Atlantic City Rail Line: Bridge Maintenance between Philadelphia and Pennsauken - Sunday, June 4, 2023

On Sunday, June 4, NJ TRANSIT buses will replace Atlantic City Line trains to/from Philadelphia and Cherry Hill stations due to infrastructure maintenance. This work – which may be canceled in the event of inclement weather – will affect rail service from approximately 4AM until 7PM.

Please note the following:

  • The last trains to operate before the outage begins early Sunday morning will be Train 4697, the 12:50AM departure from Philadelphia.
  • The first trains to operate to/from Philadelphia after the outage has ended will be Train 4684, the 7:13PM departure from Atlantic City and Train 4689, the 9:24PM departure from Philadelphia.

Customers traveling TO Philadelphia:

  • On Train 4660 (4:28AM from Atlantic City) ONLY: Remain on the train to Pennsauken, the final stop. For this train only, the bus to Philadelphia will originate at Pennsauken (at the bus stop near the front of the station building).
  • For all other trains: Exit at Cherry Hill Station and board the substitute bus at the driveway adjacent to the train platform. The bus will depart 5-10 minutes after the train arrives and will travel to 30th Street Station in Philadelphia with an intermediate stop at the Walter Rand Transportation Center (WRTC).

Customers boarding from Atlantic City through Cherry Hill and traveling TO Pennsauken:

  • Remain on the train to Pennsauken, the final stop.

Customers traveling from Pennsauken TO Philadelphia:

  • For Train 4660 (5:40AM at Pennsauken) ONLY: Board the Philadelphia-bound bus departing Pennsauken at 5:55AM (from the bus stop near the front of the station building).
  • For all other trains: Board any Camden-bound River LINE train, and transfer at WRTC for connecting bus service to Philadelphia.
  • See njtransit.com or adjacent posters for River LINE trains that connect at WRTC with Atlantic City Line substitute buses traveling to 30th Street Station or to Cherry Hill.
    • NOTE: Regular bus service from the WRTC to Philadelphia will operate to Philadelphia City Hall.

Customers traveling FROM Philadelphia:

  • At 30th Street Station, board the substitute bus outside the 30th Street doors, under the portico. The bus departs 5-9 minutes earlier than the normal train time and travels to Cherry Hill with a stop at WRTC. See adjacent posters or njtransit.com for exact departure times.
  • Pennsauken customers must exit at WRTC and transfer to a Trenton-bound River LINE train to complete their trip to the Pennsauken Transit Center Station. See njtransit.com or adjacent posters for connections at WRTC between Atlantic City Line substitute buses and River LINE trains.
    • NOTE: Pennsauken customers may also use any regular NJ TRANSIT buses originating at Philadelphia City Hall to travel to WRTC for River LINE service.
  • Customers traveling to any other New Jersey station will continue on the bus to Cherry Hill and transfer to the train (if necessary) to continue their trip.

A complete schedule showing trains and connections to buses and River LINE trains is available here.

We appreciate your patience during this temporary closure.

For more information and language assistance, please call NJ TRANSIT Customer Service at (973) 275-5555 between the hours of 8:30AM and 5PM daily.