Management ServicesJCMS, Inc.$ 0.00
10/30/1313-010BTask Order-Construction Management ServicesLiro Engineering, Inc.$ 0.00
10/30/1313-010DTask Order-Construction Management ServicesTishman Construction Corporation$ 0.00
10/25/1313-629Repair & Return of Rail Rolling Stock Wheel, Axle and Gear box AssembliesORX Railway Corporation$ 3,000,000.00
10/23/1313-010ATask Order-Construction Management ServicesUrban Engineers, Inc.$ 0.00
10/22/1313-010FTask Order-Construction Management ServicesHill International, Inc.$ 0.00
10/22/1313-093Survey Work Morristown Train StationBET Consultants$ 15,500.00
10/22/1313-303RRemanufacturing of Little Giant Truck Crane Model 48 HR, S/N-488716North American Equipment Sales$ 516,871.09
10/18/1312-322Maintenance & Repair of NJ Transit Emergency Standby GeneratorsAll Railroad Services Corporation$ 1,397,340.00
10/16/1313-058XLake Street Bus Garage Soil RemediationA&J Construction$ 2,118,470.00
10/10/1313-622Cable, Splice Kits and Termination KitsTurtle & Hughes, Inc.$ 61,258.16
10/08/1313-010ETask Order-Construction Management ServicesGreenman Pedersen, Inc.$ 0.00
10/07/1313-084xThe Installation and Intergration of the CCTV Security System at the Washington Township Bus GarageTimothy P. Bryan Electric$ 429,900.00
10/03/1313-056XLower Hack Railroad Bridge Emergency Generator PadKyle Conti Construction LLC$ 363,363.00
10/03/1313-012ATask Order-Contract -Vertical TransportationGannett Fleming, Inc. DBA VTX$ 0.00
10/03/1313-094XHistoric Restoration of Hoboken Terminal Main Witing Room, Retail Areas & Replacement of Pump StatioJohn O'Hara Company, Inc.$ 1,999,997.00
10/03/1313-012BTask Order-Contract -Vertical TransportationVertacan, LLC$ 0.00
09/24/1313-069XNewark Light Rail: Washington Street & Military Park Purchse of CCTV CamerasS&J Electrical Contractors, Inc.$ 351,800.00
09/20/1313-028Artwork for Newark Penn Station Raymond Plaza East Entrance Architectural ImprovementKate Dodd$ 30,000.00
09/18/1313-087Vanpool Sponsorship Program for Enterprise HoldingsEnterprise Leasing Company of Philadelphia, LLC$ 21,000.00
09/13/1313-040BTask Order Contracts Program-Access LinkNelson/Nygaard Consulting Associates, Inc.$ 0.00
09/13/1313-040ATask Order Contracts Program-Access LinkKFH Group, Inc.$ 0.00
09/12/1313-002DTask Order Contract for Environmental Consulting ServicesDewberry Engineers, Inc.$ 0.00
09/10/1313-045XRLincoln Park Station, State of Good RepairsPracco, Inc.$ 158,950.00
09/10/1312-062XPainting Undergrade Bridge MP 7.19 Morristown LineAussie Painting Corporation$ 283,500.00
08/16/1313-008BTask Order Contract-Travel Demand ForecastingURS Corporation$ 0.00
08/16/1313-011CTask Order Contract-Land Use & DevelopmentPerkins Eastman Architects, PC$ 0.00
08/16/1313-011ATask Order Contract-Land Use & DevelopmentLooney Ricks Kiss$ 0.00
08/07/1313-035Urine Testing/Blood Testing ServicesQuest Diagnostics, Inc.$ 288,692.25
08/05/1313-088Vanpool Sponsorship Program for Vride, IncvRide, Inc.$ 325,000.00
07/26/1313-008CTask Order Contract-Travel Demand ForecastingMichael Baker, Jr., Inc.$ 0.00
07/25/1313-017Safety Eduction VideoStokes Creative Group, Inc.$ 89,800.00
07/25/1313-072XRiverline Trailblazer ProjectQuality Events & Promotions$ 23,205.25
07/22/1309-133State Contract for Computer Consulting ServicesComputer Aid, Inc.$ 50,000.00
07/19/1307-072Cross County Connection TMACross County Connection$ 80,000.00
07/15/1313-034XRed Bank Train Station Historic Stabilization Phase IIPrecision Building and Construction$ 843,433.00
07/10/1313-044XMarket Street Garage UST UpgradeT. Slack Environmental Services, Inc.$ 621,945.00
06/26/1313-011BTask Order Contract-Land Use & DevelopmentThe RBA Group$ 0.00
06/25/1312-067NJ Transit ADA Access Link Program-Region 3Easton Coach Company$ 10,628,837.00
06/21/1313-038Design, Engineering and Construction Assistance Services West Support Interlocking Morris and Essex Jacobs Engineering, Inc.$ 1,999,944.75
06/20/1313-037Annual Audit ServicesErnst & Young LLP$ 1,121,706.00
06/13/1313-063XReroofing Newark Penn Station-Phase 2MTB, LLC$ 2,438,640.00
06/10/1313-610Signal BridgeFabricated Metals$ 89,395.00
06/06/1313-611CUnderground Storage & Tank Monitoring & Technical ServicesAurora Environmental Inc.$ 289,552.50
06/06/1313-611AUnderground Storage & Tank Monitoring & Technical ServicesA & J Construction Company$ 328,524.00
06/06/1313-611BUnderground Storage & Tank Monitoring & Technical ServicesDeMaio's Inc.$ 124,178.25
06/06/1313-043XMMC Roc Roof Replacement, Kearny, NJPravco, Inc.$ 495,000.00
05/29/1313-039XBergen County PROW Remediation ProjectAnselmi & DeCicco, Inc.$ 3,884,990.00
05/24/1313-057XNewark Penn Station Boiler ReplacementLiberty Mechanical Contractors, Inc.$ 893,117.00
05/23/1313-612Weed Spraying ServicesAsplundh Tree Experts Company$ 1,330,650.00
05/17/1313-020XWashington Twp Bus Garage Tank ReplacementA & J Construction Company$ 1,184,470.00
05/16/1313-613DMaintenance of Way Work Equipment Tie Carts & Tie HandlersMaintenance of Way Work Equipment Tie Carts & Tie Handlers$ 102,000.00
05/16/1313-613BMaintenance of Way Work Equipment Tie Carts & Tie HandlersTrico Equipment Services LLC$ 206,985.00
05/16/1313-613CMaintenance of Way Work Equipment Tie Carts & Tie HandlersProgress Rail Services$ 474,579.00
05/16/1313-613AMaintenance of Way Work Equipment Tie Carts & Tie HandlersKnox Kershaw, Inc.$ 292,366.00
05/10/1312-049XHistorical Restoration of the Watsessing Train StationJohn O'Hara Company, Inc.$ 1,677,802.75
04/29/1313-064XSecaucus Junction Platform ExtensionRailroad Construction Company, Inc.$ 1,499,999.00
04/25/1313-007CTask Order Contract-Bridge and Railway EngineeringParsons Transportation Group$ 0.00
04/17/1313-008ATask Order Contract-Travel Demand ForecastingAECOM Technical Services, Inc.$ 0.00
04/16/1313-007BTask Order Contract-Bridge and Railway EngineeringHNTB Corporation$ 0.00
04/15/1313-006CTask Order Contract-Architectural/EngineeringSTV Incorporated$ 0.00
04/15/1313-006DTask Order Contract-Architectural/EngineeringSystra Consulting, Inc.$ 0.00
04/15/1313-006BTask Order Contract-Architectural/EngineeringJacobs Engineering Group, Inc.$ 0.00
04/13/1313-007DTask Order Contract-Bridge and Railway EngineeringTranSystems Corporation$ 0.00
04/12/1313-007ATask Order Contract-Bridge and Railway EngineeringHDR Engineering, Inc.$ 0.00
04/12/1312-064ADA Access Link Service Region 6First Transit, Inc.$ 28,192,598.00
04/12/1313-006ATask Order Contract-Architectural/EngineeringGannett Fleming, Inc.$ 0.00
04/02/1313-053XRoofing Repairs to Hoboken TerminalMTB, LLC$ 948,000.00
03/28/1313-603CTrap Rock Industries, Inc.Stone Ballast$ 205,250.00
03/28/1313-603BStone BallastStone Industries, Inc.$ 269,925.00
03/28/1313-603AStone BallastGibraltar Rock, Inc.$ 558,095.00
03/28/1313-614Maintenance and Repair of NJ Transit Emergency Standby GeneratorsGenserve Inc.$ 198,175.00
03/20/1313-018XFairview Bus Garage Parking Lot AdditionTec-Con Contractors$ 375,605.00
03/20/1313-021XTrailblazer Signage for the Atlantic City Rail LineQuality Events & Promotions, Inc.$ 22,845.25
03/18/1313-033XBranch Brook Station Tactile ReplacementSparwick Contracting, Inc.$ 376,000.00
03/15/1311-070Design, Engineering & Construction Assistance Services for the Replacement of U.G. Bridge 22.88 overHNTB$ 465,321.19
03/11/1312-048APurchase of Transit Style & Cutaway Minibuses with LiftAlliance Bus Group$ 1,783,100.00
