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Large groups can make their train trip special by renting a rail car or booking an entire train.

Rent a Rail Car
How about your very own rail car decorated by your group in a theme of your choice? You can celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or graduation. For groups from 96 to 440 people a rail car rental is a great way to travel. (Rail car rental is required for groups greater than 95.) Each rail car seats approximately 110 people. You can rent between one and four cars, depending on the size of your party. Reservations are required 4-10 weeks in advance of your trip (10-16 weeks in advance for winter holiday rentals). Same day return trip is required and rentals are not available on the Northeast Corridor Line. For information on rail car rental, call (973) 491-7220.

Book your own Excursion Trains:
Have a great time as a large group, or help your organization reach its fundraising potential by booking a special train with groups of from 440 to 900 people. You can host a number of themed events. By selling tickets for a Santa Train, Halloween Train, Fall Foliage Train, Mystery Train, or Bunny Train, your organization can have a great time, and make a large profit! You're only limited by your imagination. Have a particular schedule in mind? We make every effort to meet the departure time and the length of the trip you request. Reservations are required 8-10 weeks before your trip (10-16 weeks for winter holiday rentals.) For additional information and reservations, contact Customer Service Group Sales.

Cancellations and Refunds:
For Rail Car Rentals and Excursion trains, cancellations must be made prior to final payment due date.

For more information, contact:

NJ TRANSIT Customer Service Group Sales
One Penn Plaza East
Newark, NJ 07105
973-491-7220 voice
973-609-1821 fax
8 a.m. - 5 p.m., weekdays