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NJ TRANSIT's Requirements for Access Permits for Special Events

A party that wishes to use NJ TRANSIT's property must adhere to the following requirements for obtaining an access permit and fulfill these requirements no later than two weeks prior to the start of the proposed event.

NJ TRANSIT requires the following information and documents from the requester:

  1. a certificate of liability insurance in the amount of $5 million per occurrence with NJ TRANSIT and the State of New Jersey listed as "Additional Insured" and evidence of workers' compensation coverage in accordance with the laws of the State of New Jersey.

    In addition, if the event will take place within 50 feet of a railroad right of way, evidence of railroad protective liability insurance in the amount of $2 million per occurrence and $6 million aggregate is required.

    NJ TRANSIT will not process the request without having received proof of insurance coverage.

  2. in certain circumstances, NJ TRANSIT may require a separate permit and separate certificate of liability insurance from the permittee's subcontractor(s) and/or vendor(s);
  3. a list of the permittee's representatives and vendors who will be on the property;
  4. the name of the catering company (if any) and its certificates for the handling, serving and dispending of food;
  5. a copy of a letter from the Internal Revenue Service stating that the permittee is recognized as a tax-exempt nonprofit entity under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3) or similar Internal Revenue Code provision;
  6. if the event will entail the use of propane or other explosives, or the erection of temporary structures on the permit area, the permittee must provide evidence that it has received the appropriate permit(s) from:

    Supervisor, Fire Safety Code Inspections
    New Jersey Division of Fire Safety
    Bureau of Fire Code Enforcement
    101 South Broad Street
    Trenton, NJ 08625-0809

    Phone: 609-633-6741
    Fax: 609-633-6330

  7. a copy of the authorization(s) or permit(s) that the municipality requires for parking or other activities, including fire permits, food certificates, and tent permits;
  8. a letter stating that all first responders in the area of the event, e.g., police, fire, emergency medical services, have been contacted and made aware of the event;
  9. a copy of the permittee's agreement with the company hired to remove trash and return the property to its original clean condition;
  10. a diagram showing the layout of the event, including dimensions and projected number of occupants;
  11. a vehicular traffic-flow diagram;
  12. a description of how the permittee will provide its own utility requirements, e.g., electricity, water, sewer, telecommunications, etc., independent of NJ TRANSIT;
  13. a list of equipment, trucks, hazardous or dangerous items that permittee will bring onto the permit area;
  14. the actual starting and ending times for all activities on NJ TRANSIT's property, including arrival, set-up, break-down and departure;
  15. an evacuation plan in the event of an emergency;
  16. five days prior to the event, receipt of a check payable to New Jersey Transit Corporation for the total amount of the event, or a wire transfer of the total amount of funds due;
  17. the name, title, address and phone numbers of the person authorized to sign the permit;
  18. the mobile phone number(s) of the permittee's on-site, event-day contact person; and,
  19. the billing address, including contact name, title and phone number.

Please note:

  1. NJ TRANSIT's address for access permits for events is:

    Real Estate & Economic Development Division
    One Penn Plaza East
    Newark, NJ 07105-2246
    Attention: Latoya Anderson, Paralegal,

    Real Estate Development and Economic Development

    Latoya Anderson's contact information is:
    973-491-7089 and

  2. The permittee must submit, for NJ TRANSIT's prior review and approval, all media such as invitations, fliers and posters on which the permittee wishes to use NJ TRANSIT's name, address, logo, photo or other identifier. A permittee may not produce or disseminate any media that refers to NJ TRANSIT as a sponsor of an event without NJ TRANSIT's advance written approval.
  3. The permittee must notify NJ TRANSIT in advance of the event of any news media, government officials or celebrities who the permittee has invited to attend or anticipates will attend the event.
  4. The permittee must schedule a walk-through two weeks prior to the event.
  5. During the event, the permittee and all representatives must wear visual identification clearly showing that they are part of the entity that is conducting the event.
  6. All equipment, chairs, tables, and other heavy items must be equipped with rubber wheels or tips to avoid damaging floors or other surfaces.
  7. All cords and cables laid on the floor must be securely fastened and covered to prevent trip-and-fall hazards.
  8. If any advertising posters or displays are to be temporarily blocked or obscured, the permittee must obtain advance written approval from NJ TRANSIT's advertising revenue contractor, Intersection, at 973-244-4974 or 973-244-4980.
  9. The permittee must ensure that its representatives and all vendors understand the terms and conditions of the access permit.
  10. On the day of the event, NJ TRANSIT will not allow any changes to the permit. Therefore, if the permittee wishes to request changes, it must do so prior to the event and receive NJ TRANSIT's advance written permission for any changes.