03/08/1309-140AArtwork for Newark Penn Station Raymond Plaza West - BollardesWopo Holup$ 60,000.00
02/21/1312-048BPurchase of Transit Style & Cutaway Minibuses with LiftRohrer Bus Sales$ 477,684.00
02/19/1313-001CTask Order Contract for Corridor PlanningURS Corporation$ 0.00
02/15/1312-068XMainline Painting of Undergrade Bridges MP. 21.60 over Glen Avenue, Ridgewood, New JerseyAllied Painting, Inc.$ 295,500.00
02/15/1313-001BTask Order Contract for Corridor PlanningMcCormick Taylor, Inc.$ 0.00
02/14/1313-001ATask Order Contract for Corridor PlanningJacob's Engineering Group, Inc.$ 0.00
02/13/1313-002BTask Order Contract for Environmental Consulting ServicesBEM Systems, Inc.$ 0.00
02/08/1313-005ATask Order-Stations, Access, Parking and Site PlanningStantec Consulting Services, Inc.$ 0.00
02/08/1313-005CTask Order-Stations, Access, Parking and Site PlanningChristopher P. Statile, P.A.$ 0.00
02/08/1313-005BTask Order-Stations, Access, Parking and Site PlanningHNTB Corporation$ 0.00
02/05/1313-016XAnnandale Train Station Parking Lot ImprovementsTop Line Construction Corporation$ 673,298.88
02/03/1309-046Access Link Service Region 5First Transit$ 13,609,471.00
01/31/1313-004ATask Order Contract for Rail Operations and Infrastructure PlanningParsons Brinckerhoff, Inc.$ 0.00
01/31/1313-002CTask Order Contract for Environmental Consulting ServicesHatch Mott MacDonald$ 0.00
01/31/1313-002ATask Order Contract for Environmental Consulting ServicesRoux Associates, Inc.$ 0.00
01/25/1311-346Leasing of GPS (Global Positioning System) for Non-Revenue Fleet VehiclesGPS North America$ 536,200.00
01/18/1310-005XConstruction of Pedestrian and Traffic Circulation Improvements on the West Side of Newark Penn StatAnselmi & DeCicco, Inc.$ 0.00
01/17/1313-032XBranch Brook Park RemediationA & J Construction Company$ 592,870.00
01/14/1311-018Design & Build a New Statewide Land Mobile Radio NetworkMurray Hill$ 32,514,730.00
12/06/1212-057XReconstruction of Anderson Street Station, Hackensack, NJDMR Construction Services, Inc.$ 571,061.00
11/29/1212-050New Jersey Transit Police Pursuit Sedans-FY 2012Mall Chevrolet$ 480,764.00
11/27/1209-140BArtwork fo Newark Penn Station Raymond Plaza West-FencingJerry Gant$ 71,000.00
11/19/1212-621CrosstiesStella-Jones Corporation$ 3,018,900.00
11/14/1212-056XRehabilition of Deck Truss Bridge 29.43 over Rockaway River, Montclair Boonton Line, Town of BoontonSparwick Contracting, Inc$ 1,759,775.00
11/06/1212-620Concrete TiesRocla Concrete $ 1,910,000.00
11/01/1212-311Janitorial Services for wildwood Terminal & Margate LoopOriental Pacific Maintenance, Inc$ 204,864.00
10/26/1212-613Fiber Optic CableTurtle & Huges Inc$ 57,090.00
10/18/1212-321Maintenance of Way Work EquipmentModern Handling Equipment of NJ, Inc$ 855,965.00
10/17/1211-062BOptimization Project ConsultantSmart Software, Inc$ 249,550.00
10/16/1212-315Maintenance & Repair of NJT Bus Air Conditioning PlantsCore Maintenance, Inc$ 728,400.00
10/10/1212-054XKings Road Retaining Wall & Elm Street Bridge Repairs MP 25.61 to MP 26.17 Madison, Morris County, NSparwick Contracting, Inc$ 1,498,300.00
10/03/1212-045Purchase of Heavy Duty Mini-BusesRohrer Enterprises, Inc.$ 471,284.00
10/03/1210-123XMontclair State University Rail Station Parking Deck - ADA ImprovementsPrecision General Contractors, Inc.$ 27,600.00
09/28/1212-059Transit risk Assessment Module (TRAM)Transportation Resource Associates Inc.$ 755,556.12
09/19/1212-036XDavenport Newark Light Rail Station Improvements ProjectDMR Construction Services$ 1,999,717.00
09/18/1210-036XNorth Hackensack Station Potholes RepairJ.A. Alexander$ 679.80
09/14/1211-051Advertising Revenue Contractor for Out-Of-Home Advertising, Naming Rights & SponsorshipsTitan Outdoor, LLC$ 0.00
09/11/1211-082Artwork for the Newark Light Rail Davenport Avenue StationSwanson Management, LLC$ 40,000.00
08/30/1212-305ACustodial Service-North Jersey Coast Line-Group AIndustrial Commercial Cleaning Group, Inc.$ 902,329.44
08/30/1212-052XFaçade and Roof Improvements to the YMCA Building at Hoboken Rail Terminal, Hoboken, NJJohn O'Hara, Company Inc.$ 4,129,150.00
08/28/1212-043XMarket Street Bus Garage Reroofing & RepairsNortheast Roof Maintenance$ 888,759.62
08/17/1212-AP003864Sales of 20 Condenser CoresC & K Scrap$ 5,402.00
08/17/1212-AP003796Sale of 66 Heater Coil KitsRecycalytics$ 660.00
08/10/1212-027XSteel Repairs and Machinery Upgrade U.G. Bridge 30.43 over Big Shark, NJCL, Belmar, Monmouth County,IEW Construction Group, Inc.$ 1,535,800.00
08/03/1212-314Testing Equipment Service, Material & Technical -MMCANA Laboratories, Inc.$ 567,015.69
07/30/1213-013Survey MOW NCSBorbas Surveying and Mapping, LLC$ 7,334.00
07/26/1212-025XRHVAC Upgrade, Kearny, NJGeorge S. Hall, Inc.$ 545,759.12
07/18/1212-032Rack Body and Knuckle Super Boom TruckAltec Industries, Inc.$ 0.00
07/17/1212-011Region 5 Access Link ServiceFirst Transit$ 9,217,114.00
07/13/1212-308Fire Suppression Service Contract-Fort the Inspection, Maintenance,& Repair of NJT's Buses Northern,Allied Fire & Safety Equipment Company, Inc.$ 825,000.00
07/09/1212-319Locomotive Diesel Crankcase OilDavid Weber Oil$ 1,204,544.00
07/02/1209-086ATask Order Contract-Architectural/EngineeringT. Y. Lin International (formally, Medina Consultants)$ 147,416.25
06/27/1212-040Computer Hardware MaintenanceNPA Computers, Inc.$ 230,725.00
06/18/1212-316Removal & Disposal of the Tie Butts & TimberEast Coast Railroad Services LLC$ 116,950.00
06/15/1211-086XNorth Jersey Coast Line Painting of Morgan Drawbridge M.P. 3.22 over Cheesequake Creek Morgan, NJAllied Painting, Inc.$ 1,631,000.00
06/13/1212-612Aluminum HousesFabricated Metals LLC$ 112,718.00
06/12/1211-039XADA Improvement Project-Bloomfield Ave Station Newark City SubwayDMR Construction $ 5,198,453.50
05/31/1211-083Artwork for the Newark Light Rail Bloomfield Avenue StationZola Bryen$ 60,000.00
05/21/1210-086Artwork for Pennsauken Transit CenterJ. Kenneth Leap$ 79,000.00
05/15/1209-038XFinal Design and Construction of Palisades TunnelPTP Constructors$ 258,786,000.00
04/30/1212-042XFurnish and Installation of a CCTV Security System for Atlantic City Rail Station, Atlantic City, NJTimothy P. Bryan Electric Company, Inc.$ 758,000.00
04/27/1212-013XReplace 2 Circuit Breakers at both Red Bank & Aberdeen Sub-StationJBL Electric, Inc.$ 836,829.00
04/27/1212-001XR12-001XRNortheast Remsco$ 269,825.00
04/10/1211-066XFurnish & Installation of Bus Stop Signs & Bus SheltersHandi-Hut Incorporated (HHI)$ 1,499,800.00
03/30/1211-313Maintenance & Repair of Bus Overhead Doors - Northern & Central DivisionAllmark Door Company, LLC$ 150,000.00
03/30/1211-314Maintenance & Repair of Bus Overhead Doors - Southern DivisionDoors, Inc.$ 100,000.00
03/28/1212-006XRehabilitation of the Raritan Valley Line Bridge at Richmond StreetGeorge Harms Construction Company, Inc.$ 3,572,825.00
03/20/1211-077XMeadows Maintenance Complex (MMC) Air Compressor Engergy UpgradeT.P. Bryan Electric Company, Inc.$ 85,425.97
03/12/1212-604Overhaul of the 4500TM Track MobileLif-Tech Equipment$ 66,000.00
03/07/1212-018xHBLR Weehawken Pedestrian Overpass, East TowerAPS Contractors, Inc.$ 893,230.00
03/07/1211-093XHudson Bergen Light Rail 2nd Street Station WalkwayHall Construction Company, Inc.$ 2,597,000.00
03/06/1211-078XREngergy Efficient Air Compressors Systems-Bus LocationsT.P. Bryan Electric Company, Inc.$ 145,964.06
03/06/1211-054Outdoor Advertising ManagerAllvision, LLC$ 0.00
