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Let Us Help You Find Your Lost Belongings

Left anything behind after taking NJ TRANSIT? If so, we will make every attempt to help you locate your item.

Often times, our employees or your fellow customers find your personal belongings and turn them in to one of our Lost and Found locations. If you believe you may have lost an item on our system, there are three ways to search for the item:

  • Go to, click on "Contact Us --> Lost & Found" and enter your information into our Lost and Found database (please fill in all data fields, which are required to complete a match).
  • Visit one of our Customer Service offices and have a representative enter your lost item information into the database to help track the item.
  • Call (973) 275-5555 and provide the information to the phone representative.

When reporting your lost item, be ready to provide a detailed description of the item, the bus or train line you were riding on, the bus or train number, the approximate date and time you lost the item and your contact information.

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