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Customers reminded: Safety First!

August 23, 2004


NEWARK, NJ — Residents along the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail Line between Hoboken and Lincoln Harbor stations are seeing today something they haven’t seen before – light rail vehicles operating at regular frequencies.

In preparation for the start of revenue service in early September, light rail vehicles will operate every 15 minutes from 6 a.m. until 1 a.m. daily, as the contractor tests the line for quality and reliability.

NJ TRANSIT is taking this opportunity to remind residents of the following safety precautions when walking or driving near the Hudson-Bergen light rail tracks:

Cross light rail tracks only at designated areas such as sidewalk or street crossings.
Do not use the tracks as a shortcut.
Do not go near the overhead wires.
Never place foreign objects on the tracks or near the overhead wires.
Stay away from electrical substations and fences.
Observe all traffic signals and grade crossing protection devices at street intersections.
Obey all posted signs.
Pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists must be careful when approaching intersections crossed by the light rail system.