03/02/1212-304Dust and Window Cleaning-Atlantic City Bus Terminal, Walter Rand Transportation Center, Newton AvenuMaverick Building Services$ 0.00
03/01/1212-602APainting and Body Repair Service for Heavy and Medium Duty VehiclesCAC, Inc t/a Collision Express$ 154,000.00
03/01/1212-602BPainting and Body Repair Service for Heavy and Medium Duty VehiclesElizabeth Truck Center$ 168,000.00
02/29/1212-601BPainting and Body Repair Service for Automobiles and Light Duty VehiclesLusamer Auto Body$ 125,000.00
02/29/1212-601aPainting and Body Repair Service for Automobiles and Light Duty VehiclesDiamond Auto Body$ 92,400.00
02/14/1212-010Artwork for Morristown Rail StationTim Gaydos$ 25,000.00
02/14/1212-603Two UPS Uninterruptable Power Supply BatteriesPower Service Concepts, Inc.$ 514,695.00
01/25/1212-017XPlatform E Structural Repairs to Newark Penn Station, Newark, NJJ-Track, LLC$ 3,391,500.00
01/24/1212-015Rail Walk-In VanMid-Atlantic Truck Centre, Inc.$ 212,622.00
01/23/1211-092ADevelopment of Geographic Informatin Services Applications/Preparation of Rail Maps - Task Order ConAECOM$ 0.00
01/19/1211-047Purchase of CNG BusesDesignLine USA$ 45,455,516.00
01/19/1212-302Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)PPC Lubricants, Inc.$ 186,576.00
01/13/1212-008XBrielle Drawbridge-Emergency RepairK.T. Marine, Inc.$ 40,801.00
01/10/1212-007Five Cubic Yard Rear Dump TruckMid-Atlantic Truck Centre, Inc.$ 119,400.00
12/14/1111-050Hardware, Software & Services from Clever DevicesClever Devices$ 26,281,992.00
12/13/1111-085Design, Engineering and Construction Assistance for the Replacement of Raritan Valley Line Upgrade BHNTB Corporation$ 905,764.00
11/17/1111-329ACustodial Services-Northeast CorridorChuk's Professional Cleaning$ 3,371,160.00
11/17/1111-329BCustodial Services-Northeast CorridorIndustrial Commercial Cleaning Group$ 1,421,087.38
11/16/1111-612FBus Components & Kits for NJ Transit's Neoplan Articulating Bus Overhaul Program (Group 9)North American Bus Industries (NABI)$ 170,232.91
11/16/1111-612DBus Components & Kits for NJ Transit's Neoplan Articulating Bus Overhaul Program (Group 5)New Flyer Industries Canada ULC$ 488,493.31
11/16/1111-612EBus Components & Kits for NJ Transit's Neoplan Articulating Bus Overhaul Program (Group 8)Hadley Products Corporation$ 179,545.84
11/16/1111-612BBus Components & Kits for NJ Transit's Neoplan Articulating Bus Overhaul Program (Group 2, 4, 7)Neopart LLC$ 818,220.88
11/16/1111-612ABus Components & Kits for NJ Transit's Neoplan Articulating Bus Overhaul Program (Group 1)Diesel Radiator Company, Inc.$ 124,440.00
11/16/1111-612CBus Components & Kits for NJ Transit's Neoplan Articulating Bus Overhaul Program (Group 3, 6)Muncie Reclamation and Supply DBA Muncie Transit Supply$ 185,980.00
11/14/1112-303Blended Ice Melting PelletsReed & Perrine Sales, Inc.$ 174,300.00
11/10/1111-026Tickets by Mail/Lockbox ServicesJP Morgan Chase Bank$ 158,454.00
11/04/1111-060TMAC Staffing StudyMACRO Corporation$ 251,059.30
11/03/1111-087XNorth Jersey Coast Line Painting of Bridge M.P. 4.07 over Cutters Dock Road Woodbridge, NJAllied Painting, Inc.$ 274,800.00
10/28/1111-075XRRe-roofing of Newark Penn StationG&M Eastern Contracting, Inc.$ 3,068,500.00
10/20/1112-301Fluid AnalysisANA Laboratories, Inc.$ 368,591.25
10/20/1111-079Market Street Bus Garage Geotech SurveyFrank H. Lehr Associates$ 4,845.00
10/19/1111-092BDevelopment of Geographic Informatin Services Applications/Preparation of Rail Maps - Task Order ConMichael Baker Jr., Inc.$ 0.00
10/17/1105-066Tickets by Mail/Lockbox ServicesJP Morgan Chase Bank$ 0.00
09/30/1109-068Engineering Assistance for Multi-level Passenger RailCar ProcurementLTK Engineering Services$ 6,999,222.00
09/30/1111-065XFinal Design & Construction of a DC Photovoltaic (PV) System at NJ Transit's MMC Kearny, NJBarrier Electric Company, Inc.$ 1,926,842.00
09/23/1111-335Precharged Engine Antifreeze ConcentratePPC Lubricants, Inc.$ 364,720.00
09/09/1111-053XKings Road Retaining Wall & Elm Street Bridge Repairs M.P. 25.61 to 25.80 and 26.17 Morristown Line,Precision General Contractors$ 1,368,000.00
09/09/1111-074XPennsauken Transit Center Phase II ACRL Station ConstructionTerminal Construction Corporation$ 13,800,000.00
09/06/1111-315-(B)Underground Storage Tank Testing ServicesPrestige Environmental, Inc.$ 0.00
09/06/1111-315-(1)Underground Storage Tank Testing ServicesDeMaio's Inc.$ 0.00
09/01/1111-614Bridge TimbersStella-Jones Corporation$ 200,000.00
08/19/1111-005BInformation Technology Internal Audit ServicesAltran Control Solutions$ 0.00
08/17/1111-063XNewark Light Rail, Davenport Avenue Station, Pedestrian Overpass Bridge DemolitionDMR Construction Services, Inc.$ 153,700.00
08/09/1110-099xParsons Transportation GroupDesign, Furnish, Construct, Test and Commision the ASES II Positive Train Control System$ 151,317,328.00
08/09/1111-005AInformation Technology Internal Audit ServicesClifton Gunderson LLP$ 0.00
08/08/1111-072Railroad Welder TruckMid-Atlantic Truck Centre, Inc.$ 570,106.00
08/04/1111-042xRed Bank Train Station Historic Roof StabilalizationNortheast Roof Maintenance, Inc.$ 693,800.00
08/03/1111-609BMiscellaneous Track MaterialProgress Rail Services$ 7,631,578.00
08/03/1111-609A1Miscellaneous Track MaterialVAE Nortrak North America, Inc.$ 407,404.00
08/03/1111-609A2Miscellaneous Track MaterialVAE Nortrak North America, Inc.$ 1,578,827.00
08/03/1111-609CMiscellaneous Track MaterialA&K Railroad Materials$ 826,510.00
08/03/1111-609DMiscellaneous Track MaterialHiRail Corporation$ 328,000.00
08/02/1111-310Industrial Wastewater Systems Cleaning and Waste DisposalAllstate Power Vac, Inc.$ 756,750.00
08/02/1111-330Undercover Investigation ServicesSummit Security Services, Inc.$ 923,104.00
07/21/1111-073Heavy Duty Bus Cargo TruckMid-Atlantic Truck Centre, Inc.$ 112,006.00
07/18/1111-045Supply of Firm Natural Gas for Compressed Natural Gas AccountHess Corporation$ 2,388,996.00
07/12/1107-062Purchase of Dual-Powered LocomotivesBombardier Transit Corporation$ 76,335,048.00
07/11/1111-029Purchase of Thirtyfoot Low Floor Transit BusesNorth American Bus Industries$ 16,696,852.00
06/22/1111-080Provide DAG Services for Corporate, Bus & Rail Operations Matters and ClaimsTreasurer, State of New Jersey (Department of Law & Public Safety)$ 3,978,791.00
06/22/1109-095BTask Order Contract - Vehicle & Equipment EngineeringLTK Engineering Services$ 0.00
06/20/1111-056Remanufacture of a Little Giant Truck CraneNorth American Equipment Sales$ 459,877.00
06/16/1111-046Adaptation of NJ Transit Infrastructure to Climate ChangeFirst Environment, Inc.$ 46,031.94
06/15/1111-340Purchase and Installation of CCTV Equipment & Supporting Peripherals for the Dover Train StationSiemens Industry, Inc.$ 310,000.00
06/15/1111-341Purchase & Installation of CCTV Equipment & Supporting Peripherals for the Dover Rail YardSiemens Industry, Inc.$ 396,331.66
06/15/1111-332A/C Regrigerant Recovery MachinesA&I Equipment$ 79,477.35
06/13/1111-068Survey at Market Street Bus GarageCarroll Engineering$ 14,950.00
06/11/1111-326Removal and Disposal of Dtrummed Hazardous and Regulated WastePhilips Service Company$ 193,753.75
06/10/1111-334Mid-Life Remanufacture of Mark III Production Tamper and Utility Trucks 4WDDelta Railroad Construction, Inc.$ 432,892.00
05/31/1111-328Replacement of Existing Roof-Mounted Chiller at the Newton Avenue Bus Maintenance FacilityPeterson Service Company, Inc.$ 53,896.00
