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Innovation Train

NJ TRANSIT Innovation Team set out to pioneer the next generation of global transportation services through our projects, such as the Innovation Train/Bus. While there are many technologies on the market, typically, no one deployable product exists that can fulfill our goals. As a result, for this project, we ‘invented’ the future — a single stack of the ideal configuration of hardware, software, and standard operating procedures replicable across the entirety of NJ TRANSIT’s system.

Innovation Train Main Projects Page

We employed two configurations of the following technological features: broadband mesh private network to fill communication gaps; an expanded 10G backbone to increase bandwidth and speed; edge computing for real-time video access and analytics; seamless onboard and station Wi-Fi; automated passenger counts and analytics; UWB-based wayfinding solutions; IoT-based elevator and escalator monitoring for increased rider accessibility; and multi-mode plan, book, and pay for a streamlined door-to-door commute. 

Innovation Train Project 1 - Broadband Mesh Private Network
Innovation Train Project 2 - Expanded Backbone

Innovation Train Project 3 - Mobile Edge Compute

Innovation Train Project 4 - Public Private WiFi

Innovation Train Project 5 - Automated Passenger Count

Innovation Train Project 6.1 - Micropositioning Wayfinding Part 1

Innovation Train Project 6.2 - Micropositioning Wayfinding Part 2

Innovation Train Project 7 - Elevator Status Monitoring