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How Full is My Ride?

A new feature is now available on the NJ TRANSIT mobile app that helps you determine how full your train or bus is before it arrives. “How Full is My Ride” uses color-coded icons to identify how heavy ridership is on approaching trains and buses – light ridership (green), medium ridership (yellow) and heavy ridership (red).

This helpful travel tool can be found in our mobile app on DepartureVision for rail customers and MyBus for bus customers. In light of COVID-19, the new technology will help you make a more informed decision before stepping on board, optimizing your comfort level while traveling.

On buses, ridership data is collected by automated onboard passenger counting technology. On trains, data is collected with new handheld mobile devices used by train crews as they scan and validate tickets and passes (where available). On rail lines where train crews do not have handheld devices yet, customers can “crowdsource” the information by inputting ridership data themselves to alert fellow customers how full the train is. Crowdsourcing will gradually be phased out as more handheld devices are distributed to train crews on the rest of our rail lines.

All data collected is anonymized and used only to provide estimates of passenger volume.

For more information about this new feature and how to download the app, please visit Customers who have already downloaded the app must update the app to make sure they have the latest version to access this new feature.