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NJ TRANSIT to Pilot Contactless Tap to Pay – Effective Immediately

NJ TRANSIT pilots a new contactless payment method as part of the continued fare modernization initiative. Customers of select bus and light rail lines will be the first to test the easy tap to pay feature for adult one-way fares using contactless payment cards. 

To use this payment method, customers of buses operating from Morris Garage routes 872, 873, 874, 875, 878, and 880 or Wayne Garage bus route 161 should tap their card at the on-board validator (OBV) as they board and inform the operator of the number of zones they wish to travel.

When paying the fare at Newark Light Rail stations, customers simply tap their payment card at the validator to pay the one-way fare.  Then the card is valid for the fare during the usual validation period. Fare enforcement officers will ask customers to tap the same card to their validation scanners as proof of payment.

We appreciate your patience as we continue to streamline the travel process.

For additional information and assistance, please contact the NJ TRANSIT call center for contactless payment at (862) 229-7139 between 7:00AM and 5:30PM Monday through Friday and between 8:30AM and 5:00PM Saturday, Sunday and holidays.

Customers are encouraged to monitor Travel Alerts & Advisories, sign up for My Transit Alerts, download the NJ TRANSIT app and follow us on Social Media for the latest service information.