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The NJ TRANSIT BusinessPass program enables employers to order monthly transit passes or one-way tickets in bulk for their employees or clients. Originally designed simply for convenience, BusinessPass has evolved to help their employees take advantage of the significant "commuter tax benefits" allowed by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). If you have more than one pass to order, BusinessPass is the program to help you help your employees.

Through BusinessPass, NJ TRANSIT offers employers a better way to meet the commuting needs of their employees. BusinessPass provides employers with smart ways to save their employees money on commuting. The program is flexible, easy to administer and cost-effective.

Employees Save

  • Save Up To $1,000 a Year Using Pre-Tax Salary of up to $265 a Month for NJ TRANSIT Monthly Passes
  • Save Time - Pick Up Your Transit Passes at the Office
  • Avoid Parking Hassles and Fees at the Office
  • Reduce Wear and Tear on Cars (and Drivers)
  • Skip Tolls, and Save on Gas and Car Insurance

Employers Save

  • Reduce On-Site Parking and Expenses
  • Add a Recruitment and Retention Tool
  • Purchase One-Way Tickets in Bulk For Employee Travel and Eliminate Cumbersome Cash Reimbursements
  • No Administrative, Processing or Shipping Costs

Frequently Asked Questions

More Info for Employees

More Info for Employers

BusinessPass is right for your business, your employees and the environment. It offers valuable tax savings that improve your employees' buying power. BusinessPass gives employees a financially attractive alternative to driving to work and helps the environment by reducing congestion on the roadways and improving air quality. For details on the BusinessPass program, related tax incentives and an enrollment application, call (973) 491-7288 or us.