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Performance by the Numbers


Every day, NJ TRANSIT operates hundreds of trains, buses, and light rail vehicles. Since January 2018, we have made considerable progress to fulfill mandatory safety requirements, modernize our fleet, communicate real-time service status conveniently, and recruit new bus operators, locomotive engineers, and assistant conductors to make transit work for New Jersey.

To help you see how we're doing, we're publishing industry-standard statistics on our performance, equipment reliability, and service level. Per Governor Murphy's Executive Order No. 80, we're making it easier to track key performance measures, including on-time performance, mean distance between failure (MDBF), and total cancellations each month.

About Our Performance Statistics

  • On-Time Performance (OTP) measures the percentage of service adhering to schedules. To account for minor variations in service, vehicles operating within 6 minutes of published schedule are considered on time.
  • Mean Distance Between Failure (MDBF) measures the average distance traveled by vehicles before maintenance or repairs are required. MDBF is higher for new equipment, and lower for older equipment that requires more frequent maintenance.
  • Cancellations in relation to overall service reflect various factors, including crew and equipment availability, infrastructure issues, weather impacts, as well as trespasser and other incidents.

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