05/27/1110-112XRHoboken Terminal Ferry Boat Storage FacilityJohn E. Hannon, Inc. T/A Bird Construction$ 915,517.00
05/12/1111-043New Jersey Transit Police Pursuit Sports Utility VehicleMall Chevrolet, Inc.$ 174,980.00
05/11/1111-327Fabrication and Delivery of Historical Ornamental Railing and Fence for Madison StationNational Fence Systems, Inc.$ 90,800.00
05/04/1111-067XInstallation & Integration of CCTV Security System at Suffern & Spring Valley Rail Yards, Rockland Open Systems Integrators, Inc.$ 607,000.00
05/03/1110-050Design, Engineering and Construction Assistance Services for Long Slip Bulkhead RestorationE2 Project Management, LLC$ 407,461.38
04/26/1111-324BTreatment & Pest Management of NJ Transit's Bus Fleet, Facilities & TerminalsPest-A-Side Exterminating$ 49,514.50
04/26/1111-324ATreatment & Pest Management of NJ Transit's Bus Fleet, Facilities & TerminalsCorbett Exterminating, Inc.$ 270,946.38
04/21/1111-036New Jersey Transit Police K-9 Pursuit Sports Utility VehicleMajor Chevrolet, Inc.$ 245,315.00
04/20/1111-055XInstallation and Integration of a CCTV Security System at Long Branch Rail Yard, Long Branch, NJTimothy P. Bryan Electric Company, Inc.$ 283,815.00
04/18/1110-046Risk Management & Insurance Broker ServicesMarsh USA, Inc.$ 80,000.00
04/08/1111-034Maplewood (GOB) Cafeteria and Vending Services40 Dreams Catering, LLC$ 0.00
04/08/1110-063Artwork for Lindenwold Rail StationJ. Kenneth Leap$ 50,000.00
04/08/1111-002XGeneral Office Building, Maplewood, NJ UPS System ReplacementJohn O'Hara Company, Inc.$ 2,126,148.00
04/06/1111-019XRahway Rail Station-Renovation of Two StairwaysTCI Construction & Management Company, Inc.$ 10,400.00
04/06/1110-039Project Design, Engineering and Construction Assistance Services for the Accessibility Improvements Stantec Consulting Services, Inc.$ 1,044,763.75
04/06/1111-316Aluminum Bus Stop Signs & Vinyl ArrowsCustom Products Corporation$ 71,530.00
03/30/1199060CM Services for the NERL FOSFR Harris/STV Joint Venture$ 0.00
03/29/1111-323Purchase Of An Automatic Spike Setter/Driver for NJ Transit Rail OperationsNordco, Inc.$ 308,255.00
03/29/1111-049Supply & Install a Redundant Server for Card Access & Alarms at GOBHenry Brothers Electronics$ 144,902.81
03/23/1111-322West Wharton Substation Rehabilitation-Extend Existing A-201 CircuitJBL Electric, Inc.$ 165,364.00
03/10/1111-318Hoboken Load StudyAmerican Electrical Testing company$ 104,980.00
03/10/1110-100Travel Instruction ServicesNJ TIP, Inc.$ 199,950.00
03/08/1110-013RDesktop Faxing ServicesData Network Solutions$ 74,400.00
02/25/1111-022Geotech at Davenport StationGentech Engineering Associates$ 5,000.00
02/25/1110-017XNewark Penn Station ADA Improvements-Bus Lane 1Green Construction, Inc.$ 398,888.88
02/25/1111-027Survey Work for Burlington Rail YardReynolds Group$ 6,600.00
02/25/1111-038Survey Service for MOW Building NCSJ. Peter Borbas$ 3,900.00
02/10/1111-017XRehabilitation of Atlantic City Crew QuartersOcean Construction, LLC$ 212,978.00
02/08/1111-048Analyze The Effects Of Bridge Removal On NLR Catenary SystemJacobs$ 22,842.00
02/07/1111-044Purchase of a Police CBRNE Respomse VehiclePierce Manufacturing, Inc.$ 399,683.00
01/27/1109-107RNewark Light Rail (NLR) Central Control System (CCS) ReplacementARINC, Inc.$ 2,184,473.75
01/19/1111-032Purchase of Two Main Insulated Aerial Platform Truck W/Telescopic Boom and 1,000 Pound JIBMid-Atlantic Truck Centre, Inc.$ 374,247.00
01/13/1109-108FRailroad Bridge InspectionsHNTB Corporation$ 679,137.62
01/13/1110-012Telecom Expense ManagementWireless Watchdogs, LLC$ 356,400.00
01/13/1111-041Survey Services at Newark Penn Station Platform EastBorbas Mapping and Surveying$ 16,000.00
01/12/1107-332RMaintenance, Operations & Services-East Concourse, New York Penn StationGuardian Service Industries, Inc.$ 2,143,303.50
12/15/1011-603LED Interior Bus Lighting Retrofit KitsI/O Controls$ 1,363,306.00
12/09/1010-119XRHazlet & Red Bank Rail Stations, ADA ImprovementsHutton Construction, LLC$ 183,013.00
11/29/1011-309Treatment and Pest Management of NJ Transit's Newark Light Rail Fleet, Facilities and StationsCorbett Exterminating, Inc.$ 31,350.60
11/18/1010-095Purchase of Various Small & Mid-Size Vans and Mini Buses with LiftsArcola Sales & Service Corp.$ 6,439,452.00
11/18/1010-123XADA Improvements at the Montclair State University Rail Station Parking DeckPrecision General Contractors, Inc.$ 126,485.00
11/17/1011-024XParking Lot Pothole Repairs at Annadale Rail StationTec-Con Contractors, Inc.$ 8,910.00
11/16/1011-020XADA Improvements at East Orange Rail StationBerto Construction, Inc.$ 29,832.90
11/15/1010-614Low Boy TrailerDelta Railroad Construction, Inc.$ 124,200.00
11/12/1011-306Landscape & Litter Maintenance Program at Avandale Park & Ride FacilityIndustrial Commercial Cleaning Group$ 309,193.28
11/12/1011-307Annual Blanket Agreement for Seat ChecksLont & Overkamp Publishing Company$ 950,300.00
11/11/1011-304Blended Ice Melting PelletsDart Seasonal Products, Inc.$ 175,300.00
11/11/1011-035Camden Special Services DistrictGreater Camden Partnership$ 50,000.04
11/09/1009-088BTask Order Contract for Environmental EngineeringRoux Associates, Inc.$ 61,460.45
11/02/1010-332R4,000lb Capacity Narrow Aisle Articulating Front End Ride-On Electric Forklift with All Accessories Highlander Equipment Company$ 71,619.00
10/27/1010-096XFurnish & Install a CCTV Perimeter Security System for Bayhead Rail YardTimothy P. Bryan Electric Company, Incorporated$ 349,144.69
10/22/1010-078Employee Benefit Consulting ServicesThe Segal Company$ 196,797.00
10/20/1011-601Aluminum House Assemblies and Bungalow HousesFabricated Metals, LLC$ 149,311.00
10/20/1011-014Survey Work at Watsessing Rail StationThe Reynolds Group$ 4,970.00
10/14/1011-308Snow Removal Equipment for the Roofs of Buses - Supply and InstallZebra Marketing, Inc.$ 355,000.00
10/07/1011-030Purchase of Five Light Duty Cargo VansFlemington Buick Chevrolet Pontiac GMC, Inc.$ 112,750.00
10/06/1010-098XWestwood Rail Station ADA ImprovementsPrecision General Contractors$ 220,000.00
10/04/1011-602Communications VaultsLynx Communications$ 37,698.46
09/28/1010-019XConstruction Accessibility Improvements to New Brunswick Train StationRailroad Construction Company, Inc.$ 1,670,470.00
09/28/1011-021Funding for Construction of a Railroad Station Maintenance of Way Facilities & Conveyance of Real EsWood-Ridge Development$ 25,907.00
09/27/1010-087Purchase of Two Cruiser BusesMotor Coach Industries, Inc.$ 1,106,364.00
09/24/1011-011Survey at Anderson St & Hoboken Rail StationCarroll Engineering Corporation$ 11,765.00
09/17/1010-115Survey Services for Elizabeth Train StationJ. Peter Borbas Surveying$ 45,480.00
09/09/1010-617CDiesel Particulate Filter Kits - Item 3Johnson & Towers, Inc.$ 52,920.00
09/02/1010-617BDiesel Particulate Filter Kits - Item 2Cummins Power Systems LLC$ 2,312,348.25
09/02/1010-617ADiesel Particulate Filter Kits - Item 1Atlantic Detroit Diesel-Allison LLC$ 3,447,150.00
08/31/1010-334Diesel-Powered 60' Sweeping Path and 48' Scrubbing Path Rider Sweeper/ScrubberLincoln Service & Equipment Company$ 102,580.00
08/16/1010-062XRehabilitation of Lindenwold Train StationRailroad Construction Company, Inc.$ 2,496,600.00
08/12/1010-025Construction Management Services for the Portal Bridge Capacity Enhancement ProjectAECOM/STV JV$ 16,397,541.00
