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NJ TRANSIT Internship Program

This 10-week summer experience will expose undergraduate and graduate students to unique situations and issues beyond those taught at school. Learn about what to expect in your field and gain hands-on experience in a professional environment. From IT, Engineering, Graphic Design, and many other majors we offer benefits and robust opportunities for students who are looking to expand their career while in school. All internship opportunities are currently live in all school career portals. If you have any questions email [email protected]

Benefits as an intern:

  • Paid positions $18-$28 per hour based on school year and major.
  • Free Commuter Pass: Travel in all our transportation bus, rail, and light rail for free.
  • Training and Development Sessions: Get an even greater experience with training and developing sessions NJ TRANSIT hosts of our interns.
  • Participation in Events: Be part of our many events and tours we host throughout our 10-week internship program.
  • Paid Ambassador Opportunities: Become a paid ambassador for any concerts or events held in MetLife Stadium and other locations.
  • Full-Time/Part-Time Job Opportunities: Many of our interns’ transition to Full Time or Part Time positions after their internships.


Where do I find internship postings?

  • Our internship postings are posted on your school’s career portal. Some career portals are Handshake, Simplicity, and College Central. Look for our profile and locate all our internship positions available. 

When do I apply?

  • All internship postings go live in January.

Do I need to be a Full Time student only? 

  • You do not need to be a Full Time student; as long as you are enrolled in one class, you qualify to apply for an internship position.

Do I have to be enrolled in school to apply?

  • You must be a continuing enrolled student to qualify. Seniors do not qualify unless they are continuing their education. 

Can international students apply?

  • International student may apply to our internship positions. However, NJ TRANSIT does not sponsor international students; your school must be able to provide sponsorship for your internship. 

Does NJ TRANSIT only hire summer interns?

  • On occasions, NJ TRANSIT hires Spring/Fall interns. Be on the lookout on your school’s career portal such as Handshake, Simplicity or College Central for any Spring/Fall internship postings.

What is the duration of NJ TRANSIT’s Summer internship program?

  • June to August. (Spring/Fall internship dates vary)

If I have additional questions, who can I contact?

How to apply?

To apply to OPEN INTERNSHIP POSITIONS, please visit your school’s career portal 
such as Handshake, Simplicity, or College Central.

  • Find the position(s) that best suits your current education and qualification.
  • Find the external link which will direct you to our application portal
  • View the requirements and click on “APPLY NOW”.
  • You must create a new profile, select an email address that you check often and have regular access to.
  • Read the directions carefully and complete all the mandatory fields; answer yes/no to all questions being asked.
  • Make sure to upload your resume and fill the employment section of the application to mirror the resume you have uploaded. NOTE: If this step is skipped, your application will be classified as INCOMPLETE.
  • It is important that you click the “SUBMIT” button at the end of the application in order to be considered for the position.
  • If you need to check the status of your application, log-in using your email and password and click “APPLICATION STATUS“.
  • If you are selected to move further in the process, you will receive an email regarding next steps. It is important to respond promptly to any and all emails

Please ensure to frequently visit your school’s career portal, internship positions are added from January to April. Also visit your school’s career pages regarding upcoming job fairs where you will be able to have face to face conversations with NJ TRANSIT representatives.


The people I worked this truly made this one of the best summers I've ever had, all my coworkers made me feel at home the second I stepped into the building and I will always remember them. I hope to one day be able to walk up to them as a NJ TRANSIT officer in the near future.

 – Mario Kruszewski : Police Intern

I had a great time this summer and am excited to continue my internship through the fall!

- Marissa Ng : Communications Intern

I'm very happy with my experience at NJ TRANSIT. I think the internship program is great and I hope to have future work experience with NJ TRANSIT again. 

- Laura Soares : Capital Planning Intern

The people at NJ TRANSIT are very helpful and welcoming and has definitely made this intern program one of if not the most beneficial intern programs I've been apart of!

- Tyson Morton : Capital Planning

As a Desktop Support Intern my day-to-day is pretty unique. I help a vast variety of people every day with varying technology problems. From hardware repairs to software fixes, I stay current with the standards of business IT and customer service.

 – Michael Lavell : IT Department

As the employee court advocate intern, I assist with tracking incidents of on-the-job assaults of front-line NJ TRANSIT personnel. I keep track of assaults and threat only incidents. I use Microsoft Access and Excel for tracking and data collection. I follow up on incidents that are being tracked by updating any changes (apprehended assailants, new scheduled court hearings, etc.).

- Lendy Salazar : Police Department


    On the job:

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    NJ TRANSIT is an Equal Opportunity Employer