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Accounts Payable

To all NJ TRANSIT Vendors


Please be advised that as of March 1, 2014 we will be implementing a new portal for all of our vendors wishing to obtain the status of their invoice(s). This is part of our on-going effort to improve customer service and efficiency. This portal will be known as INVOICE PAYMENT STATUS. Through this site, NJ TRANSIT is providing you, the vendor, with detailed information regarding the status of your invoice(s).

You will be required to provide two relevant pieces of information from the following:

  • NJ TRANSIT Purchase Order Number (Preferred)
  • Your Invoice Number
  • NJ TRANSIT Check Number
    • (this will give the list of invoice(s) paid with this check)
  • Your Invoice Amount
  • Your Invoice Date
    • (If you are inquiring about invoices for a range of dates, you must first do a simple inquiry; e.g., find out the status of say one invoice, after which the range of date option will be displayed)
  • Your NJ TRANSIT Vendor Number (Preferred)
    • Please use the vendor number that is printed on the last check you received

Should you receive the message "No Data Found" (and your invoice is more than 20 days old) please understand that the invoice may be with us but not in the system. Please contact the requisitioner to find out if the invoice was approved (receipted for). If yes, then you should call the Accounts Payable Customer Care Team at 973-491-7394, so that we may process the invoice.

We would appreciate your feedback by emailing your comments to the Accounts Payable Customer Care team at [email protected]

To begin inquiry on your invoice(s), please click the IPS logo below.