08/12/1010-010ASES II Support ServicesHNTB$ 3,241,123.00
08/12/1009-095CTask Order Contract - Vehicle & Equipment EngineeringSTV, Inc.$ 0.00
08/12/1009-024BBroker Services for Portal Bridge EnhancementsMarsh USA, Inc.$ 6,376,015.00
08/11/1010-613DWork Equipment (MOW) - Tile Remover/InserterNordco, Inc.$ 309,853.00
08/06/1010-315Safety Electrical Training ProgramPowerskills for Life LLC$ 61,580.00
07/30/1010-0906 Man Tool TruckBrian Hoskins Ford$ 114,000.00
07/29/1010-082XMadison Rail Station ADA ImprovementsTec-Con Contractors, Inc.$ 189,200.00
07/29/1010-075xMeadows Maintenance Complex Fueling Facility Environmental UpgradeA & J Construction Company$ 899,600.00
07/29/1010-081XPassaic Train Station State of Good Repairs (SOGR)H&G Contractors$ 233,695.00
07/29/1010-109Geotech Willingboro Park & RideGentech Engineering Associates$ 5,800.00
07/28/1010-092New Jersey Transit Police Pursuit SedansEd Carney Ford, Inc.$ 173,322.00
07/26/1010-051XNorth Jersey Coastline Culvert ReplacementGreen Construction$ 1,274,250.00
07/26/1010-333200 Ton L-Frame Roll PressMetro Hydraulic Jack Company$ 56,495.00
07/22/1009-116Parking Management Services At Route 17, Ramsey, NJStandard Parking Corporation$ 0.00
07/22/1010-064XHoboken Terminal Train Shed RepairsHall Construction Company, Inc.$ 2,147,000.00
07/22/1009-115Parking Management Services At Montclair State UniversityStandard Parking Corporation$ 0.00
07/13/1010-044AGeneral Geographic Information System ServicesGeo Decisions, a Division of Gannett Fleming, Inc.$ 0.00
07/13/1010-044DGeneral Geographic Information System ServicesAECOM USA, Inc.$ 0.00
07/12/1009-089Task Order Contract - Vertical TransportationGannett Fleming, Inc.$ 0.00
07/09/1010-045Consultant Support for Federal Transit Administration Prevention of Alcohol Misuse and Prohibited DrCompliance Oversight Solutions Ideal, LLC (COSI)$ 593,200.00
07/07/1010-070Post Employment Benefits (OPEB) & Other Actuarial ServicesDeloitte Consulting, LLP$ 181,526.00
07/06/1010-613AWork Equipment (MOW) - Dual Anchor SpreaderNordco, Inc.$ 204,085.00
07/06/1010-328Biocide Treatment of Fuel TanksWasak, Inc.$ 53,088.00
07/01/1010-055RPurchase of Medium Transit BusesAmerican Bus & Coach LLC$ 3,195,724.00
06/30/1010-613BWork Equipment (MOW) - Dual Anchor AdjusterRacine Railroad Products, Inc.$ 182,522.00
06/30/1010-613CWork Equipment (MOW) - Backhoe LoadersSeely Equipment & Supply Company$ 236,400.00
06/28/1010-317Aluminum Bus Information SignsGarden State Highway Products, Inc.$ 61,600.00
06/24/1010-327Removal & Disposal of Scrap Ties & TimbersEast Coast Railroad Services LLC$ 157,140.00
06/23/1010-102Survey at East & South Orange Train StationThe Reynolds Group$ 6,200.00
06/23/1010-329Bin Fill Services for Fasteners, Brass Fittings, and Electrical Terminals & ConnectorsLawson Products, Inc.$ 40,861.20
06/22/1010-128Purchase of a Dump TruckWinner Ford of Cherry Hill$ 42,485.00
06/17/1010-066xHighland Ave. Rail Station-Pedestrian Tunnel RepairsSparwick Contracting, Inc.$ 479,946.00
06/14/1009-619rRehabilitation of the West Wharton Substation and Morris & Essex LinesTru-Val Electric Corporation$ 1,717,000.00
06/10/1010-077FY'2010 Utility TrucksWinner Ford of Cherry Hill$ 618,955.00
06/09/1010-607AAnnual Inspection and Repair of Aerial Devices, Digger Deericks and Other Trucks - Northern DivisioAerial-Rise LLC$ 117,000.00
06/09/1010-607BAnnual Inspection and Repair of Aerial Devices, Digger Deericks and Other Trucks - Southern DivisioHainesport Auto & Truck Repair$ 121,500.00
06/03/1010-080Telecom Bill Audit & Recovery ServicesShahaeen & Associates, Inc.$ 0.00
05/27/1009-032Construction Management Services for the Rehabilitation of Hoboken Ferry Terminal Phase IIITishman Construction Corporation of New Jersey$ 2,340,489.00
05/27/1009-096BQuantitive & Quantitive Research AnalysisICF Macro International, Inc.$ 0.00
05/26/1009-134Artwork for Plauderville Rail StationClyde Lynds$ 60,000.00
05/26/1010-1132010 Legal Assistance for Office of the Attorney GeneralTreasurer State of New Jersey$ 4,128,791.00
05/26/1008-102RArtwork for Hoboken Ferry Slip-Rehabilitation ProjectAndrew Ginzel$ 193,000.00
05/14/1010-606Purchase of Trolley WireLynx Communications$ 44,352.00
05/06/1010-072Electric Generation ServiceConstellation NewEnergy, Inc.$ 4,070,393.00
05/05/1010-079Financial Advisory Consultant ServicesScott Balice Strategies, LLC$ 480,000.00
05/05/1007-051DArtwork for the Underpass at 22nd Street Light Rail Station, Bayonne, NJTim Gaydos$ 35,000.00
05/05/1010-083Survey Services at the Fairview Bus GarageJ. Peter Borbas$ 8,395.00
05/03/1009-038xFinal Design and Construction of Palisades TunnelPTP Constructors$ 258,786,000.00
05/03/1010-326Systemwide Weed Spraying ServicesDeAngelo Brothers, Inc.$ 0.00
04/30/1010-093Geotech at New Brunswick StationGentech Engineering Associates$ 4,600.00
04/19/1010-324Bottled WaterT&B Specialties, Inc.$ 1,105,560.00
04/16/1009-096CQuantitive & Quantitive Market Research AnalysisResource Systems Group, Inc.$ 0.00
04/16/1010-033XMarket Street Bus Lane Fueling RelocationAPS Contractors, Inc.$ 1,754,950.00
04/14/1010-608ACommunication & Signal CableBenfield Electric Supply Company$ 291,095.00
04/10/1010-608BCommunication & Signal CableThe Okonite Company, Inc.$ 726,310.00
04/06/1009-128XRWood-Ridge Train Station Parking ExpansionD. Gencarelli Build & Equipment Corporation$ 151,044.25
04/02/1010-603RCrossties-Annual AgreementStella-Jones Corporation$ 4,331,635.00
03/31/1010-0356-Man Line Truck, 25, 500 pounds GVWRBrian Hoskins Ford$ 193,750.00
03/30/1008-102CArtwork for Hoboken Ferry Slip - Corrugated WallKate Dodd, LLC$ 99,000.00
03/29/1010-302Custodial Services for NJ Transit Bus TerminalsMaverick Building Services$ 0.00
03/27/1010-022Construction Support for Design Build Contract No.09-119X Phase I Pennsauken Transfer Center RiverliBombardier Mass Transit Corporation$ 380,500.00
03/26/1009-091CTask Order Contract - Stations, Access & Parking Planning ServicesWalker Parking Consultants/Engineers, Inc.$ 0.00
03/26/1010-071AD Hoc Emergency Response Network (AHERN)Defense Finance & Accounting d/b/a US Army ARDEC$ 507,780.00
03/25/1009-070Bergen County Local Bus ServiceCommunity Transportation, Inc.$ 41,339,324.00
03/25/1010-085Amtrak Force Account Work Flagging and Inspection Services for the TunnelAmtrak$ 66,000.00
03/24/1010-323Service Contract for the Inspection,Repair & Maintenance of NJ Transit Bus Operations Vehicle Lift &Permadur Industries d/b/a Sissco$ 209,012.00
03/23/1010-311Retrofit VAV Equipment from Pneumatic to Electric SystemPeterson Service Company$ 166,472.00
03/18/1010-3196,000-lb. Capacity Ride-On Propane-Powered ForkliftCherry Valley Tractor Sales$ 31,395.00
03/09/1010-322Skid Steer Loader for Port Morris YardNorth Jersey Bobcat, Inc.$ 43,490.00
03/08/1010-314Replacement of Overhead Doors Kearny MMCLombardy Door Sales & Service Company$ 233,552.00
03/04/1010-320Emergency Diesel Generator for Lower Hackensack Drawbridge - Supply & InstallAtlantic Detroit Diesel-Allison LLC$ 149,687.00
03/02/1009-085BTask Order Contract-Construction ManagementJCMS$ 0.00
03/02/1010-069Survey of Hoboken Dry DockThe Reynolds Group$ 6,600.00
03/02/1009-085CTask Order Contract-Construction ManagementKS Engineers, Inc.$ 0.00
03/02/1009-085ATask Order Contract-Construction ManagementHill International$ 0.00
03/02/1009-085DTask Order Contract-Construction ManagementLiro Program and Construction Management$ 0.00
