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Train Accessibility

Train Accessibility

Many of NJ TRANSIT's rail stations are accessible by elevator, ramp, mini high-level platform or portable lift. All accessible stations are shown on the system map with the international symbol of accessibility. ​​​​​ If you need assistance, accommodation or reasonable modification with any of NJ TRANSIT's services, please see a NJ TRANSIT representative or simply contact us.

Paying Your Fare

When purchasing your tickets for our rail system customers with disabilities have a few options. If available, you may purchase a ticket from the Ticket Agent or the Ticket Vending Machine (TVM). However, you may purchase your ticket on board with proper ID (see section on Reduced Fare) without incurring a surcharge.

Please note that there are two exceptions.

  1. If you are traveling through Secaucus Junction, and purchase your ticket on board, you must ask the conductor for a Conductor Fare Receipt (CFR). When you get to Secaucus Junction present the CFR to the Fareline Service Representative who will assist you through the fare gates.
  2. If you are traveling to Newark Liberty International Airport, and purchase your ticket on board, you must purchase an Access Fee card once you arrive at the station. This can be done at the TVM and if needed one of the Fareline Service Representatives can assist you with making this purchase.

Boarding the Train

Bridge plates are available at all high and mini high-level platforms. These plates bridge the gap between the platform and the train for safer and easier boarding and disembarking. Upon request, a member of the crew will assist with a bridge plate.

Before a customer using a mobility device boards the train, you should inform the train crew of your destination.

Priority Seating

Seating located nearest to the train car entrance is designed and designated to provide easy access for people with disabilities, including those using mobility devices. You may also ride in the center vestibule of the train car. Signs are posted in these areas alerting all customers of this priority.

Additional Accessibility Features

  • On board station stop announcements
  • Accessible parking (where parking is provided)
  • Detectable warning edge along platforms

Station Accessibility

For more information about the accessibility features and services at individual NJ TRANSIT stations, click here.