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Who can use Optimum WiFi at NJ TRANSIT?

Anyone. Optimum Internet customers can access WiFi at NJ TRANSIT stations in the same manner as they currently access other Optimum WiFi hotspots. NJ TRANSIT customers who are not Optimum Internet customers can access hotspots at NJ TRANSIT stations using one of five free day passes or by purchasing a day pass for $4.99, which provides access until midnight on the day of purchase.

How do I find and connect to Optimum WiFi hotspots at NJ TRANSIT stations?

Follow these simple steps:

  • Navigate to the wireless settings on your WiFi-enabled device and select the "optimumwifi" network.
  • Open a web browser, which will direct you to the WiFi sign-in page.
  • If you are an Optimum Internet customer, enter your Optimum ID and password to access the WiFi network at no additional charge.
  • If you do not have an Optimum account, select "Click here if you're not an Optimum Internet customer" to log in to Optimum WiFi on NJ TRANSIT as a guest, either by using a free day pass or by purchasing a $4.99 day pass. NJ TRANSIT customers will receive five free day passes per device.

What do I get if I purchase a day pass?

Guest users who purchase a WiFi day pass at NJ TRANSIT obtain access to all hotspots at NJ TRANSIT stations, as well as at more than 1.5 million Optimum WiFi hotspots in the Tri-State area. A day pass is valid only for the device on which it is purchased until midnight on the same day. When you purchase your first day pass, you will set up a guest account that will enable you to sign in quickly for subsequent day pass purchases.

How can I access transit information using Optimum WiFi?

Clicking the NJ TRANSIT logo on the Optimum WiFi sign-in page will direct you to, where you can access service and other transit information without having to log into Optimum WiFi.

Where can I use Optimum WiFi on NJ TRANSIT?

Guests who use a free day pass can access Optimum WiFi at approximately 100 NJ TRANSIT stations. More stations will be added throughout the year.

Why can't I get Optimum WiFi at every NJ TRANSIT station?

Optimum WiFi coverage on NJ TRANSIT will continue to expand. Please check for updates on the NJ TRANSIT page on for more stations and locations.

Can I access Optimum WiFi on NJ TRANSIT trains?

The initial phase of Optimum WiFi on NJ TRANSIT will focus on outfitting rail stations. Subsequent phases will include equipping rail cars.

What if I have trouble logging in?

If you have difficultly logging in, you can access the Optimum WiFi pages on and seek assistance.