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A Clear, Long-Term Vision

NJ TRANSIT has unveiled its first ever 10-year Strategic Plan and a five-year Capital Plan, providing a roadmap to build the future of public transportation in New Jersey, and driving a 21st century economy in an accountable, transparent and environmentally-sustainable way.

The strategic plan – NJT2030 – puts the customer first in every decision we make, with safety and reliability our top priorities. We will accomplish this with targeted investments in infrastructure, equipment, facilities, technology and personnel.

NJT2030 was developed based on feedback from customers, elected officials, transit advocates and other external stakeholders. It includes more than 100 strategic initiatives for NJ TRANSIT to achieve and implement between now and 2030. Among the plan’s goals:

  • Ensuring the reliability and continued safety of our transit system.
  • Delivering a high-quality experience for all our customers, with their entire journey in mind.
  • Powering a stronger and fairer economy for all communities in the region.
  • Promoting a more sustainable future for our planet.
  • Building an accountable, innovative and inclusive organization that delivers for New Jersey.

To realize these goals, NJT2030 has specific deliverables over the 10-year period. Highlights include:

  • Improving on-time performance.
  • Increasing service on the most congested bus routes.
  • Rail and Bus fleet replacement, including the advancement of our net-zero emissions bus program.
  • Upgrading Information Technology systems.
  • Station rehabilitations.

In addition to NJT2030, the agency is issuing a rolling, unconstrained five-year capital plan, which is a comprehensive capital investment strategy that describes what NJ TRANSIT can achieve with sustained and dependable funding over an extended period.  The Capital Plan includes more than 100 projects touching every aspect of NJ TRANSIT service, including Access Link, Bus, Light Rail and Rail, and is designed to establish NJ TRANSIT as a world-class transit system.

The five-year Capital Plan provides a path forward to a vastly improved customer experience and a future of healthy, inclusive and sustainable communities throughout New Jersey.

As the State of New Jersey advances Governor Murphy's "The Road Back" plan for recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, investment in NJ TRANSIT’s infrastructure will help power New Jersey’s resurgence – creating new jobs and direct investment at a time when New Jersey needs it most.

The NJ TRANSIT 5-Year Capital Plan and NJT2030 can be viewed at

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