Air Quality Partnership & OzonePass

The Air Quality Partnership works to reduce ground-level ozone pollution and curtail its detrimental effects on our health and environment. NJ TRANSIT supports the Air Quality Partnership together with the New Jersey departments of Transportation and Environmental Protection and New Jersey's local transportation management associations (TMAs). The partnership is one of many similar groups across the United States that works to educate people about the detrimental effects of ground-level ozone pollution. Ground-level ozone has been an enduring problem, despite the improvement in New Jersey's air quality over the last several decades. Unlike the protective "ozone layer" in the upper atmosphere, ground-level ozone is a harmful air pollutant. It affects the health of everyone, especially children, the elderly, people with respiratory difficulties and people who exert themselves outdoors. Ozone levels escalate when other pollutants in the air react with sunlight on the hot summertime days with little or no wind. Because of this weather connection, it is possible to predict expected high ozone concentrations.

Simple actions on Ozone Action Days, like driving less, carpooling, using public transit, refueling in the evening, or postponing lawn mowing can combine to make an important improvement in our air quality and our health. While it is especially important to take these steps during Ozone Action Days, the air quality would greatly benefit if they were followed throughout the year.

OzonePass is a special discounted ticket for people to "try transit" instead of driving on "ozone alert days" when high levels of ground ozone pollution are predicted. The special ticket is valid during the ozone season and allows employees to travel to and from work for only $3.00 round-trip. OzonePass is only available to members of the Air Quality Partnership. Since the number of "ozone alert days" in a season is unpredictable, NJ TRANSIT permits participating partners to return unused tickets for a refund at the close of the season.

For more information or to become a member, click on the OzonePass program guide or call us at (973) 491-7288.