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Bus Safety

Bus Safety

Important Bus Safety Tips

While waiting for the bus...

  • Wait for buses at designated stops - stand on the sidewalk 2-3 feet from the curb
  • Never run after a bus - you may slip and fall or be struck by another vehicle
  • Use designated crosswalks and sidewalks to reach the bus stop - never walk in a traffic lane
  • Have your fare or bus card ready so you can hold handrails

When boarding the bus...

  • Use handrails to help keep your balance
  • Avoid long stretch steps to the first step of the bus
  • Keep children close and board the bus together

While riding the bus...

  • Stand behind the white line while the bus in moving
  • Do not lean or press on doors
  • Keeps hands, feet and items clear from closing doors
  • Wait for the bus to fully stop before leaving your seat
  • Do not reach outside the bus window
  • Do not extend your legs or personal items into the aisle
  • Do not distract the bus operator while the bus is in motion

When getting off the bus...

  • Use handrails and avoid long stretch steps to the curb
  • Step onto the sidewalk - do not walk between the side of the bus and the curb
  • Never walk in front of the bus, even if it is stopped
  • Only use designated crosswalks if crossing the street