03/01/1010-049Purchase of Two Light Duty Single Bucket TrucksDFFLM, LLC$ 181,166.00
03/01/1010-016XHistorical Restoration of Morristown Train StationJohn O'Hara Company, Inc.$ 2,478,795.75
02/25/1010-053Survey Services Anandale Rail StationCarroll Engineering Corporation$ 8,495.00
02/25/1010-068Survey Services at the MSU Rail StationBorbas Surveying & Mapping LLC$ 7,675.00
02/23/1010-304Disposal of Oil Contaminated Industrial Bulk WasteClean Venutre, Inc.$ 156,375.00
02/22/1009-071XFender System Repairs to Raritan River DrawbridgePKF-Mark III, Inc.$ 1,574,000.00
02/22/1009-087CTask Order Contract - Bridge and Railway EngineeringModjeski and Masters, Inc.$ 0.00
02/22/1009-130Construction Management Services for the 69th Street Grade Separation projectSTV, Incorporated$ 3,134,217.50
02/16/1010-043Bus Digital Microwave Radio System ReplacementAlcatel-Lucent USA, Inc.$ 5,959,750.00
02/16/1010-313AQUEOUS Parts Cleaning SystemBetter Engineering Manufacturing, Inc.$ 76,410.00
02/12/1009-092BTask Order contract - Transit Friendly Planning, Land Use & DevelopmentRegional Plan Association$ 0.00
02/11/1010-308Asbestos Monitoring & Technical ServicesTTI Environmental$ 0.00
02/09/1009-092CTask Order contract - Transit Friendly Planning, Land Use & DevelopmentLooney Ricks Kiss$ 100,000.00
02/09/1010-305CUnderground Storage Tank Monitoring & Technical ServicesM.M. Wertheim, Inc.$ 150,000.00
02/05/1010-061XHoboken Rail Yard - Long Slip Bulkhead Wall Collapse - Emergency Repair AuthorizedGeorge Harms Construction Company, Inc.$ 1,723,667.00
02/05/1010-028Atlantic City Rail Line Operations StudyLTK Engineering Services, Inc.$ 771,565.00
02/03/1009-087ATask Order Contract - Bridge and RailwayAECOM USA, Inc.$ 0.00
02/03/1010-605Copper WireBenfield Electric Supply Company$ 109,650.00
02/02/1010-009Purchase of Cutaway Mini-Buses with LiftsThe Joint Venture of the Starcraft Division of Forest River, Inc. & Jersey Shore Bus Sales, Inc.$ 2,116,680.00
01/29/1010-027Route 55/42/676 BRT Options Alternative AnalysisAECOM USA, Inc.$ 749,587.00
01/28/1010-031Purchase of a Rescue VehiclePierce Manufacturing, Inc.$ 749,962.00
01/27/1010-310Eight Thousand-Pound (8,000-lb) Capacity Ride-On Electric-Powered Forklift (3)Liftec, Inc.$ 167,961.00
01/26/1009-100Administrative and Financial Review Services for NJ Transit Employee Benefits PlansHR Best Oractia$ 123,000.00
01/22/1010-030Diesel Fuel Hedsing ProgramLinwood Capital, LLC$ 108,000.00
01/20/1009-108ARailroad Bridge InspectionsKS Engineers, Inc.$ 946,280.75
01/20/1009-108CRailroad Bridge InspectionsMichael J. Baker Jr., Inc.$ 651,722.06
01/20/1009-136Lease Administration and Management Services, Tenant and Parking Operating AgreementsGreystone Corporate Realty Services$ 1,545,000.00
01/20/1009-108BRailroad Bridge InspectionsHardesty & Hanover$ 736,300.00
01/19/1009-087BTask Order Contract - Bridge and RailwayHDR Engineering, Inc.$ 0.00
01/19/1009-087DTask Order Contract - Bridge and RailwayTranSystems Corporation$ 0.00
01/19/1010-014XLackawanna Cut-Off MOS Trackbed Restoration ProjectUnion Paving & Construction Company$ 4,340,050.00
01/19/1009-086BTask Order Contract-Architectural/Engineering ServicesParsons Transportation Group, Inc.$ 0.00
01/19/1010-023XGladstone Yard-Ground Air & Power ProjectHutton Construction, LLC$ 1,765,240.00
01/19/1009-091ATask Order Contract - Stations, Access & Parking PlanningHNTB$ 0.00
01/15/1010-312Large-Sized Industrial Rider SweeperLincoln Service & Equipment Company$ 45,972.00
01/15/1009-131XConstruction of the 69th Street Grade Separation ProjectTarheel Enterprises, Inc.$ 22,027,108.00
01/15/1010-026Purchase of Police Sport Utility VehiclesWinner Ford of Cherry Hill$ 409,914.00
01/13/1010-054Survey Services Red Bank Rail StationJ. Peter Borbas Surveying$ 1,630.00
12/31/0906-335Clear Polyethylene Trash BagsFederal Equipment & Manufacturing Company (FEMCO)$ 1,080,373.50
12/30/0909-029Administration/Financial Services for NJTransit's Defined Contribution PlansGreat West Retirement Services$ 0.00
12/24/0910-602230 Kvolt Disconnect Switches-Phase 2 Meadows/Mason Substation (Material Only)Benfield Electric Supply Company$ 312,742.00
12/23/0909-104Pre-Employment / Current Employees Background ChecksInquiries, Inc.$ 286,350.00
12/18/0909-090ASite Planning & Transit Analysis ServicesARUP, USA, Inc.$ 0.00
12/18/0909-096Task Order Contract - Qualitative & Quantitative ResearchTechnoMetrica, Inc.$ 0.00
12/18/0909-094ATask Order Contract - Travel Demand ForecastingAECOM USA, Inc.$ 0.00
12/18/0909-093ARail Operations & Infrastructure Planning ServicesPB Americas, Inc.$ 0.00
12/18/0909-093BRail Operations & Infrastructure Planning ServicesLTK Engineering Services, Inc.$ 0.00
12/18/0909-090CSite Planning & Transit Analysis Services TO ContractThe Louis Berger Group, Inc.$ 0.00
12/18/0909-094BTask order Contract - Travel Demand ForecastingMichael Baker Jr., Inc.$ 0.00
12/17/0910-305BUnderground Storage Tank Monitoring & Technical ServicesDeMaio's, Inc.$ 202,935.00
12/09/0909-091BTask Order Contract - Stations, Access & Parking PlanningThe RBA Group$ 0.00
12/09/0910-305AUnderground Storage Tank Monitoring & Technical ServicesPrestige Environmental, Inc.$ 418,730.00
12/09/0909-088ATask Order Contract - Environmental EngineeringDewberry-Goodkind, Inc.$ 0.00
12/09/0909-092ATask Order contract - Transit Friendly Planning, Land Use & DevelopmentEE&K Architects$ 0.00
12/09/0910-307BSnow Plowing ServicesJ. Gatarz & Sons, Inc.$ 200,000.00
12/09/0910-307ASnow Plowing ServicesJoseph Hamilton Construction, Inc.$ 275,000.00
12/09/0909-093CTask Order Contract - Rail Operations & Infrastructure PlanningBooz Allen Hamilton$ 0.00
12/09/0910-307CSnow Plowing ServicesEagle Paving Company$ 50,000.00
12/09/0909-086DTask Order Contract-Architectural/Engineering ServicesGannett Fleming, Inc.$ 0.00
12/08/0909-127BPurchase of Various Small & Mid-Size Transit BusesAmerican Bus & Coach, LLC$ 987,060.00
12/08/0909-127APurchase of Various Small & Mid-Size Transit BusesThe Joint Venture of the Starcraft Division of Forest River, Inc. & Jersey Shore Bus Sales, Inc.$ 1,499,568.00
12/03/0910-306RLocomotive Traction SandT&B Specialties, Inc.$ 609.00
12/01/0910-005XConstruction of Pedestrian and Traffic Circulation Improvements on the West Side of Newark Penn StatAnselmi & DeCicco, Inc.$ 10,215,368.00
12/01/0910-040Survey Services for Westwood StationThe Reynolds Group$ 3,000.00
12/01/0910-601Metal Fabrication and Tooling of Bus and Rail EquipmentHudson Machine Works & Sheet Metal Products$ 500,000.00
11/24/0910-037XRahway Rail Station-ADA ImprovementsRahway Rail Station - ADA Improvements$ 35,000.00
11/20/0909-109XOradell Bus Garage - Diesel Fuel SystemT. Slack Environmental Services Inc.$ 485,052.00
11/20/0909-088BTask Order Contract - Environmental EngineeringRoux Associates, Inc.$ 0.00
11/20/0909-124XRehabilitation of Lower hack Lift Bridge Phasa IINortheast Aussie Construction$ 14,804,409.00
11/20/0909-088CTask Order Contract - Environmental EngineeringHatch Mott MacDonald$ 0.00
11/20/0909-086ATask Order Contract-Architectural/EngineeringMedina Consultants$ 0.00
11/20/0909-086CTask Order Contract-Architectural/Engineering ServicesMedina Consultants$ 0.00
11/19/0909-122XPlauderville Rail Station Platform and Canopy ConstructionAnselmi & Decicco, Inc.$ 7,855,475.00
11/18/0909-036ATVM TOM Network Connectivity ProjectAtlanticom, Inc.$ 1,500,000.00
