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Save up to $40 at Six Flags Great Adventure

With a package that includes round-trip transportation and discounted admission to Six Flags Great Adventure & Safari.

NJ TRANSIT's 308 express bus to Six Flags Great Adventure operates from Port Authority Bus Terminal and Newark Penn Station through Sunday, October 27, 2019.

Ramp up the scare factor starting Friday the 13th of September for the debut of Fright Fest!

More than 20 Halloween-themed attractions including new scares and shows take center stage at Six Flags Great Adventure! Guests can enjoy Thrills By Day with all their favorite rides and family-friendly entertainment; but after the sun sets, it's Fright By Night with terrifying mazes, eerie scare zones, spooktacular shows and monstrous rides in the dark!

NEW in 2019: WONDER WOMAN Lasso of Truth, the world's tallest pendulum ride. Standing 17 stories tall, thrill-seeking riders will feel the rush as WONDER WOMAN Lasso of Truth rockets back and forth on a 75 mph rotating pendulum. Floorless seats will leave 40 riders propelled in counterclockwise circles as feet dangle and whirl through the air... an experience of weightlessness like no other!

For more Six Flags information, call 732-928-2000 or visit sixflags.com.

SIX FLAGS and all related indicia are trademarks of Six Flags Theme Parks Inc. ®, TM and © 2019.


Departure New York Port Authority Bus Terminal
Adult Child
Theme Park
Package Fare*
$80.50 $59.90
Bus Fare Only
$38.00 $17.40
Bus Fare Only
$19.00 $8.70
Departure Newark Penn Station
Adult Child
Theme Park
Package Fare*
$70.00 $55.00
Bus Fare Only
$27.50 $12.50
Bus Fare Only
$13.75 $6.25

*Only Six Flags Great Adventure bus tickets will be accepted for transportation on this service. Family SuperSaver fares, monthly and student passes, 10-trip tickets and other ticket types are not valid.

Package purchase guarantees admission, weather permitting.

Packages and 308 bus tickets must be purchased on day of travel from Ticket Windows only.

Packages cannot be purchased on NJ TRANSIT's Mobile App.

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IMPORTANT: Please arrive 15 - 30 minutes prior to scheduled departure time. Limited seating on a first-come, first-served basis. When leaving Six Flags, last bus departs promptly at the posted time. NJ TRANSIT is not responsible for customers missing the bus.

SEVERE WEATHER: If the park closes early due to inclement weather, return service will be provided as soon as possible. If the closure is temporary, buses will depart at their scheduled departure time. NJ TRANSIT is not responsible for refunds due to ride closures.

These are the only dates NJ TRANSIT will operate to Six Flags:

Sun, Sep 19:30am10:00am 4B9:30pm
Mon, Sep 29:30am10:00am 4B8:30pm
Sat, Sep 79:30am10:00am 4B9:30pm
Sun, Sep 89:30am10:00am 4B8:30pm
Fri, Sep 132:30pm3:00pm 1A10:00pm
Sat, Sep 149:30am10:00am 4B10:00pm
Sun, Sep 159:30am10:00am 4B9:30pm
Fri, Sep 202:30pm3:00pm 1A10:00pm
Sat, Sep 219:30am10:00am 4B10:00pm
Sun, Sep 229:30am10:00am 4B9:30pm
Fri, Sep 272:30pm3:00pm 1A10:00pm
Sun, Sep 289:30am10:00am 4B10:00pm
Sun, Sep 299:30am10:00am 4B9:30pm
Mon, Sep 309:30am10:00am1A9:30pm

Six Flags Great Adventure will close at 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday, October 9, 2019.

Fri, Oct 42:30pm3:00pm 1A10:00pm
Sat, Oct 59:30am10:00am 4B10:00pm
Sun, Oct 69:30am10:00am 4B9:30pm
Wed, Oct 99:30am10:00am1A8:00pm
Fri, Oct 112:30pm3:00pm 1A10:00pm
Sat, Oct 129:30am10:00am 4B10:00pm
Sun, Oct 139:30am10:00am 4B10:00pm
Mon, Oct 149:30am10:00am 4B9:30pm
Fri, Oct 182:30pm3:00pm 1A10:00pm
Sat, Oct 199:30am10:00am 4B10:00pm
Sun, Oct 209:30am10:00am 4B9:30pm
Fri, Oct 252:30pm3:00pm 1A10:00pm
Sat, Oct 269:30am10:00am 4B10:00pm
Sun, Oct 279:30am10:00am 4B9:30pm
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