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NJ TRANSIT's Requirements for Film and Photo Shoots

NJ TRANSIT requires from the Permittee:

  1. a copy of this document completed with responses in red and attachments as needed;
  2. a certificate of liability insurance in the amount of $5 million per occurrence with NJ TRANSIT and the State of New Jersey listed as "Additional Insured" and evidence of workers' compensation coverage. In addition, if the photo shoot will take place 50 feet of the railroad right-of-way, evidence of protective liability insurance in the amount of $2 million per occurrence and $6 million aggregate is required.

    NJ TRANSIT will not process the request without having received proof of insurance coverage.

  3. a certificate of liability insurance and separate permit may be required by any such contractor or subcontractor of the permittee and may be contingent on final approval of access;
  4. a rain date or the permittee's agreement that the activity will proceed irrespective of weather conditions;
  5. the actual starting times for all activities on NJ TRANSIT's property, including arrival, set-up, breakdown and departure of catering, parking vehicles, loading and unloading equipment;
  6. a final script showing the sequence and accompanying dialogue or narration that involves NJ TRANSIT's property or equipment;
  7. a proposed scene or storyboard sequence that involves NJ TRANSIT's property or equipment;
  8. if requesting a permit for filming or shooting photos on a moving train, a list of electrical needs;
  9. a copy of the authorization(s) or permit(s) that the municipality requires for parking or other activities, including fire permits, food certificates, and tent permits;
  10. a diagram of the permittee's proposed parking plan on NJ TRANSIT property and a list of vehicles and their license plates that will be on property;
  11. an evacuation plan in the event of an emergency;
  12. a description of how the permittee will supply its own electrical requirements independent of NJ TRANSIT for appliances such as laptops, iron, hairdryers, etc., or a written statement from the permittee acknowledging that requestor or representative has been advised that any use of electrical power from NJ TRANSIT will require a NJ TRANSIT electrician to be present and the emergency fee of $1,500 will be charged this includes laptops, hairdryers and iron);
  13. a list of the cast and crew members;
  14. a list of children and pets on set and state approval permits two days prior to shooting;
  15. a list of potential dangerous props to be used, e.g., guns, knives, swords;
  16. a list of special requests, e.g., prop car, helium balloon, fog maker, or trampoline used;
  17. a written statement of approval from any NJ TRANSIT vendors whose space will be used;
  18. the name of catering company (if any) and certificates for the handling, servicing and dispensing of food;
  19. If any advertising posters or displays are to be temporarily blocked or obscured, advance written approval from NJ TRANSIT's advertising revenue contractor, Intersection, at 973-244-4974 or 973-244-4980;
  20. a written statement from the permittee acknowledging that the permittee is required to remove all food and trash from property;
  21. a written statement from the permittee acknowledging that requestor has been advised that there is a $1,000 cancellation fee if the shoot is cancelled after NJ TRANSIT has conducted a site visit;
  22. a written statement from the permittee acknowledging that requestor will pay $1,000 or equivalent salary of NJ TRANSIT personnel per additional site visit after first visit;
  23. the name title, address and phone number of the person authorized to sign the permit;
  24. the billing address, including contact name and phone number;
  25. two days prior to shooting, receipt of a check payable to New Jersey Transit Corporation for the total amount of the shoot, or a wire transfer of the total amount of funds due for the shoot; any billing for unforeseen costs will be due five days after the shoot date; and
  26. two days prior to shooting, a receipt of a photo refund check deposit of $1,000 payable to the New Jersey Transit Corporation to hold for receipt of three photo copies, catalogue or DVD of the behind scenes shots of shoot; the permittee shall send prints within three months from date of execution or print deposit shall not be refunded. This deposit shall be refunded when the permittee sends three digital copies of the photos to NJ TRANSIT for its use.

Please note:

  1. NJ TRANSIT's address for film and photo shoot permits:

    Real Estate & Economic Development Division
    One Penn Plaza East
    Newark, NJ 07105-2246

    Attention: Latoya Anderson, Paralegal
    Real Estate Development and Economic Development

  2. The permittee must schedule a walk-through five days before the film or photo shoot to check lighting, sound, equipment and vehicle location. Lighting changes are not permitted on the day of the shoot.
  3. Train announcements will not be silenced at any time.
  4. The permitee must make its own arrangements for hairstyling, makeup and wardrobe changes. Public restrooms may not be used for those activities.
  5. A preproduction meeting with NJ TRANSIT must be scheduled following the walk through to discuss final costs and fees of project.
  6. All equipment, all crew and cast must visual identification showing that they are part of the production.
  7. All equipment, chairs, tables and other heavy items must be equipped with rubber wheels or tips to avoid damaging floors or other surfaces.
  8. All cords and cables laid on the floor must be securely fastened and covered to prevent trip-and-fall hazards.
  9. NJ TRANSIT staff will provide a shoot-day briefing before filming or photography begins to underscore the terms and conditions of the permit, particularly safety precautions.
  10. Prior to a photo shoot or film shoot on a train or light rail vehicle, everyone on the set is required to attend a safety briefing and sign a safety document.
  11. On the day of the shoot, NJ TRANSIT will allow no changes to permit. Therefore, the permittee must make all requests prior to the shoot and receive NJ TRANSIT's advance written permission for any changes to the permit.