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To Ensure Customer Safety, Motorized E-Scooters and E-Bicycles Not Permitted On-Board NJ TRANSIT Vehicles or Inside Stations



May 20, 2019


NEWARK, NJ – As Hoboken prepares to launch its e-scooter program, which NJ TRANSIT fully supports as yet another environmentally-friendly mode of travel in a transit-rich city, we’re reminding customers of the regulations pertaining to motorized wheeled vehicles on our system.  


E-scooters are not permitted on board NJ TRANSIT trains, buses or light rail vehicles.  Designated e-scooter drop off areas will be located near Hoboken Terminal for customer convenience.  NJ TRANSIT strongly encourages customers to utilize the designated drop off /pickup locations for the e-scooters.  E-scooters are not permitted inside the waiting room, concourse or on rail platforms and bus lanes of Hoboken Terminal.  The regulations are in place for the safety of all customers utilizing the transportation system, as well as those riding scooters. 


Motorized vehicles, with the exception of medical devices, are not permitted on board NJ TRANSIT trains, buses and light rail vehicles, inside NJ TRANSIT stations, facilities or on NJ TRANSIT property.  E-bicycles may be stored on bike racks on the front of buses.  


NJ TRANSIT is also reminding customers of its policy on non-motorized vehicles, including bicycles, which are permitted on trains and light rail vehicles during non-peak hours.  Folding bicycles and non-motorized scooters are permitted at all times, though may be limited or disallowed due to crowding or safety issues. Bicycles are permitted on bus bike racks at all times.


Motorized wheelchairs and other devices required for accessibility are always permitted on NJ TRANSIT vehicles and in facilities.


The complete NJ TRANSIT policy on wheeled vehicles in stations and on-board NJ TRANSIT trains and buses is available at  




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