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NewBus Newark

Buses at Newark Broad Street Station

NJ TRANSIT is launching a new initiative that will revitalize bus service in the Greater Newark area – the first effort to restructure the Newark-area local bus network in several decades. NewBus Newark will use a detailed performance analysis of the area’s 38 local bus routes – including an assessment of the current transit market, where people live, where they work and how they travel – as well as community input to design a new intrastate bus network for the Newark region.

The centerpiece of the project is a deep engagement with customers and the community, which includes a customer survey, meetings with regional stakeholders, and an informational web page at, ultimately leading to greater travel flexibility and support of Newark’s economic growth.

Recommendations from NewBus will help to address the Newark area’s evolving regional mobility needs, updated travel patterns, under-performing bus service and the overall customer experience. The new network will also enhance connections to rail and bus service around Northern New Jersey and into New York.