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Special SEAT - Safety Education Awareness Training

Special SEAT (Safety Education Awareness Training) is a free six-week, 40-minute per session training, developed to educate students with special needs. Special SEAT implements a modified version of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to master awareness of transportation safety; with a specific focus on staying alert and being aware of rail and track surroundings. Our Safety Education Specialist teaches from a passionate and interactive perspective with a commitment to Safety as our #1 priority.  

The program provides: 

  • An engaging and interactive presentation with puppets, arts and crafts and natural environment training (NET play) 
  • Modified materials and videos that meet IDEA and Core standards 
  • Safety tips and procedures 
  • Lifetime mastery of rail safety that leads to independent travel 


Meet The Instructor: 

Kathryn E. Smith
Safety Education Program Specialist



"Every child can learn when given the correct tools” is how Kathryn approaches her safety instruction. Spending years in the classroom allowed her to gather lifelong skills for education. She instructs with passion, devotion, and joy. Her favorite part of safety education is the ability to be free to create groundbreaking, state-of-the-art, programs that are so much fun that the children never realize that they are learning. The Safety Education Program enables Kathryn to share her talents and love for children to promote the skills needed for safe travel. She believes that “a mind is a terrible thing to waste."



“Mrs. Smith took the time to get to know every student in the room, and by the end of the six weeks, she became a part of our school family. I can’t stress how important it was that she was able to teach such a crucial topic to our group of students in a way they would understand. That’s why without reservation I would recommend this program to any school program and I hope NJ TRANSIT continues to fund this program for students in the future.”
-Mrs. Kristen Coulter, School Transition Coordinator

“I liked learning about train safety. I liked watching the videos. I liked looking at all of the materials and toys you brought in. Thank you so much for coming in and working with us. I will miss you.”

“Thank you for teaching us about the trains. It was nice of you to invite us on a travel training trip to Princeton. I enjoyed talking to you about how your day was doing. I felt happy when you played the cartoons about safety. I enjoyed doing the people train around the classroom. I liked doing the scavenger hunt with you.  One day I hope to see you Ms. Kathryn. You were super nice and polite to me. Thank you for inviting me and my classmates and teachers to participate in this trip.”

“Thanks for taking us on the travel training trip to Princeton and for teaching travel training class each week. I did like playing with the trains you brought for us Ms. Kathryn. I waited for the train to come. Then, I carefully stepped on the train when the train came. I learned that tracks are for trains, not people.” 

Contact the NJ TRANSIT Safety Education Program to schedule a FREE, Special SEAT training or to learn more about the program. 

(973) 491-7224 
[email protected]