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NJ TRANSIT Board approves contracts to carry out 69th Street Bridge grade separation project

July 11, 2007
Contact: Penny Bassett Hackett or Dan Stessel 973 491-7078

NEWARK, NJ - With approval from the NJ TRANSIT Board of Directors today, final design for improvements to the 69th Street Bridge and Roadway in North Bergen, NJ, will begin. Changes made will better facilitate traffic and ensure greater expediency and efficiency of railroad and vehicular traffic on and around the 69th Street Bridge area.

"Today's action by our Board of Directors enables us to advance to Final Design a project that will remove conflicts between auto traffic and rail operations the flow of auto traffic in a region of concentrated rail activity," said NJ TRANSIT Executive Director Richard Sarles.

"This project is a step in the right direction towards improving efficiency of traffic systems in North Bergen and the surrounding areas for both roadway and railway travelers," said New Jersey State Senator and North Bergen Mayor Nicholas J. Sacco. "Once completed, the 69th Street overpass will complement the Secaucus Road and Patterson Plank Road overpasses, which are already reducing traffic congestion, and improving safety and access for residents and commuters."

Completion of the grade separation at 69th Street will help with the flow of both railroad movements and vehicular traffic across as many as eight tracks. This translates to lesser disruptions in automobile traffic, and a safer, more reliable corridor for rail service.

The 69th Street Bridge and Roadway Improvements project will separate the intersection of 69th Street from an existing , six-track freight railroad corridor and the future Northern Branch passenger rail system. In addition to a new roadway bridge, the project also includes related improvements on portions of 69th Street, West Side Avenue and Anpesil Drive.

As part of the project, NJ TRANSIT will construct temporary bypass roads; rebuild parts of the 69th Street Bridge and retaining wall; reconstruct roadways curbs, sidewalks and driveways within the project limits; restructure a roadway storm drainage system; reposition a sanitary sewer line; install traffic signs at two intersections; and restore areas impacted by construction activities.

The project is expected to be completed by 2011.


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