11/18/0910-036XNorth Hackensack Station Potholes RepairJ.A. Alexander$ 28,864.10
11/12/0909-321RCustodial Services for Morrisville Yard Facility (Transportation & Mechanical) located in MorrisvillOriental Pacific Maintenance Company, Inc.$ 278,136.00
11/12/0910-301Tree Trimming ServicesTree Trimming Services$ 420,075.00
11/11/0909-119XFinal Design & Construction of Pennsauken Transfer Station, Phase 1 Riverline StationNortheast Remsco Construciton, Inc.$ 2,080,000.00
11/04/0909-090BTask Order Contract - Site Planning and Transit AnalysisChristopher Statile, P.A.$ 0.00
10/28/0910-303Blended Ice Melting PelletsT&B Specialties, Inc.$ 207,250.00
10/28/0909-318Disposal of Non-Hazardous SoilInterstate Industrial Corporation$ 2,678,250.00
10/26/0909-020XRHoboken Ferry Terminal Rehabilitation - Phase IIIHall Construction Company, Inc.$ 29,475,000.00
10/26/0909-083XNewark Penn Station-Police Lower Level-HVAC Upgrade, Newark, NJGeorge S. Hall, Inc.$ 226,553.50
10/23/0910-300Four Simplex Jacks for Wreck Truck at MMC Car ShopMetro Hydraulic Jack Company$ 75,827.60
10/20/0909-329Environmental Laboratory ServicesAqua Pro-Tech Laboratory Services$ 202,583.50
10/15/0909-132Purchase of A Fuel / Lube TruckMid-Atlantic Truck Centre, Inc.$ 360,210.00
10/14/0909-121HBLR '440 Extension'AKRF, Inc.$ 244,032.33
10/06/0910-024Lindenwold Rail Station Site SurveyThe Reynolds Group$ 24,500.00
10/02/0909-322Locomotive Diesel Crankcase OilDavid Weber Oil Company$ 448,272.00
09/28/0909-606Repair and Retrun of Arrow III Traction MotorsSwiger Coil / Sherowood Electromotion$ 2,246,523.00
09/16/0909-129xRaritan Rail Station Reroofing & Canopy RepairsPravco, Inc,$ 219,762.00
09/16/0909-333Annual Blanket Agreement for Seat Notices, Brochures and PostersPrisma Graphics, Inc.$ 703,750.00
09/11/0909-123xPSNY - 7th Avenue concourse Backup Power Project (New York, NY)Daidone Electric, Inc.$ 468,000.00
09/04/0909-609Body End Door Linear Motor SystemWestcode, Inc.$ 426,922.00
09/01/0909-618(2)Extra-heavy Duty Brake DrumsAtlantic Detroit Diesel-Allison LLC$ 40,800.00
08/31/0909-328Four & Six Column Portable Lift SystemHoffman Services, Inc.$ 261,250.00
08/31/0909-618(1)Extra-heavy Duty Brake DrumsSuperior Distributors$ 598,930.12
08/30/0905-056Artwork for Metro Park Rail StationMCA Arts, Inc.$ 76,000.00
08/26/0909-076XPurchase and Installation of 250 Bus SheltersHandi-Hut, Inc.$ 1,085,573.00
08/23/0906-029BMonmouth/Middlesex County Local Bus ServiceAcademy Express, LLC$ 23,322,416.00
08/21/0909-616230 Kvolt Disconnect Switches at Meadows/mason Substation, Stage 1Benfield Electric Supply Company$ 224,488.00
08/19/0909-332Two (2) 4, 000 HP DC Resistive-Type Load BanksMosebach Manufacturing$ 350,610.00
08/18/0909-326Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel for NJ Transit Bus LocationsSprague Energy Corporation$ 37,963,332.00
08/18/0909-327Diesel Duel for NJ Transit Rail LocationsSprague Energy Corporation$ 24,074,800.00
08/17/0910-020Enhanced Service for Disabled Population in DVRPC & SJTPO AreasCross County Connection$ 150,000.00
08/17/0910-021Consulting Services to Develop A Regional Coordinated Human Services Transportation PlanSouth Jersey Transportation Authority$ 197,526.00
08/17/0910-018Enhanced Service for Disabled Population in Camden CountySenior Citizens Community Services$ 95,000.00
08/13/0909-325HVAC & Related Systems ServicesGeorge S. Hall, Inc.$ 2,977,781.75
08/13/0909-325HVAC & Related Systems ServicesGeorge S. Hall, Inc.$ 2,977,781.75
08/11/0909-334Laser Printing of Operating ReportsPrisma Graphics, Inc.$ 25,310.00
08/10/0909-077XWashington Street Station Elevator Rehabilitation ProjectJohn O'Hara Company, Inc.$ 516,628.00
08/07/0909-117XMobile Traffic Signal Priority for NJT Bus Fleet HBC Company, Inc.$ 467,680.00
08/05/0909-111XRehabilitation of Paterson Bus TerminalJohn O'Hara Company, Inc.$ 1,428,294.50
08/05/0910-004Biz Trank and Biz Net Systems Maintenance and Client Support ServicesBusiness Innovations Plus Inc.$ 89,940.00
08/03/0909-330Snorkel Boom Lift for Egg harbor Township GarageUnited Rentals (North America) Inc.$ 66,800.00
07/31/0910-011Test Embankment Hudson County Improvement AuthortyHudson County Improvement Authority$ 442,370.00
07/30/0909-133BComputer Consulting ServicesComputer Aid, Inc.$ 178,500.00
07/30/0909-110XCulvert Replacement and diversionary Flow Morristowwn line culvert at M.P. 36.87, Randolph Township,Rosangela Contracting Company$ 902,510.25
07/28/0909-323Electronic Key Boxes- Security Asset ManagersDelmar$ 37,145.00
07/20/0908-611Brake Shoes for Comet CarsRail Road Friction Product$ 150,480.00
07/17/0910-003Verizon - Utility RelocationsVerizon$ 73,000.00
07/17/0910-002United Water Utility RelocationsUnited Water $ 74,760.00
07/17/0909-118XNewark City Subway Portal Curve Trackwork Phase 2, Located in Newark, NJDMR Construction Services, Inc.$ 674,700.00
07/17/0909-082XWhitehouse Rail Station Reroofing & Canopy RepairsNortheast Roof Maintenance$ 508,990.00
07/16/0909-612ASignal Material Bungalows and CasesFabricated Metals$ 601,607.00
07/16/0909-612CSignal Material for North Jersey Coast LineSafetran Systems Corporation$ 75,463.26
07/15/0909-084XHistoric Interior Restoration for the Rutherford Train Station, Rutherford, NJCollette Contracting, Inc.$ 988,000.00
07/08/0909-024ARisk Management & Insurance Broker Services for THE Tunnel Project/The Portal Bridge ProjectWillis of New York, Inc.$ 8,154,000.00
07/02/0909-610Differential Rebuild Kits for Meritor Axle ModelsMuncie Reclamation & Supply Company$ 426,960.00
07/01/0910-047Parking Management Services MorristownStandard Parking Corporation$ 0.00
06/30/0909-005RComputer Hardware Maintenance and Support ServiceVolta Delta Resources, LLC - Maintech Division$ 289,627.00
06/30/0909-611BTrack Material - Group B Switch TimbersStella-Jones/BPB Corp.$ 93,469.40
06/25/0909-617Passenger Car 50 Cell BatteriesHoppecke Batteries, Inc.$ 151,128.00
06/24/0909-611ETrack Material - Group E Stick RailVossloh Track Material, inc.$ 507,747.59
06/24/0909-611DTrack Material-Group D Joint BarsCleveland Track Material, Inc.$ 24,960.00
06/24/0909-611ATrack Material - Group A Switch MaterialVAE Nortrak North America, Inc.$ 1,895,179.00
06/24/0909-126Survey Services at Various Stations (Mini-GEC)Borbas Surveying & Mapping LLC$ 4,780.00
06/23/0909-069Purchase of Type The Joint Venture of the Starcraft Division of Forest River, Inc. & Jersey Shore Bus Sales, Inc.$ 6,191,298.00
06/23/0909-324Blanket Agreement Employee Timetable Schedules, Operating Rules and Other InstructionsJOS Graphics, Inc.$ 50,000.00
06/22/0909-615Pinion Beaking Assemblies for Swing Bridge # 57.63 Over Beach Thorofare, Atlantic city, NJWhite Marine$ 68,990.00
06/22/0909-074Purchase of Type 'M' & 'N' Mini-Buses for Access LinkShepard Brothers, inc.$ 1,237,116.00
06/15/0906-029AMonmouth/Middlesex County Local Bus ServiceConn (Monmouth)$ 16,742,735.00
06/11/0909-137NJ Transit Police Department AssessmentInternational Association of Chiefs of Police, Inc.$ 155,000.00
06/10/0909-072Purchase of Full-Size SedansWinner Ford of Cherry Hill$ 1,568,754.00
06/08/0909-022XLinden Rail Station Platform RepairsBoca Bay Group$ 186,180.00
06/05/0909-125Police Chief SearchInternational Association of Chiefs of Police, Inc.$ 35,000.00
06/04/0908-075CArtwork for Sommerville Rail StationTom Nussbaum$ 70,000.00
06/03/0909-037XConstruction of Tonnelle Avenue UnderpassFerreira Construction$ 13,558,500.00
