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Welcome to the NJ TRANSIT Web site.

This Web site has been organized to help you obtain information about NJ TRANSIT quickly and easily. As you will see on the diagram below, the main menus have been set up on the left side of the screen within the orange colored area and along the top within the light blue area. The six menu items on the left side expand to display more specific links within that topic. Any sections that contain another level of content will then be provided in the main content area of the page.

Visitors to the NJ TRANSIT Web site will also be able to easily navigate around the site by following the "breadcrumb trail" located at the top of the main content area just below the blue menu area. This "breadcrumb trail" will display the page name at the end where the user currently is and can link back to any of the previous pages or the home page at any time. In addition, the NJ TRANSIT logo in the upper left hand corner will link back to the home page at any time.

If you are still unable to locate information you need from the main navigational menu, there is an internal site search available. This site search can be found under the "Site Help" section from the main menu. In addition to the site search, a navigationable site map is available. This site map lists all of the sections and pages within the site and provides direct links to them for quick and easy access.

This Web site has been designed to be as accessible as possible, which means people with disabilities can access the site and obtain the information, and complies with the World Wide Web Consortium's (W3) Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) priority 1 guidelines. This Web site has been tested and the majority of the pages are Bobby Approved (i.e. accessible according to Priority 1 Guidelines (Conformance Level "A"). Bobby is a Web site validator for disability access developed by Cast.

This diagram provides a reference point indicator for the all the sections mentioned above. The main menu items can be located by indicator "A" and the more specific menu items can be found by indicator "B". The main content area is located by indicator "C". The breadcrumb trail can be found by indicator "D". The NJ TRANSIT logo is located by indicator "E".