New Jersey Transit
Now you can find out when the next bus is arriving at bus stops all over New Jersey.
Simply call 973-275-5555 or text the bus stop ID number to mybus (69287)
and you'll get the next scheduled buses to arrive at your stop.*
Systemwide Improvement to MyBus
In addition to receiving 24/7 automated schedule information for a specific route by
calling 973-275-5555, MyBus customers can now receive schedule information for a
specific route by texting their 5-digit bus stop ID number to MyBus (69287), followed by
a space and the route number. For example, to find schedule information for the No. 73
specifically for the bus stop located at Newark Penn Station (bus stop ID number 18835),
text the following to MyBus (69287): 18835 73. The system will return only scheduled trips
on the No. 73 route, even though the bus stop is served by other bus routes.
To find out your bus stop ID number, enter an address below!
* Message and data rates may apply. To cancel any subscriptions with NJ Transit, text STOP to 69287. For additional information, text HELP to 69287.