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Winter Weather Travel Tips

We're not quite done with winter yet. To make sure your trip remains a safe one, please follow these winter weather tips:

  • Never stand at the edge of a station platform or near a curb at a bus stop. Icy conditions may cause you to lose your balance and slip.
  • Parking lots and sidewalks may also become slippery due to ice, snow and slush so watch your step.
  • Proceed carefully when walking through a bus, train or light rail vehicle. Floors may become wet and slippery.
  • When you're not seated, be prepared for sudden stops and use handrails.
  • Use caution and grasp handrails when exiting buses or trains. Stairs may be wet and slippery.
  • Do not run to catch a train, bus or light rail vehicle.

Finally, for the latest service information, go to for service updates or sign up for MyTransit alerts, listen to broadcast traffic reports, and listen closely to onboard and station announcements.

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