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Go Bus 28


Welcome to go bus 28, the next evolution in Bus Rapid Transit service from NJ TRANSIT. It's never been easier to travel between Bloomfield, downtown Newark and Newark Liberty International Airport.

Go bus 28 provides fast, convenient service along two of northern New Jersey's busiest corridors between the cities of Bloomfield and Newark, Bloomfield Avenue and Broad Street. The addition of this specialized bus line provides


  • Nearly 24 hour service
  • A one-seat ride between Bloomfield Rail Station and Newark Liberty International Airport
  • Direct service to airport passenger terminals and nearby work locations


  • Fixed stops identified by unique bus shelters speed travel
  • Traffic signal priority holds the green light along Bloomfield Avenue

Economical fares for travel in one and two zones as well as transfer to other bus routes.
Check the go28 timetable for service and fare information.

How To Ride

To ride go bus 28, board the bus just as you would all other NJ TRANSIT buses. As you enter, pay your exact fare or show your pass to the driver.

To speed your go bus trip, exit the bus using the rear door to allow for faster loading and unloading.

All go bus stops are easily identified with special signage. The go bus will stop only at these locations.

Buses are ADA compliant and wheelchair accessible. If you require the bus to kneel or wheelchair access, you are exempted from the rear exit policy. For accessible services information, click here.


Go bus 28 provides a faster, more convenient trip between Bloomfield, Downtown Newark and Newark Liberty International Airport (Terminals A-B-C in the central terminal area plus the cargo and maintenance facilities in the north area of the airport via Brewster Road).

Refer to this service map for stops and connections.

Schedules and Fares

Go bus 28 departs every 30 minutes.

Check the go28 timetable for service and fare information.

Fare Options:
This bus is an exact-fare line. One dollar bills and most U.S coins are accepted
One-way fares (based on the number of travel zones)
One zone bus transfer
All fare discounts can be applied including:

  • Reduced fare for senior citizens, passengers with disabilities and children
  • Monthly pass
  • Student monthly pass
  • Family SuperSaver fares

You can also purchase tickets on ticket vending machines at most bus terminals and rail stations or on the NJ TRANSIT Mobile App. Visit the App Store or Google Play to download and install or update to the latest version of the app.


Speeding your trip
To speed your go bus trip, buses stop only at designated fixed stops. And, the enter at front, exit at rear passenger flow allows for faster loading and unloading. Signal prioritization along Bloomfield Avenue, means less time spent waiting at red lights and helps to contribute to a faster trip time.

New Super Shelters
Colorful, well-lit and uniquely designed go bus shelters offer information displays and seating while you wait, as well as a welcome facelift to the streetscape.


A new level of luxury and comfort
Each of the newly upholstered seats features individual lighting and air conditioning controls for your riding comfort. Convenient hand-straps give standees an extra level of reassurance. The new go bus 28 buses feature a luggage storage area as well as overhead racks for smaller items.