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Bus Accessibility

Bus Accessibility

NJ TRANSIT's bus fleet is 100% accessible ​​​​​​ with bus lifts or ramps. All buses have state-of-the art securement systems to secure customers' mobility devices. It's required that mobility devices be secured. The operator will assist you with the mobility device securements and the optional lap/shoulder belts as requested. If you need assistance, accommodation or reasonable modification with any of NJ TRANSIT's services, please see a NJ TRANSIT representative or simply contact us.

Bus Routes into and out of the Port Authority and the George Washington Bridge Bus Terminals:

When traveling into or out of the Port Authority or George Washington Bridge Bus Terminals, please call NJT Customer Service at 1 (973) 275- 5555 for the location of an accessible boarding and arrival gate.

Kneeling Buses

NJ TRANSIT offers kneeling buses for people who have difficulty with the first step up into the bus. When a bus "kneels" the first step lowers several inches toward the ground. All buses are equipped with this feature.

If you would like to use the kneeling feature, simply ask the bus operator to make the bus kneel, then board as usual.

Bus Announcements

  • All buses have public address systems and our bus operators are required to use them to make bus stop announcements.
  • Internal announcements are made at transfer points, major intersections, final destinations, and any stop requested by a customer.
  • External announcements of the route number and destination are made at all bus stops served by more than one bus route.

Priority Seating

Seating located nearest to the front door is designed and designated to provide easy access for people with disabilities. Depending on the type of vehicle, there are specific areas also designed and designated for customers with mobility devices. This area will be located nearest to the entrance that utilizes the lift or ramp.

Station Accessibility

For more information about the accessibility features and services at individual NJ TRANSIT stations, click here.