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Northern Bus Garage Project

Project Background:

NJ TRANSIT is experiencing significant growth in its bus ridership and demand, has its majority of bus fleet coming to the end of its service life, and is seeking to replace the existing diesel fleet with new ZEBs. NJ TRANSIT’s current bus maintenance facilities in Northern New Jersey are at capacity and cannot accommodate additional buses. To meet the increased demand in ridership and inclusion of additional ZEB vehicles, NJ TRANSIT is seeking to build a brand-new bus maintenance facility in northern New Jersey.

The Northern Bus Garage will be a large bus maintenance and storage facility with a capacity of approximately 500 buses. The facility is currently planned to accommodate 45-foot and 60-foot-long transit and commuter type buses with proper circulation aisles and take advantage of all modern labor-saving equipment and design features where possible. NJ TRANSIT desires a modern and energy efficient facility for management, service, maintenance, storage, and the rehabilitation of a portion of the NJ TRANSIT bus fleet.

NJ TRANSIT is looking to build a new facility (single or multiple buildings) that will include at minimum enclosed bus parking, service area and parts storage, bus maintenance bays, enclosed diesel fueling facility, bus washing facility, and administrative offices (offices, conference rooms, lockers, break rooms, restrooms, showers). In addition to the enclosed facility, the site will require on-site parking for employees and visitors, and bus snow removal equipment space.


Industry Forum Overview:

NJ TRANSIT held an Industry Forum for the Northern Bus Garage project on Monday, March 14, 2022. The Industry Forum provided participants with an overview of the Northern Bus Garage project and an opportunity to provide direct input to NJ TRANSIT to help shape the eventual procurement. The Industry Forum consisted of the following:

General Session – NJ TRANSIT shared an overview of the Northern Bus Garage needs and business opportunity in an open forum and answered questions that were submitted in advance.  

One-on-One Meetings – NJ TRANSIT held individual one-on-one meetings with interested parties following the General Session. Interested parties were required to verify that they met the eligibility criteria prior to requesting a meeting with NJ TRANSIT and were selected on a first come, first serve basis.

For those who did not have a chance to attend the forum can view a recording of the General Session by accessing the video below:


Below is a list of participating firms at NJ TRANSIT’s Northern Bus Garage Industry Forum:

A Better City

Hugo Neu

ACS Infrastructure Development

IDOM Consulting Engineering Architecture




John Laing


KeyBanc Capital Markets

Altus Group


Amber Infrastructure


AmerCom Corporation

Macquarie Capital


Marubeni America Corporation

Anser Advisory, LLC




Anhurst LLP

MCI/New Flyer

ASTM North America


BAE Systems

Nossaman LLP


Nova Bus US Inc.



BEM Systems, Inc.


Brookfield Asset Management


Burns Engineering

PACO Group, Inc.


Parsons Transportation Group

C2 Consulting LLC

Plenary Americas

CAF Investment Projects

Power Edison

Capital Metro


CCA Civil

Radin Consulting, Inc.

Center for Transportation and the Environment

Railroad Construction Company

Conrac Solutions


Dattner Architects

Schunk Carbon Technology, LLC

DGX Security LLC

Sherwood Electromotion, Inc.

Edgemoor Infrastucture & Real Estate

Siemens Financial Limited

ENGIE Services Inc.

Skanska USA Civil Northeast

EX Ride

Sowinski Sullivan

FCC Construction

Stadia Technical Advisors

Fengate Asset Management

Stantec Consulting Services, Inc.

Gannett Fleming

Star America

Gedeon GRC Consulting

Stokes Creative Group

Gilbane Development Company

STV Incorporated

Goldman Sachs

TMR Group

GTS Consultants Inc.

Tutor Perini

Halmar International, LLC

Veritech Inc.



Heliox Technology North America

Walsh Group

Hitachi America, LTD

YU & Associates




The Industry Forum did not constitute the start of a formal procurement process and participation was not a prerequisite to participating in any future procurement. While NJ TRANSIT endeavored to answer questions that were shared in advance during the General Session, NJ TRANSIT did not ask nor answer any questions during the one-on-one meetings (but for those questions posted in advance and for clarification questions pertaining to the information provided by the participants). No firm will be advantaged or disadvantaged in subsequent solicitations by either participating or declining to participate in this forum.