06/03/0909-055XPainting of Railroad Bridge at MP 31.69 in Somerset CountyAussie Painting Corporation$ 211,410.00
05/29/0907-051BArtwork for 8th Street Light Rail Station, Bayone, NJ - SculptureRichard J. Haas$ 50,000.00
05/22/0909-057XWalter Rand Transportation Center Elevator Lobby Curtain Wall ImprovementsStanker & Galetto, Inc.$ 634,626.00
05/21/0909-066XEdison Train Station Park & Ride Parking Lot Expansion, Edison, NJPetillo, Inc.$ 4,698,000.00
05/18/0909-045Mainframe Computer Upgrade, 3 Years Maintenance, Repair & Warranty and Software LicensesMainline Information Systems, Inc.$ 1,438,944.88
05/13/0909-064XEmerson Rail Station Reroofing & Station RepairsNortheast Roof Maintenance, Inc.$ 133,648.30
05/08/0909-608ZF Transmission Parts Annual ContractPrecision Transmission, Inc.$ 515,000.00
05/08/0909-319Bus Wheel Rim Cleaning SystemPedtech, LLC$ 115,099.00
05/06/0909-043XSomerville Train Station Accessibility Improvements ProjectTerminal Construction Corporation$ 15,273,000.00
05/06/0909-049XPABT Control Center Upgrades ProjectDaidone Electric, Inc.$ 2,898,000.00
05/01/0909-114Survey Services at Port Morris Rail YardCarroll Engineering Corporation$ 5,100.00
04/27/0909-034Purchase of a Service TruckFDCJ, T/A Flemington Dodge$ 72,294.00
04/26/0909-133AComputer Consulting ServicesComputer Aid, Inc.$ 0.00
04/17/0909-008XMarket Street Bus Garage MPE Groundwater RemediationCreamer Environmental, Inc.$ 849,005.00
04/13/0909-048XCanopy Roof Replacement for Roselle Park StationNortheast Roof Maintenance$ 121,519.00
04/03/0909-078XSecaucus Jct Station Improvements Stage 1-Faregate Relocation Project Stage 2-Crew Qtrs Quiet RoomJohn O'Hara Company, Inc.$ 329,373.00
04/02/0909-042Purchase of Police CarsEd Carney Ford, Inc.$ 227,603.00
03/31/0909-112Purchase of Eight Ford EscapesFlemington Ford Lincoln Mercury$ 170,056.00
03/26/0909-312RBreakaway Square Tube Sign Pole Systems (4,000) and Aluminum Drive Riets (20,000)U.S. Municipal Supply$ 109,380.00
03/12/0909-306RCustodial Services-Gladstone LineGreen Space Building & Design LLC$ 154,768.44
03/10/0908-308Janitorial Service-Northeast Corridor-NorthernBradford & Byrd Associates, Inc.$ 3,368,473.00
03/09/0908-337Precharged Engine Antifreeze ConcentrateDavid Weber Oil Company$ 312,033.00
03/04/0909-017Bergen Passaic Bus StudyJacobs Engineering Group, Inc.$ 807,284.00
03/03/0909-025Geotech Work at New Brunswick Train StationGentech Engineering Associates$ 4,600.00
02/25/0909-098Legal Services - Property AcquisitionsDeCotiis, Fitzpatrick, Wisler, LLP$ 600,000.00
02/25/0909-059Survey Services at Davenport Avenue LRSThe Reynolds Group$ 7,600.00
02/25/0909-097Legal Services - Property AcquisitionsJohn J. Curley$ 800,000.00
02/25/0909-099Legal Services - Property AcquisitionsRiker, Danzig, Scherer, Hyland, LLP$ 600,000.00
02/24/0909-040XConstruction of Interior Improvements to Elizabeth Rail Station, Elizabeth, NJHilt Construction Incorporated$ 546,792.00
02/24/0904-048South Jersey Light RailWashington Group International$ 80,000.00
02/23/0909-314Safety Shoe ProgramSaf-Gard Safety Shoe Company$ 100,000.00
02/23/0909-310CHoboken Division Line Stations Snow RemovalLTI, Inc.$ 21,000.00
02/23/0909-303Emergency Backup Facility ServicesSungard Availability Services$ 630,000.00
02/20/0909-081MTA Task Order AgreementMTA - Capital Construction$ 0.00
02/17/0907-051CArtwork for 8th Street Station Light Rail station, Bayonne, New Jersey - WindscreensWRW Studios, LLC$ 30,000.00
02/16/0909-079PSE&G Design & Engineering AgreementPSE&G$ 0.00
02/13/0908-339BTowing Services for Heavy Duty VehiclesTumino's Towing, Inc.$ 62,250.00
02/13/0908-339ATowing Services for Heavy Duty VehiclesNick's Towing Service, Inc.$ 70,000.00
02/13/0909-602Wayside Signal BridgesSafetran Systems Corporation$ 50,088.16
02/12/0907-110Artwork for South Amboy Rail StationKate Dodd, LLC$ 127,000.00
02/10/0908-115Purchase of Medium Size Transit BusesArcola Sales & Service Corp.$ 1,157,500.00
01/27/0909-044Purchase of 18 Cruiser BusesMotor Coach Industries, Inc.$ 8,902,728.00
01/26/0909-007Purchase of Cutaway Mini-Buses with LiftsArcola Sales & Service Corp.$ 135,580.00
01/21/0909-305RCustodial Services-Atlantic City Rail Line, NJ TRANSIT Rail StationsOriental Pacific Maintenance Company, Inc.$ 52,800.00
01/21/0909-310BHoboken Division Line Stations Snow RemovalRoom Renovators, Inc.$ 65,000.00
01/16/0909-310AHoboken Division Line Stations Snow RemovalD'Onofrio & Son, Inc.$ 71,000.00
01/16/0909-311Steel Fabrication MachineBoro Supply Company, Inc.$ 50,788.00
01/14/0909-021Pager Lease and Pager ServiceUSA Mobility Wireless, Inc.$ 65,000.00
01/09/0909-061GE Transportation Systems Technical support to return RiverLine to normal operating statusGE Transportation Systems (GETS)$ 100,000.00
01/05/0908-075BArtwork for Somerville Rail Station - Tunnel MuralKatherine Hackl$ 35,000.00
01/02/0909-011ARelocation Services for the TunnelO.R. Colan Associates$ 0.00
12/30/0808-109XRConstruction of the Submarine Duct Bank Installation, Shark River Draw, NJCL M.P. 30.43, Belmar, NJCarson & Roberts Site Construction & Engineering, Inc.$ 799,000.00
12/23/0809-006XWestside Avenue Lot Soil Removal and Stockpile ProjectDMR Construction Services, Inc.$ 4,357,387.50
12/19/0808-327Maintenance, Operation and Management Services Secaucus Transfer StationControl Building Services, Inc.$ 11,718,713.00
12/19/0807-316Ticket Stock Blanket AgreementDigital Printing Systems, Inc.$ 8,723,004.00
12/16/0809-015ASurface Appraisal Services for the TunnelStack, Coolahan & Stack, LLC$ 0.00
12/16/0809-015CSurface Appraisal Services for the TunnelIzenberg Appraisal Associates$ 0.00
12/16/0808-065Armored Car & Revenue Processing ServiceWachovia National Bank, N.A.$ 15,443,269.00
12/16/0809-015BSurface Appraisal Services for the TunnelJerome Haims Realty, Inc.$ 0.00
12/16/0809-015DSurface Appraisal Services for the TunnelIntegra Realty Resources$ 0.00
12/15/0809-012ASub-Surface Appraisal Services for the TunnelJerome Haims Realty, Inc.$ 0.00
12/15/0809-014CRailroad Right of Way Appraisal Services for the TunnelRail Trac Associates$ 0.00
12/15/0809-013CReview Appraisal Services for The TunnelIntegra Realty Resources$ 0.00
12/15/0809-013AReview Appraisal Services for The TunnelStack, Coolahan & Stack, LLC$ 0.00
12/15/0809-014BRailroad Right of Way Appraisal Services for the TunnelRMI Midwest$ 0.00
12/15/0809-013BReview Appraisal Services for The TunnelIzenberg Appraisal Associates$ 0.00
12/15/0809-014ARailroad Right of Way Appraisal Services for the TunnelFederal Appraisal Services$ 0.00
12/15/0809-012BSub-Surface Appraisal Services for the TunnelIntegra Realty Resources$ 0.00
12/11/0809-016Purchase of Six Cutaway Extended Mini-buses with LiftsArcola Sales & Service Corp.$ 769,800.00
12/09/0809-056Electronic Publication of Transit-Friendly Development Newsletter (Inter-Agency Agreement)Rutgers University Division of Grants and Contract Accounting$ 60,000.00
12/09/0808-107XRidgewood Train Station ADA ImprovementsTerminal Construction Corporation$ 23,577,950.00
12/04/0809-053Purchase of Ford F250 PickupsFlemington Ford Lincoln Mercury$ 130,932.50
12/03/0809-004XPainting of Bridges at MP 25.01-26.27 Montclair Boonton Line, Montville, Morris County, NJAllied Painting, Inc.$ 371,000.00
11/10/0412-038Route 119 Local Bus ServiceNumber 22 Hillside$ 28,378,012.00
05/26/2221-618MIFARE DESFire EV Fare CardsGiesecke + Devrient$ 2,541,800.00