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NJ TRANSIT has announced that the fiscal year 2005 annual application process to the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) for funds to purchase fully accessible vans and minibuses for the transportation of senior citizens and people with disabilities through the FTA Section 5310 Grant Program is underway. NJ TRANSIT is designated to coordinate and review all organization applications and submit a consolidated statewide application to the federal government.

The grant process is comprised of four steps. In the first step, an agency and/or organization requests and then completes an application. Second, NJ TRANSIT reviews the applications received. Based upon established criteria a number of the applications are selected for inclusion in the federal grant. The third step is the federal review and grant approval process. Finally, after receiving the federal grant approval, NJ TRANSIT goes out to bid for the vehicles. Once the vehicles are delivered, NJ TRANSIT will enter into a no-fee agreement with the approved applicants.

The process is open to eligible private non-profit agencies as well as pre-certified public bodies. If you’re a private non-profit organization interested in applying or finding out more about the program please request an application in writing to:


Local Programs and Minibus Support

One Penn Plaza East – 4th Floor

Newark, NJ 07105-2246

Attn: Section 5310 Program

A copy of the application is also available online at

Requests for an application can also be faxed to 973-491-7367. Applications will be available after December 10th and must be completed and returned to NJ TRANSIT by January 21, 2005.

Prospective applicants should be aware that insurance, fuel and maintenance costs are the responsibility of the applicant. In some cases a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) will be required to operate these vehicles. All vehicles purchased are lift-equipped in order to accommodate mobility devices and vehicles purchased have diesel engines. The federal government also requires that operators with a CDL participate in a certified drug and alcohol-testing program.

Since 1981 NJ TRANSIT has purchased over 1000 vehicles for organizations serving seniors and persons with disabilities throughout the State of New Jersey. It is anticipated that available funding for fiscal year 2005 will allow NJ TRANSIT to purchase approximately 45 new vans and minibuses.