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NJ TRANSIT has partnered with Magnusmode on a new digital initiative to make riding transit easier for neurodiverse communities.

MagnusCards™ by Magnusmode is a digital life skills app with guides to help autistic and neurodiverse persons perform everyday activities. NJ TRANSIT has partnered with Magnusmode to develop ten NJ TRANSIT MagnusCards decks, five of which focus on a different aspect of using NJ TRANSIT’s bus system and the other five on NJ TRANSIT’s rail system. The app uses visual cues, step-by-step instructions, and optional audio, to guide users through activities and tasks that may be unfamiliar to them.

NJ TRANSIT’s MagnusCards provide step-by-step visual, audio, and text-based guidance on how to plan a trip, buy a ticket, board and ride a bus or train, have a safe trip, and ride with a mobility device. The decks also include guidance on fares and passes, trip planning, navigating, and connecting with NJ TRANSIT Customer Service.

The app is free to download in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, and the NJ TRANSIT MagnusCards are located within the ‘Travel’ section of the MagnusCards App.

Download the APP

The app is available for download now for iOS and Android mobile devices.