New Jersey Transit

From Historic Hoboken Terminal, to Secaucus Junction, Madison, Red Bank and hundreds of other stations across the state, NJ TRANSIT offers film and television companies a variety of both historic and contemporary settings. What's more, our trains, buses and light rail vehicles can also be used to enhance your productions.


This policy sets forth the non-commercial/personal use and commercial use requirements for photographing, filming and creating artwork of NJ TRANSIT facilities, including but not limited to, bridges, buses, trains, light rail vehicles, stations, terminals, administrative offices, customers and employees.


No permit is required for non-commercial/personal use photography, videography, or the creation of artwork in (1) areas open to general public access and occupancy that is not otherwise posted or restricted by posted signs or locking devices, and (2) on buses, trains, and light rail vehicles (if also a paying customer). Equipment is limited to hand-held devices that are unpowered or include self-contained power equipment. Such photography, videography, or the creation of artwork must be done in a reasonable, safe and timely manner and must not interfere in any manner with the safe movement of people or the operation of vehicles. For example, camera lights or flashing bulbs should never be aimed in the direction of an oncoming vehicle or used within a moving vehicle. Equipment other than hand-held devices, such as tripods or like devices, monopods, wiring and lighting equipment is prohibited. While the law permits photography of private citizens in public places, common courtesy would have photographers request permission of people before taking their pictures.

NJ TRANSIT reserves the right to prevent any person from taking photos and video or creating artwork and to ask for identification. Law enforcement or NJ TRANSIT security personnel may approach photographers, videographers, and artists if the activity is suspicious in nature or inconsistent with this policy.

Photography, videography, and the creation of artwork are prohibited in restricted areas. Signage, building design and physical barriers, i.e., fencing, bollards, etc., may distinguish a restricted area from a public area. Individuals found in a restricted area will be subject to investigation and possible arrest and seizure of equipment may occur pursuant to the arrest. This policy applies in all circumstances, including where NJ TRANSIT may be promoting a photography contest or event.

Non-commercial/personal use photography, videography, or the creation of artwork must be consistent with NJ TRANSIT's Social Media Policy. This policy is not a license to use NJ TRANSIT's intellectual property, and photographers, videographers, and artists may not use NJ TRANSIT's intellectual property in any infringing, impersonating, or other unlawful manner.


Any person wishing to take photographs or video or create artwork for any type of commercial purpose or use, including but not limited to, commercial and student photography, video or filming of feature films, television shows, commercials, short features, etc., must first obtain a permit from NJ TRANSIT's Real Estate & Economic Development Division (see contact information below). NJ TRANSIT has no obligation to approve or enter into an agreement with the requesting party. NJ TRANSIT's decision to approve or reject commercial use requests will be based on the impact to its core business mission of providing safe, reliable, convenient and cost-effective transit service with a skilled team of employees, devoted to our customers' needs and committed to excellence. For more information, click on the following links below:

Film/Photo Requirements

Wedding/Engagement - Video Recording/Photo Shoot Policy

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Businesses and organizations are welcome to apply for a permit to use NJ TRANSIT property for sales, distribution of information, surveys, questionnaires, fundraising or special events, etc.
NJ TRANSIT has open spaces available such as station waiting rooms, outdoor areas and parking lots for a variety of events throughout New Jersey. Many are within or near populated areas. For more information, click on the links below:

Special Event Access Requirements

Certificate of Liability Insurance

Contact Information

Patrick Galella
Revenue Contract Administrator
Real Estate & Economic Development
One Penn Plaza East, Seventh Floor, Newark, NJ 07105-2246
Office: 973.491.7619