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Passengers Advised to Listen to Traffic Updates

NEWARK, NJ, JULY 29, 2003 -- At approximately 6:30 p.m. today, an Amtrak train brought down overhead electrical wires on the Northeast Corridor near Metropark Train Station.

NJ TRANSIT's Northeast Corridor service is experiencing indefinite delays. North Jersey Coast Line trains are operating to and from New York, but with delays. MidTOWN DIRECT trains are operating normally in and out of New York.

Northeast Corridor passengers on trains that were enroute at the time of the incident were taken to Rahway or Metropark train stations. Buses were then used to transport those passengers to their final destination. Northeast Corridor and North Jersey Coast Line passes and tickets are being honored on all NJ TRANSIT and private carrier bus services this evening.

An estimated 70 NJ TRANSIT trains were impacted by the incident, with average delays of up to 90 minutes.

NJ TRANSIT is working with Amtrak to identify service plans for Wednesday morning's Northeast Corridor rush hour service. Delays are expected. NJ TRANSIT and private carrier buses will continue to cross honor Northeast Corridor passes and tickets on Wednesday. Passengers are advised to listen to traffic reports for the latest information.