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NJ TRANSIT Office of System Safety and Education

Scouts of New Jersey Patch Program

NJ TRANSIT takes every precaution to ensure both passenger and public safety on our bus, rail and light rail systems. Safety is everyone's responsibility!

Complete the activity requirements and the evaluation form to earn a patch!

Program Level Requirements:

Safety Rules:

  1. Learn about the different forms of public transportation.
  2. Learn how to be seen and safe when walking and riding.
  3. Learn transit signs and signals.
  4. Learn the designated crossing areas.


  1. Design a poster about rail or bus safety. Display the poster at your school or a local business. Take a photo of the poster in its posted location and submit.
  2. Create a song, poem, cheer or skit about transit safety. Record and upload to https://wetransfer.com/
  3. Create and film a 60-second public service announcement about rail or bus safety. Record and upload to https://wetransfer.com/
  4. Schedule a rail safety presentation at school, church or other youth group. Contact NJTpatchprogram@njtransit.com to schedule.
  5. Make a diorama of a train station that includes important transportation safety factors including signs, pavement markings and road hazards. Submit either video or photos of diorama (include all angles). Materials available at: www.njtransit.com/safety and www.oli.org
  6. Take a trip using NJ TRANSIT's trip planner. Submit copies of rail or bus tickets and a photo at the station/bus stop of origin or destination.
  7. Draft a creative writing piece specific to rail or bus safety (fiction or non-fiction). Submit via email to NJTpatchprogram@njtransit.com
  8. Distribute rail safety materials while selling cookies. Submit a picture of your group at the location of distribution. Contact NJTpatchprogram@njtransit.com for materials.
  9. Create a Bus Safety Activity page with assorted games (at least three exercises). Submit via email toNJTpatchprogram@njtransit.com
  10. Schedule a System Tour of an NJ TRANSIT facility (Grades 9-12 only). Call 973 491 8060 to schedule.
  11. Create and film a music video about pedestrian safety (use free music, or create your own). Record and upload to https://wetransfer.com/
  12. Design a t-shirt with a unique transit-themed slogan and logo. Submit photos of shirt to NJTpatchprogram@njtransit.com
  13. Create a transit-themed mini sculpture or collage. Submit photos or video (include all angles of sculpture) to NJTpatchprogram@njtransit.com
  14. Schedule a Driver's Education presentation (Grades 9-12 only). Call (973) 491 8060 to schedule.

Scouts of New Jersey Troop/Group Evaluation Form

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