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NJT Code of Vendor Ethics

Important Notice
All Contractors And Consultants

NJ TRANSIT is an instrumentality of the State of New Jersey and its employees and officers, including members of the NJ TRANSIT Board of Directors, are public servants. NJ TRANSIT, its employees and officers are governed by a number of civil and criminal laws which control how NJ TRANSIT and its personnel do business with contractors and consultants. These provisions include the Conflicts of Interest Law, N.J.S.A. 52:13D-12 and contain unequivocal and stringent restrictions relating to gifts and gratuities.

Be advised that the law prohibits the receipt of gifts and gratuities by any NJ TRANSIT employee or officer from any person, company or entity doing business - or wanting to do business - with NJ TRANSIT. Concomitantly, NJ TRANSIT's own Code of Ethics and Code of Ethics for Vendors, prohibits NJ TRANSIT employees from accepting gifts and prohibits you, the contractors and consultants, from offering any gifts to any NJ TRANSIT employee.

The term "gift" is broadly and widely defined. It includes all things and objects, tangible or intangible, including services, gratuities, meals, entertainment, tickets to events, access to membership clubs, travel costs, and lodging. Simply put, a "gift" is any thing of value.

Do not, under any circumstance, tempt or put an NJ TRANSIT employee in the awkward position of having to refuse a gift or return a gift, no matter how well intentioned or innocuous the gift may be in your eyes.

The bright line rule for you and your staff in doing business with NJ TRANSIT is simple: Offer nothing and give nothing to any NJ TRANSIT employee or officer. It is your responsibility to circulate this Notice in your company and educate accordingly all personnel who do business with NJ Transit.


V. Cross-References

New Jersey Uniform Ethics Code, available online at

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