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N.J.A.C. 16:89 – Ferry Capital Improvement Program Guidelines and Procedures



N.J.A.C. 16:89 – Ferry Capital Improvement Program Guidelines and Procedures

Please be advised that the New Jersey Transit Corporation (NJ TRANSIT) proposes to readopt with amendments N.J.A.C. 16:89, Ferry Capital Improvement Program Guidelines and Procedures. The rules implement a program whereby state funds are invested in certain capital acquisitions and infrastructure improvements. 

NJ TRANSIT proposes to readopt these rules with amendments.  Subchapter 1, General Provisions, states the purpose of the program and provides definitions for key terms. Subchapter 2, Eligibility and Ineligibility, outlines the eligibility requirements for the program. Subchapter 3, Ferry Capital Improvement Program Funding, identifies the sources of funding and describes the proper use of allocated funds. Subchapter 4, Other Requirements, discusses the agreement that operators must sign to participate in the program and all related compliance requirements. Subchapter 5, Retirement of Capital Improvement, requires operators to submit a written plan in order to dispose of any capital improvement purchased with FCIP funds.   

The Corporation has made two minor changes the current regulations. It has:

  • Updated the title from Executive Director to President and Chief Executive Officer, and 
  • Clarified that the Corporation has discretion to determine the ways in which it will use funds that are not allocated to the private carriers.

Copies of the proposed readoption with amendments can be obtained by written request to:

New Jersey Transit Corporation
[email protected]
One Penn Plaza East, 9th Floor
Newark, NJ 07105

Full text of the proposed amendments has been published in the New Jersey Register on October 17, 2022. Comments on the proposed readoption with amendments must be submitted in writing to the above address by December 16, 2022. 

PRN 2022-129 (54 N.J.R. 1954(a))

Kevin Corbett
President and CEO
New Jersey Transit Corporation