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Driver Education Safety

Driver Education Safety

Driver Education Safety Program Raises Teen Awareness

NJ TRANSIT invites high school teachers to use this FREE educational program to instruct young drivers how to safely share the road with trains, buses and light rail. The program:

  • Raises teen awareness of rail, bus, and light rail safety
  • Prepares teen motorists to use caution near tracks
  • Augments current high school driver education curriculum
  • Aligns with NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards

This easy-to-use classroom resource includes all materials you need

The program stresses factors that contribute to car/train collisions

Tips related to driving near rail and light rail tracks, grade crossings and buses

Complete, turn-key approved curriculum.

Request your FREE NJ TRANSIT Driver Education Safety program package or contact a NJ TRANSIT Safety Education Specialist assigned to your county:

(973) 491-4037 (North Jersey)  

(973) 491-7224 (South Jersey)

[email protected] (North Jersey)

[email protected] (South Jersey)