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Light Rail Accessibility

Light Rail Accessibility

NJ TRANSIT operates three light rail systems, the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail System, the Newark Light Rail, and the River LINE. Most of the light rail stations served by NJ TRANSIT are accessible. Accessible stations offer level boarding between the platform and light rail vehicles. Platforms are accessible by elevator or ramp. All accessible stations are shown on the system map with the international symbol of accessibility. ​​​​​​ If you need assistance, accommodation or reasonable modification with any of NJ TRANSIT's services, please see a NJ TRANSIT representative or simply contact us.

Paying Your Fare

Most light rail stations do not have ticket agents, so you will need to buy a ticket from a Ticket Vending Machine (TVM).

Once you buy your ticket you must validate it by inserting it into a ticket validator machine on the platform. Be sure to keep your validated ticket handy, as Fare Enforcement Officers patrol the light rail vehicles and may ask to see your ticket. Monthly passes do not need to be validated. If you have difficulty using the TVM you may explain this to a Fare Enforcement Officer, who will assist you with the machine.

Boarding the Light Rail Vehicle

There is level boarding between the platform and the vehicles at all accessible light rail stations. The gap between the platform and the light rail vehicle is very small, so customers using mobility devices may board without assistance.

Priority Seating

All light rail vehicles have accessible on-board areas where people with disabilities including those using mobility devices have priority in riding. Signs are posted in these areas alerting all customers of this priority.

Additional Accessibility Features

  • Audible station stop announcements and visual signage on-board light rail cars
  • Accessible parking (where parking exists)
  • Detectable warning edge along platforms

Station Accessibility

For more information about the accessibility features and services at individual NJ TRANSIT stations, click here.