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Safety Education Program Highlights the Need for Safe Behavior around Trains, Buses and Light Rail



September 6, 2019



NEWARK, NJ — As New Jersey schools get back in session this week, NJ TRANSIT is highlighting its Safety Education Program. Schools are encouraged to request the free SAFETY RULES! presentation to educate students on the need for safe behavior and caution around trains, buses and light rail vehicles. More information is available at




In its more than 30-year history, the Safety Education Program has made nearly five thousand presentations, educating hundreds of thousands of people across New Jersey. 




The presentation includes a discussion on the dangers of the railroad tracks, age-appropriate films, including NJ TRANSIT's award-winning film “Chicken on the Tracks” and a question-and-answer session. The 45-minute presentation is available for free to public, non-profit and charter schools and community groups.


Some of the important safety rules students learn during the program are:


  • No trespassing
  • Stay alert
  • Obey signs and signals
  • Cross at designated areas only
  • Stand behind the safety line on station platforms




The NJ TRANSIT Safety Education Program also provides high school driver education. Teachers can request a program package for the classroom developed to help teen motorists safely share the road with trains, buses and light rail. The Driver Education Safety Program teaches teen motorists to use caution near the tracks and the program stresses factors that contribute to train/car collisions. The program aligns with NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards and is comprised of a PowerPoint CD, lesson plan and student reference guide.




If your organization or school is interested in a free NJ TRANSIT safety education presentation, please call or email us to schedule a visit.




NJ TRANSIT Safety Education


(973) 491-8060






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